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This 15 Days Congo, Uganda and Rwanda safari bundle includes visiting the absolute best public parks in Africa. The safari begins from Uganda and finishes in Rwanda. The safari begins with a visit through Murchison Falls National Park (counting Ziwa Rhino asylum), then, at that point, Kibale public park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park among other Uganda safari objections. After the safari in Uganda, explorers will cross to Rwanda to visit the Volcanoes public park and the then at last to Congo's Virunga National Park.


While in Murchison Falls National Park, you will visit the Ziwa Rhino asylum, go for a game drive, sendoff voyage and visit the highest point of the Murchison Falls. While in Kibale, the primary action will be chimpanzee following prior to moving to Queen Elizabeth National Park. While at Queen Elizabeth, you will go for a sendoff journey and two game drives including one to see tree climbing lions. From Queen Elizabeth you will go to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla traveling and visiting the Batwa dwarfs. You would then move to Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda for unwinding, paddling and birding 15 days Uganda, Rwanda and Congo safari before crossing to Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park. While in Rwanda, you will go for brilliant monkey following and another gorilla journeying undertaking. The nights in Rwanda will be spent visiting the Gorilla Guardians Village and the twin pools of Burera and Ruhondo. From the Volcanoes National Park, you will move to Lake Kivu for unwinding prior to crossing the following day to Virunga public Park to climb the astounding Nyiragongo Volcano. In the wake of climbing mount Nyiragongo and noticing the bubbling magma lake at the highest point, you will cross back to Rwanda and complete your safari by visiting the city of Kigali.


Toward the finish of the 15 days Uganda, Rwanda and Congo Safari, you would have an extraordinary impression of the biodiversity in the three nations. The visit can be reworked to begin in Rwanda and end in Uganda. Assuming you need a more limited visit, you can look at the 10 days Uganda, Rwanda and Congo Safari bundle or our 14 days best of Uganda and Rwanda Safari.

The principal exercises are: -

  • Visiting the highest point of Murchison Falls
  • Game drives in Murchison Falls National Park
  • A boat voyage on stream Nile
  • Visiting the Ziwa Rhino asylum
  • Chimpanzee following in Kibale National Park
  • Visit through Kigali City
  • Boat journey and unwinding in Lake Kivu
  • Visiting the Genocide remembrance site in Kigali
  • first Gorilla Trekking in Uganda
  • second gorilla journeying in Rwanda
  • Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Spotting Tree climbing lions
  • Boat trip at the Kazinga channel
  • Visiting Lake Bunyonyi
  • Brilliant Monkey Tracking
  • Visiting the pools of Ruhondo and Burera
  • Visiting the Gorilla Guardians town
  • Visiting the Batwa Pygmies of Uganda
  • Visiting Lake Kivu
  • Climbing Mount Nyiragongo

Functional guide

Gorilla, chimpanzee and brilliant monkey journeying expects that you have great climbing boots, hand gloves, 15 days Uganda, Rwanda and Congo untamed life tour a waterproof shell, light bites and enough drinking water. You really want to employ watchmen in the event that you have weighty gear or cameras. It is likewise essential to plan intellectually to manage the difficulties of following primates. Being looking great will help however it's anything but a necessity as you can peruse from our article about gorilla traveling for the old. Remember to give tip to the Guides, Rangers and lodging staff assuming you have some lose change. Tipping will assist with empowering them after the incredible administrations they offer with frequently little compensation. We prescribe between $10 to $15 as tip or a comparable in the neighborhood money.



  • You should be 15 years or more to go for gorilla journeying. The base age for chimpanzee following is 13 years. There is no age limit for brilliant monkey trekking.
  • The bundle does exclude supper and convenience the day after the safari. We can suggest inns or organize it ourselves.
  • You will be expected to show your yellow fever card while entering Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.
  • Visas for Rwanda and Uganda can be applied for on the web or at the air terminal. The one of Congo is trickier to get and we will assist you with getting it.

