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I Day Kampala City Tour takes more time to Uganda's capital. Kampala is the biggest metropolitan region in the country with a populace of around 1,800,000 individuals. Before the British and Arabs came to Uganda, Kampala was saved as a hunting ground for the Kabaka. It had probably the biggest populace of Impala in the nation and that is the place where the name Kampala ("The slope of the Impala") comes from. The moving slopes, valleys and wetlands were ideal territory for pronghorns. The city was based on 7 slopes (Old Kampala, Kololo, Mengo, Rubaga, Nsambya, Namirembe and Kibuli) at first yet has now developed to cover north of 20 slopes.

Kampala is Uganda's major modern and business city. The focal business region is made out of shopping centres, banks, forex departments, insurance agencies, inns, cafés, clubs and government workplaces. In spite of the fact that Luganda is the fundamental language spoken, the populace in the city is different and you can track down individuals from all pieces of Uganda. Nearly everybody in Kampala can comprehend and communicate in English. Individuals are attracted to Kampala since it is the place where all the activity, social administration and potentially open doors can be found. The climate in Kampala is incredible and warm for a large portion of the year due to its area along the equator. For an outsider, Kampala is the best spot to learn and value the social variety in the country.

1-day visit through Kampala This 1-day Tour of Kampala city will take more time to find one of the liveliest urban areas in East Africa. You will visit every one of the significant attractions in Kampala city including the key business, instructive, social, strict and verifiable tourist spots/focus. While visiting these milestones and business focuses, you will get various chances to blend with individuals. Ugandans are incredibly amicable and one of the most accommodating on the planet. Uganda is the main nation where outcasts are offered similar chances as residents of the country. It is very uncommon to observe Ugandans whining about the more than 1 million outcasts in the country.

Albeit this 1-day Kampala city visit closes in the evening, a night visit can be set up with one of our Guides to encounter the Kampala nightlife. Assuming that you demand a night visit, hope to be taken to the top clubs, gambling clubs and eateries. Kampala is known as a "city that won't ever rest".  People party up to the early morning times from Monday to Sunday.

People party up to the early morning times from Monday to Sunday1 day Kampala city visits This 1 Day Kampala city visit will be driven by our nearby Guide who is likewise the driver. The Guide/Driver will guarantee that you are protected in the midst of all the confusion and action in the downtown area. Lunch is remembered for this visit and the Guide will guarantee that you eat some nearby food like Luwombo, Matooke or Rolex. Voyaging will be via vehicle however you will stroll by walking to the majority of the milestones. Before the finish of this 1-day visit through Kampala city, we want to believe that you would have had a decent comprehension of the one-of-a-kind culture, conduct, customs and way of life of Ugandans. The city visit can begin and end anyplace in Kampala, Entebbe or Jinja.

Note: This 1 Day visit through Kampala can be joined with an overall Uganda safari to see mountain gorillas, the huge 5 warm-blooded animals, whitewater boating in Jinja thus substantially more.


While on this 1-day Kampala visit, guarantee that you have some money with you, a great camera, great strolling shoes, humble apparel, drinking water, medicine, a cap, sunscreen and sunglasses. The money is significant assuming you anticipate purchasing gifts from the public Museum and other craftsman shops. Our office driver can take more time to an appropriate I day Kampala visit Uganda forex authority to get the neighbourhood cash. It is essential to dress suitably while moving in the downtown area to try not to draw in pointless considerations or gazes. Scanty dresses are for the most part unseemly while visiting holy places or mosques. Make sure to get into a light dress since Kampala is a warm city. Shades will safeguard your eyes from the midday sun while the sunscreen will offer a defensive safeguard against solid beams from the sun. Remember to move with any drug endorsed by your PCP.

The  main areas to visit while on this 1 day Kampala City Tour are: –

The Gaddafi Mosque, The Kabaka/King’s Palace,  The Baha’i Temple, The Kasubi Tombs,The Ndere Center, The Local Markets, The Uganda Martyrs Shrine, The National,, Museum, Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedral, Crafts villages, Makerere University.


Uganda National Mosque (Formerly Gaddafi Mosque): The Gaddafi Mosque lies on top of one of the conspicuous slopes in Kampala. It was worked in 2006 with assets from the Libyan government. The Mosque was dispatched by the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and can oblige around 17,000 individuals. From its 90-meter tower, the mosque gives one of the 3 best perspectives on Kampala downtown area. Aside from the incredible perspectives on Kampala, the mosque is worked with Moroccan engineering and outfitted with wonderful floor coverings.

The Kabaka's Palace and Buganda Parliament in Mengo: Also known as the Lubiru, the castle is only one of the few homes of the Kabaka of Buganda. This specific castle is huge in light of the fact that it houses the parliament of Buganda Kingdom - otherwise called "twekobe". There are other social locales inside the royal residence foundation and you will find out about them from an inhabitant Guide. The neighborhood Guide will share data about the Kingdom - tracing all the way back to more than 800 a long time back.

