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2 Days Murchison Falls safari takes more time to one of Africa's most appealing natural life preservation sights. Murchison Falls National Park is the biggest untamed life protection region in Uganda and perhaps the best spot to go for a safari in Uganda. The recreation area covers an area of around 3840 square kilometres and comprises of mostly Savannah meadow and woods like Budongo. It gets its name from the incomparable Murchison Falls. The recreation area has dynamite views and scenes offering chances to partake in sendoff travels, game drives, chimpanzee journeying in Budongo woodland and off-kilter visiting the highest point of the Murchison Falls. Chimpanzee following is just conceivable in the more drawn out 4 days Murchison falls visit bundle.


While on game drives and send off travels, guests ought to hope to recognize the enormous Nile crocodiles, hippos, lions, giraffes, panthers, bison, elephants, Jackson's hartebeests, the Uganda Kob, Oribi, porcupines, Jackals, waterbucks and warthogs. Uganda is an incredible birding objective and the Murchison Falls National Park is the best spot to demonstrate that. While at the recreation area hope to recognize north of 350 types of birds including the extraordinary shoebill stork, goliath heron, pelicans, kingfishers, honey bee-eaters, Egyptian geese, hornbills, cormorant and seat bill stork. You may be keen on our 5 days Murchison falls safari bundle.

Vital information to note

  1. Malaria sickness is predominant in Uganda and keeping in mind that at the Murchison Falls make sure to stop jungle fever prophylaxis. You should know about stray wild creatures in any event, when inside your lodging. Expect to detect primates, elands, hippos, warthogs and different animals walking around your convenience office. Try not to take care of them and avoid them. Wild creatures are erratic. Try not to take streak photography. This will just alarm the creatures with unusual outcomes. In the event that you are dozing in a tent, don't keep food there. Assuming you do, you could draw in warthogs, primates or something greater.


  1. In the event that you are pondering what to pack, contemplate bringing a bug repellent, a cabin, sun screen, a light, climbing shoes, a towel and light-hued dress'. You can't neglect to accompany a camera and binocular.


  1. This private visit is organized consistently. In the event that the inns showed above are completely reserved, we will impart to your different choices which are of comparative quality.


  1. For those intrigued by a more drawn-out safari in Murchison Falls, you should look at our 6 Days visit through Murchison falls and Budongo backwoods bundle.



Optional Lodge and hotel

Red Chili Rest Camp: This spending plan rest camp is constructed decisively at the core of the recreation area and on the southern banks of the stream Nile to permit guests investigate all that the recreation area brings to the table. Since the camp is 2 Days Murchison Falls National Park safari so near the arrival dock for the Para ship, it’s not difficult to cross from here to the Nile Data for the best natural life seeing experience. For those intrigued by sport fishing in Murchison Falls, this is presumably probably the best spot to decide for the evening. Red Chili Rest Camp has a very much loaded bar and eatery with astounding perspectives on the Nile. The café provides food for the two veggie lovers and meat/fish eaters. Plans can be made to have your food stuffed as you go out for exercises inside the recreation area. Other astounding contributions incorporate a huge fire late in the nights, present day showers and restrooms.


Pakuba Safari Lodge: Pakuba Safari Lodge is seemingly the best mid-range stop in the Murchison Falls National Park. It is based on the Eastern bank of the waterway Nile. Pakuba stop offers astonishing landscape, perspectives on the incredible stream Nile and encompassing timberlands. It is encircled by immense wild thus giving chances to detect a large number of the recreation area natural life even prior to going out for a safari. Panthers, elephants and giraffes are continuous guests to the cabin. Their 46 rooms are outfitted with agreeable and snazzy seats, beds and work areas. You can decide to remain in single, twin or twofold rooms.