Activities in Lake Kivu

  • Game drives
  • Boat travels
  • Movements of every sort referenced in the agenda
  • Convenience for 14 evenings with suppers and water
  • Drinking Water and lunch when out of the inn
  • Pickup from Entebbe in Uganda and drop-off in Kigali Rwanda
  • Park extra charges
  • Batwa social experience
  • The Gorilla Guardians Village
  • Kigali city Tour


Day 1

Arrival and get from the air terminal - Transfer to your inn in Entebbe or Kampala

Our organization Guide will be hanging tight for you at the air terminal on appearance. He will acquaint himself with you and brief you about the visit. From that point, he will drive you to your lodging in Entebbe or Kampala. Assuming you show up sooner than expected in the first part of the day or evening, the driver can take you for a visit through one or the other Entebbe or Kampala city.
Supper and expedite will be in Kampala Serena inn (extravagance), 2 Friends Beach Hotel and Hotel Triangle (spending plan).

Day 2

Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park - track Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Wake up, take breakfast and set off early morning for Murchison Falls public park. En route, wonder about the excellent Uganda open country and sidestep the Luwero war triangle. Luwero was where the ongoing National Resistance Movement worked a guerilla battle prior to assuming control over power. Prior to arriving at the Murchison Falls National Park, you will stop to follow white rhino at the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven. White Rhinos are a basically jeopardized animal categories and were cleared out of Murchison falls public park because of poaching. The asylum was established to save the couple of residual Rhinos with trust that they will one day be once again introduced to the significant public parks.

Subsequent to watching the rhinos, you will be taken for lunch at Amuka hotel and afterward proceed to Murchison falls public park. On appearance, you will promptly go to the highest point of the Murchison falls where you will take photographs of this extraordinary cascade from the extremely top. Keep on visiting around the cascades and hear the thundering sound of the incredible stream Nile as it just barely gets through a limited canyon prior to dropping. From the cascades, the driver will take you to the inn for registration, reward and unwinding.
Short-term at Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget), Pakuba Lodge (Mid-range) and Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxurious).

Day 3

Early morning Game drive and a boat journey along the waterway Nile

You will get up ahead of schedule for an extremely significant day. Take breakfast and set out toward a game drive along the southern banks of the waterway Nile. During toward the beginning of today drive, you will have a few chances to detect four of Africa's Big 5 which incorporate Elephants, Lions, Leopards and Buffalo. You will partake in the excellent perspectives on the African Savannah and furthermore spot different primates, Hartebeest, giraffes, Bushbucks, hyenas, Jackals, the Uganda Kob thus considerably more. After today game drive, you will go out for lunch and rest at your hotel.

In the early evening, go out for a sendoff voyage along the waterway Nile that beginnings from down the stream and finishes at the lower part of the falls. The waterway Nile has the biggest centralization of crocodiles and hippos in the world and around here at the Murchison falls segment of the Nile, you will actually want to see these two gigantic animals very close. The stream bank is a social event point for a large portion of the recreation area creatures thus get ready to be blessed to receive an astounding assortment of untamed life from the security of your boat. Bird darlings will be eager to see an enormous assortment of both inhabitant and transitory species. A portion of the bird species to pay special attention to incorporate the interesting shoebill stork, Goliath Heron, Black-headed Gonolek, African Skimmer, Long-toed Plover, Fish Eagle, Saddle-charged Stork and Gray-delegated Crane.
Short-term at Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget), Pakuba Lodge (Mid-range) and Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxurious).

Day 4

Transfer to Kibale National Park

You ought to ascend right on time to take breakfast and plan for the long excursion to Kibale National Park. En route, wonder about the undulating Uganda wide open with changing scene and occupied local people in the business sectors. Pay special attention to the fascinating long-horned Ankole cows eating along the side of the road. You will stop for lunch in Fort Portal and visit the town. Stronghold Portal is a decisively situated in a space with extraordinary climate and green vegetation consistently. You will likewise visit the base camp of the Toro Kingdom prior to going to the close by Kibale National Park.
Supper and short-term at Chimpanzee Guest House (spending plan), Primates Lodge (Mid-range) and Kyaninga Lodge (Luxury).

