Both artificial and regular water bodies involve around 20% of Uganda’s complete expanse of land and this makes it conceivable to have a boat ride in Uganda. This is a full-time directed traveler action where we guarantee that our visitors are furnished with life coats Boat journey on the Nile River, Driver 70km east of Kampala before you set out on the boat ride which offers a chance to voyage on the world’s longest waterway the Nile, it includes investigating the wellspring of the Nile, and this 2-hour action includes bird watching and an impression nature and social job of the environmental factors. Boat voyage in Murchison Falls public park, this action is the most appreciated for its thrilling grand perspectives on the lower part of the Murchison falls the world’s most impressive cascade and this boat journey is exceptional with its eminent perspectives on Albert Nile alongside natural life species like the crocodile, bison, elephants, along the stream banks. Boat journey in Queen Elizabeth National Park this movement is carried on kazinga channel which is a part of Queen Elizabeth National Park, this water channel converges Lake George and Lake Edward and this stream is 40km long situated along Mweya Peninsula.

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The boat voyage requires around 3-4 hours’ time directed by on location proficient aides. This boat voyage is untamed life and awaiting journey which is because of the environment of the recreation area. Boat journey on Lake Bunyonyi, This Lake contains 29 islands and it is the second most profound lake in Africa, our visitors are dealt with well with the verifiable significance of this lake to the local area, you will get a brief look at the birding exercises close by the wonderful terraced uneven island. The action requires around 2-3 hours, so show up with your camera to keep the memory. Boat voyage in Lake Mburo National Park, you will go through your midday minutes partaking in the oceanic existence of the recreation area with perspectives on different creatures like the Hippos, Crocodiles, zebras, and impalas along the shores of the lake along with a few bird animal categories. Your commander of the day will likewise take care of you with entertaining tales about the way of life and history of the encompassing networks. Boat journey on River Semiliki. In Semiliki public park our visitors are required on a 3 hours boat ride along the waterway which is 160km long, this stream streams from the Rwenzori Mountains towards Lake Albert, this stream is honored with picturesque perspectives on the Kijura crack valley ledge. On this you will see various bird species including the intriguing shoebill stock and untamed life species like hippos and pronghorns, for example, sitatunga.


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