1 day best of Kampala city visit in the mid 1960's, this specific Mengo royal residence was gone after by government powers compelled of president Obote. The decision Kabaka at the time ran away to banish where he stayed till his demise. As a result of the grievous history of the castle, the new Kabaka never goes through the night there. President Idi Amin Dada later utilized the castle grounds as a dungeon for a portion of the people who were associated with contradicting him. Inside the fundamental door is a fire source that has stayed on since the Kingdom was established. It possibly goes off when a King is dead.

Albeit the Kabaka doesn't go through the night in the Mengo royal residence, the parliament building stays inside the castle compound. The Kabaka, his pastors and tribe heads meet here routinely to talk about all issues influencing the Buganda Kingdom.


Kasubi Tombs:

The Kasubi Royal burial chambers are an UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the top social attractions in Uganda. The burial chambers are the fundamental cemetery for the Kings (Kabaka's) of Buganda and consequently of extraordinary profound significance. The Baganda take a gander at the Kasubi burial chambers with satisfaction since they assist with safeguarding their rich culture. When you get to the burial chamber, the overseers will take you around and share data about the spot and other significant social formal attire. The key fascination is the principal building (Muzibu Azaala Mpanga) where the lords are covered. This building is an engineering wonder due to its interesting shape and material utilized. The structure is made of reeds, wood, grass, and other nearby materials. You will be left in stunningness by the novel antiques and engineering of the burial chambers. Four rulers are covered in the fundamental structure yet there are likewise graves for different royals to be found in a different site.

Note: Parts of the Kasubi burial chambers where obliterated by a fire in 2010. The public authority, UNESCO and the Buganda Kingdom have collaborated to redesign the obliterated constructions. When it is finished, it will look far better.

Baha'i Temple:

The Baha'i Temple in Uganda is the only one in Africa. Based on top of Kikaaya Hill, the sanctuary is a novel design wonder. From the sanctuary one can get extraordinary perspectives on the downtown area and encompassing regions. Numerous city occupants go to the sanctuary just to lay on its excellent yards and nurseries. On an average visit, travelers are taken around the office to look into the Baha'i confidence. In the wake of investigating within, guests are gone for a walk around the nurseries to take photographs as they get excellent perspectives on Kampala city or spot birds.


Fundamental Markets:

One of the most ideal ways to comprehend the way of life of another spot is to visit the primary business sectors. It is the place where you get to hear the most recent tattle and get knowledge into how the nearby individuals carry on with work. The primary business sectors in Kampala are St. Balikuddembe Market (Formerly known as Owino Market) and Nakasero Market. It is feasible to find nearly anything in these business sectors. Owino Market is 1 day visit through Kampala city known for recycled garments however one can likewise track down hardware, new natural products/vegetables, flavors and grains. Nakasero market is known for electronic and handyman stores. On the off chance that you are keen on purchasing something from these business sectors, you should get the craft of dealing.


Ndere Center:

The Ndere Cultural Center is ostensibly the best spot to find out about the way of life of the different clans in Uganda. Hope to find different sightseers, a huge discretionary and Expatriate people group all assembled to watch social exhibitions from all sides of Uganda. The best chance to visit the Ndere Center is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


The Uganda Martyrs altar:

The Martyrs Shrines are found in a Kampala suburb known as Namugongo. The hallowed places are being around 22 Catholic Martyrs were scorched alive when they wouldn't impugn Christianity. Each third June, north of 1,000,000 explorers from everywhere the world visit the sanctum for petitions and festivities in recognition of the Martyrs. Aside from the astonishing engineering works, one can likewise visit a well encompassing the sanctum where pioneers draw water that is accepted to give divine recuperating and endowments.


Uganda National Museum:

The Uganda National Museum is one of the vital attractions in Kampala city. This is the place where the nation's key recorded, ethnological and social displays are kept. The Museum was worked in 1908 on the sets of Governor George Wilson in order to safeguard all articles of interest in the country.


Makerere University:

This is the most seasoned, biggest and most lofty state funded college in Uganda. Entire day Kampala city visit Most of the unmistakable Ugandans have gone through Makerere. Makerere University has likewise created north of 7 presidents and the absolute most regarded teachers in Africa (Prof. Ali Mazrui) and incredible Authors (Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o and Paul Theroux). Driving inside, the college rewards guests with lovely locales of new enormous constructions and the more established pilgrim structures.


Rubaga Cathedral:

This house of prayer is viewed as on the highest point of Lubaga Hill and is the most seasoned catholic church in Uganda. It is the place where the absolute most senior catholic pastors’ dwell. The principal African Catholic Bishop and first African Catholic Cardinal are covered here. Guests to the Cathedral get to gain tons of useful knowledge about the historical backdrop of the compelling catholic church. You will likewise have One day Kampala visit chances to wonder about the excellent plan of the congregation.


Namirembe Cathedral:

This is the most seasoned Christian Cathedral in Uganda. It is based on Mengo slope and is the main seat of the Anglican Church in Uganda. The Church was developed in 1915 to supplant a basic construction worked in 1903 by Craftsmen from the Buganda Kingdom yet that was brought somewhere near lightning. From the Cathedral, vacationers can get lovely perspectives on the downtown area.