Day 5

Chimpanzee following at Kibale National Park - Head to Queen Elizabeth Park

After the rest yesterday, get up ahead of schedule for breakfast and make a beeline for Kibale National Park base camp for instructions on chimpanzee traveling. The head guide will tell you about chimpanzee in Kibale including how to behave and what to convey along. The movement takes between 3 to 5 hour and despite the fact that Kibale backwoods is renowned for chimpanzee following, there are different things that will intrigue you. The backwoods are a birders heaven yet other 12 primate species and, surprisingly, more vertebrates call the recreation area home. When observe the primates and complete enjoying the one hour with them, you will go to your inn for lunch and rest. The aide from Mission Africa Safaris will move you to Queen Elizabeth public park in the evening. The excursion from Kibale to the Queen Elizabeth National Park requires 2 hours and on the off chance that time permits, you will stop while heading to detect pit lakes or visit a few old caverns.
Short term visit in Simba safari camp (Budget), Park view hold up (Mid-range) and Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 6

Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park - Boat voyage at the Kazinga Channel

Wake up right on time for what will be an interesting and momentous day. Our aide will get you and take you for an early morning game drive in the Kasenyi fields. Show up with pressed breakfast or espresso to take during the game drive. The aim of this early morning game drive is to allow guests an opportunity to detect nighttime creatures getting once again to their caves subsequent to hunting during the evening. This is the best chance to recognize Leopards and even Hippos hurrying back to the water in the wake of touching away during the evening. You will recognize go-getters like birds and bison, lions, hartebeests, primates and innumerable different animals.

After everything is done, you will go to the hotel for lunch and rest before the following movement. At 2.00 pm, you will be moved to the Kazinga Channel for a late evening boat journey. The Kazinga Channel is an assortment point for a large portion of the natural life and one of the absolute best places to see untamed life in Africa. Hope to recognize, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, bison, occupant and transient birds. In the event that it doesn't rain, we accept you will recall your time at the Kazinga Channel as one of the features of your safari.
Short term visit in Simba safari camp (Budget), Park view hold up (Mid-range) and Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 7

Game drive in Ishasa area - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

You will awaken to take breakfast and be prepared for one more game drive to recognize tree climbing lions at the Ishasa area of Queen Elizabeth public park. We anticipate that you should see specific animals you might have not seen this during this last game drive in sovereign Elizabeth public park. After this game drive, you will be moved to Bwindi invulnerable timberland public park so as to rest and get ready for gorilla following the following day. Lunch will be taken at a reasonable café en route to Bwindi.
Supper and short-term at Tarvan Trekkers Bwindi (Budget), Bakiga Lodge (Mid-reach) and Chameleon Hill Lodge (extravagance).

Day 8

Gorilla following in Bwindi National Park - Visiting the Batwa Pygmies

After early morning breakfast, make a beeline for the recreation area workplaces for instructions on gorilla journeying at 7:00 am. The Head Guide will tell you what's in store during the action, what to convey along and how to act once you are with the Ugandan gorilla family. You will be allocated a gorilla family prior to going out to the recreation area in light of your age and generally wellness. Most gorilla trackers lean toward recruiting watchmen to assist with additional baggage and we truly want to believe that you will do likewise. The length of Gorilla following relies upon the area of the gorilla bunch you are following. When you are with them, take as numerous photographs as you can on the grounds that you are just permitted one hour notice them. Mountain Gorillas can be extremely lively, inquisitive and some will come near you. Pay attention to the guides directions and consistently keep cool-headed. The prerequisites and rules for gorilla traveling will direct you while with the gorilla family.

After finishing the action, you ought to make a beeline for the beginning stage where you will meet the organization driver holding on to return you to the hotel for lunch and rest. The evening is an ideal opportunity to visit the Batwa Pygmy people group. These previous occupants of Bwindi backwoods were migrated external the recreation area to keep away from clashes with timberland animals and take into account the execution of gorilla preservation programs. There social moves, exercises and history will entrance you as will data about the bombed projects started to assist them with acclimating to life outside the forest.
Supper and short-term at Tarvan Trekkers Bwindi (Budget), Bakiga Lodge (Mid-reach) and Chameleon Hill Lodge (Luxury).

