This movement includes our visitors sitting in a 4×4 safari vehicle with a popup rooftop and have 360 degrees perspective on the scene and natural life. This is perhaps the most alluring experience done in 6 of Uganda’s National Parks and every one of the game holds, the action is a completely directed trip by our accomplished safari guides or on location officer guide Game drive in Murchison falls public park: this gutsy action permits you to encounter the unrivaled quantities of untamed life in Murchison falls; on the game drive in this park you will see different creature species like the popular large fives, pronghorns, and numerous types of birds close by the picturesque perspectives on the savanna prairie. There is 3 game drive in Murchison falls and these are the morning game drive on this you will get the early grassers, the evening game drive, and the night game drive which targets generally the nighttime creatures like lions, panthers, jackals, and hyenas. Game driving In Queen Elizabeth National Park: this movement is the most invigorating to our visitors in Queen Elizabeth public park, it allows an opportunity to visit visitors to have magnificent perspectives on creatures, plants, and scene. The recreation area has 2 areas where this movement is continued: the Kasenyi area generally for the crowds of Elephants, cape bison, and gazelles, and the Ishasha area, which is likewise regularly known for its novel experience of the tree-climbing lions.


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In Queen Elizabeth, a game drive is roughly 4-5 hours, they are 3 game drives here: the Morning game drive, what begins at 6:00 am, the evening game drive, and the nighttime game around evening time, which requires a spotlight for the reasonable perspectives. Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park: on this action, you partake in your game drive in savanna fields, appreciate seeing zebras in each hall of the recreation area close by other natural life species like giraffes, elands, bison, and pronghorns. Game drive in this park is accessible lasting through the year; the action is directed by our accomplished safari guide. Game drive in Kidepo valley public park the recreation area is known for its crowded assortment of untamed life spread across the recreation area which incorporates Lions, cheetahs, elephants, Oryx, bat-eared fox, jackals, and some more. There are just 2 game drives day to day which are the morning game drive and the evening game drive what begins at 6 am and 4 pm separately Game drives in Semiliki National Park: our guests close by their distributed safari guide drive inside the recreation area to detect a few creatures, birds, primates, scenes, and others. Semiliki public park has a morning game drive and, in the early evening, and during the day will actually want to see creatures like waterbucks, warthogs, bison, bushbucks, Uganda kobs, hedge infants, dark really look at mangabey, hippos, backwoods elephants, and substantially more. There is additionally a night game drive led by Semiliki hold up with the game officers who convey spotlights for simple survey of the nighttime creatures like the genets, hawk owls, white-followed mongoose, shrubbery child, panthers, pottos, bats alongside others.


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