Uganda Parliament Building:

The Parliament working in Uganda is available to guests subsequent to going through broad security checks. It is seen as extremely near the downtown area and thus exceptionally simple to get to. Sightseers are taken around the office by occupant Guides at whatever point they visit. Assuming you are fortunate to visit when the Members of parliament are discussing a movement or passing a charge, you could be permitted to sit at the back sit.


Optional Activities during the 1 Day in Kampala

There are innumerable astonishing exercises that one can take part in while in Kampala and that can be remembered for case you are not inspired by any of the ones recorded previously. They include: -


Visiting one of the sea shores in Kampala:

A huge piece of Lake Victoria is found in Kampala and thus, occupants can visit any of the various sea shores in Ggaba and Munyonyo for no particular reason exercises. There is additionally the famous dusk boat voyage to look forward as well whenever intrigued.


Visiting Local Community Development Projects:

A genuine model is the Bead for Life project. This undertaking was started to improve the limits of nearby ladies to be independent through taking an interest in pay producing exercises like making gems. While visiting this task, you will gain some significant knowledge about how the venture is affecting on the ladies and their families. Remember to purchase keepsake on the side of the ladies.


Kampala tour Mulago Hospital:

This is Uganda's biggest National Referral Hospital. Mulago has the absolute best and most costly clinical gear in the province. It is likewise the best showing emergency clinic in Uganda helping produce probably the best specialists in Africa.


Nearby Artisan/Craft shops:

There are incalculable craftsman shops in Kampala city where you can purchase gifts in type of gems, canvases, wood carvings and neighborhood textures. The most well-known ones are the Craft market along Buganda Road, Outside the National Theater, Outside the National Museum and near Garden City.


The Kabaka's lake:

The Kabaka's lake was worked by Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda. It is the biggest man-made lake in Africa. The lake was dug to interface the King's royal residence to Lake Victoria and give a getaway course in the event of an assault or uprising. Sadly, it was never completed as planned and the association with Lake Victoria was not accomplished. The lake has exceptional landscape and is home to an astounding assortment of birds. One can likewise decide to go fishing or investigating the lake.


Old Kampala:

Before Kampala expanded in size, the vast majority of the regulatory and local locations where in Old Kampala. As the city extended, Old Kampala was left with its old structures and more Uganda capital city tour modern structures were inherent different pieces of the city. Vacationers love visiting this area of the city on account of the eye-getting Indian style structural structures.

Mandela National Arena:

Also known as Namboole Stadium, this is the spot to go to if you have any desire to watch Uganda's famous game groups in real life. It is likewise a setting for campaigns, music shows and significantly more. Assuming that you are keen on different game grounds, you can visit the Lugogo Indoor arena for cricket, tennis and b-ball. Rugby fans can visit the Lugogo Rugby Club.


Our office driver in dressed Amakula African safaris uniform will appear for pickup at your lodge or hotel, home or concurred point and brief you about the visit. The main movement is visiting the National Museum (40 minutes) so that an opportunity might see antiquities and find out about the historical backdrop of Uganda. From the National Museum, the driver will continue to Makerere University. From Makerere, the excursion proceeds to the Baha'i Temple (40 minutes) and afterwards to the Kasubi burial places (40 minutes). After the Kasubi burial places, you will be taken to visit the Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo (40 minutes). You will eat in the wake of visiting Namugongo and it will comprise of neighbourhood food (Luwombo, Katogo, Rolex and others) except if you wish to have global dishes.


1-day visit through Kampala Uganda You will then return to town to visit the city markets (40 minutes), Kabaka's castle, Kabaka's Lake, Gadhafi Mosque (30 minutes) and the wide range of various important tourist spots. The organization driver will likewise take more time to the fundamental taxi park and Owino Market to see the confusion and hordes of travellers getting ready to travel or carrying on with work. Subsequent to finishing your visit through the city in the evening, the driver will return you to your inn or home.



The nights and evenings can be spent at the Ndere Cultural Center, Theater La Bonita or one of the unmistakable and safe clubs. The evening part of the visit is a different course of action that you can demand at the hour of booking.



  1. The number of things to do in Kampala is limitless. This 1 Day Kampala city tour can be tailored based on your preferences. If you only want certain activities or visit certain places, we will change the program according to your interests.


  1. Kampala is generally safe for travellers but you have to be cautious, especially when carrying expensive electronics. Our company Driver/Guide will let you know what to do to remain safe and that your property is secured.


  1. The traffic Jam in Kampala in the morning, mid-day and late afternoon can be chaotic. This is where our driver will be very helpful. Our drivers are very experienced in navigating through the city traffic and will ensure that you get to the different landmarks on time.


  1. Go ahead and ask our organization driver/Guide for help. To go to the washroom, he will know precisely where to take you. We pick Guides/Drivers with a charming person and who are capable managing explorers from across the globe.

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