Paraa Safari Lodge: This luxury lodge is one of the most established in Uganda. It was laid out in 1954 and has a past filled with greatness in assistance conveyance. The hotel is fabricated near the banks of the stream Nile. Every one of their rooms is worked to give a climate of unwinding, solace and serenity. The rooms all have private washrooms and overhangs with an extraordinary perspective on the Nile. Paraa Safari Lodge additionally has a huge pool and an incredible café serving both mainland and neighborhood dishes


Day 1

Pickup and travel to Murchison falls National Park

Visit the highest point of the falls and set out toward the sendoff journey (5 Hours of driving)
Get up promptly toward the beginning of the day and get ready to begin the excursion at 6am. The Guide will get you from your lodging after your morning meal and begin the excursion to the Murchison Falls National Park. You will sidestep a few towns including Luwero. There is incredible history connecting with Luwero town. This is the place where the present NRM government pursued a guerilla war that at last brought down the public authority of Tito Okello. The excursion will likewise permit you wonder about excellent Uganda field with local people keeping an eye on their nurseries and homesteads. The Driver/Guide might stop for brief periods to permit you purchase or test a few delectable nearby organic products.

Lunch will be at Masindi town prior to finishing the last piece of the excursion to Murchison Falls. As you enter the back road prompting the recreation area, you will begin seeing a portion of the inhabitant animals like mandrills and elands. You could even recognize giraffes. This is only a glimpse of something larger as you get ready for the most compelling things. The Driver/Guide will keep driving up to the actual top of the falls. The view around the falls is stunning. You will know why Uganda is frequently alluded to as the pearl of Africa. The Murchison falls is shaped as the waterway Nile courses through a little chasm prior to dropping down with a booming thunder. It then proceeds with its excursion to Egypt in a delicate stream. It is probably the best cascade in Africa after the Victoria falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

After a visit to the falls, you go straight for the 3-hour Launch voyage. The boat goes downstream prior to finishing at the lower part of the tumbles to permit guests take extraordinary photographs of the delightful Murchison Falls. The waterway Nile has an astonishing assortment of fauna and vegetation. In this specific segment, get ready to see elephants, birds, water bucks, crocodiles, the shoebill stork and other astounding animals drinking/washing by the stream banks. After everything is done, you ought to set out toward your lodging. Supper and overnight will be at Redchille camp (Budget), Pakuba Safari Lodge (Mid-range) and Paara safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 2

Morning Game drive – Visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary after you will travel back to Kampala

On this second day of the safari, you will awaken at 6:00am for breakfast in anticipation of the morning game drive. Take as much espresso as you like and a couple of snacks with you in the event that you like. The Guide will be sitting tight for you to begin the game drive. The Northern segment of the recreation area has more noteworthy assortment of untamed life. Assuming your inn is in the southern segment, you will be taken to the ship that transports individuals toward the north. As you start the game drive, pay special attention to the morning people and those withdrawing after the evenings chase. Before the finish of the game drive, hope to have seen hartebeests, giraffes, lions, hyenas, waterbucks, bison, elephants, Uganda Kobs, warthogs, zebras and primates. You could likewise detect the tricky Sitatunga, panthers, bramble pigs, oribi, reedbucks and shrubbery duikers. After the game drive, you will begin the excursion back to Kampala however stop at the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven.

Rhinos became wiped out in Uganda and the main spot to see them is at the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven. Here you will actually want to see around 20 of them under the direction of experienced officers and trackers. The Rangers will share data about the Rhinos, how they once wandered Uganda's public parks before broad poaching left under 6 in nature. The numbers are expanding and it is trusted that one day, they will be once again introduced into a portion of the public parks. Subsequent to seeing enough of the Rhinos, you will proceed with the excursion back to Kampala with a stop in Masindi for lunch. Hope to arrive at Kampala late in the evening. Book a flight withdrawing at 10PM assuming that you expect on leaving on this day. We can assist you with booking a lodging in Entebbe so you leave promptly in the first part of the day.

  • An accomplished English-Speaking Guide/Driver who will be available to you all through the safari.
  • Transport in a 4 Wheel Drive Car with a spring up rooftop to permit you spot the creatures
  • Fuel
  • Ship intersections (relies upon your decision of convenience)
  • Guide/Ranger charges
  • Full board Accommodation (One evening)
  • Rhino following
  • Game drives and a boat voyage
  • Dinners and savouring water between exercises
  • Park extra charges
  • Movements of every kind showed on the agenda
  • Government charges
  • Worldwide flight tickets and Visas for Uganda.
  • Doormen or somebody to convey your hardware and devices all through the excursion. Our Guide/Driver might help yet up partially.
  • Travel/Personal and clinical protection.
  • Tips and tips to drivers, officers, our Driver/guide, lodging staff and watchmen.
  • Any costs of an individual sort like clothing, cocktails and gifts.

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