Day 9

Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi - Relaxation, kayaking and Island Hopping

Awaken at your own time after the previous astonishing exercises and have delayed breakfast. Subsequent to looking at, the aide will drive you to the excellent Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi is little however maybe the Visiting Uganda, Rwanda and Congo most normally excellent Lake in Uganda. Visited by vacationers and darlings need to move away from the bustling city life. The climate is heartfelt, cool, quiet and very. We accept this is the best spot for you to unwind following 8 days visiting a few spots in Uganda. Unwind and watch the neighborhood individuals fishing and swimming along the lake. You will go for a boat ride later in the evening and trust from one island to another. The Lake Bunyonyi is one of the top objections for birdwatching in Uganda and has a combination of bird animal types that will intrigue any birder.
Supper and short-term at Bunyonyi resort (extravagance), Bunyonyi safari camp (Mid-range), and Bunyonyi overland Resort (financial plan).

Day 10

Complete exercises in Lake Bunyonyi - Transfer to the Volcanoes public park in Rwanda

You will awaken revived to take delayed breakfast and complete any action in Lake Bunyonyi prior to leaving on the long excursion to Rwanda. Partake in the excursion and the lovely wide open of Uganda and Rwanda. Lunch will be taken from an appropriate café or inn en route. You ought to reach ahead of schedule at the Volcanoes public park and rest in order to be prepared for your subsequent gorilla journeying experience in Rwanda the next day.
Supper and short-term at The Garden Place Hotel (Budget), Da Vinci Lodge (Mid-reach) and Mountain Gorilla View Lodge (Luxury).

Day 11

Mountain gorilla traveling in Rwanda - Visit the Iby'iwacu social town

Wake up and take your morning meal prior to heading for the instructions at the recreation area base camp in Kinigi. Rwanda has 10 acclimated gorilla families and yet you will be appointed one in light of your general wellness and age. Some gorilla families live further away from the recreation area workplaces and may require more long periods of following to track down them. Utilize an opportunity to ask however many inquiries as you can about the gorillas, woods animals and the recreation area. Gorilla journeying in the Volcanoes National Park takes between 2 to 6 hours yet you just have one hour to notice the primates. Following one hour with the gorilla family, you will get back to the beginning stage where you will meet our manual for return you to the hotel for lunch and rest.

In the evening, you will be taken to visit the Iby'iwacu social town in Musanze which is near the volcanoes public park. The Center's name has been changed to the Gorilla Guardians Village. It began as where previous poachers would offer ancient rarities and different items to vacationers however the public authority redid it. The town is presently an advanced Center contribution excellent social diversion for travelers who have come for exercises at the volcanoes public park. While at the Center, expect customary dance exhibitions in which you will be mentioned to partake in.
Supper and short-term at The Garden Place Hotel (Budget), Da Vinci Lodge (Mid-reach) and Mountain Gorilla View Lodge (Luxury).

Day 12

Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda - Visit the twin pools of Burera and Ruhondo

You will begin the day early and take breakfast prior to going to the volcanoes public park workplaces for the instructions on brilliant monkey following. Enlist a doorman assuming that you have additional baggage or weighty hardware. Brilliant monkey following in Rwanda doesn't take such a long time contrasted with gorilla journeying. After some time climbing in the backwoods, you will detect troops of brilliant monkeys on top of trees and some on the ground. Take as numerous photographs of these charming yet jeopardized primates. A while later, go to the cabin for lunch and rest prior to going for an evening drive to visit the twin pools of Ruhondo and Burera.
Supper and short-term at The Garden Place Hotel (Budget), Da Vinci Lodge (Mid-reach) and Mountain Gorilla View Lodge (Luxury).

Day 13

Transfer to Lake Kivu in Gisenyi

Wake up at your own time and begin the day with breakfast at your lodging as you prepare to set off from the Volcanoes public park to Lake Kivu in Gisenyi. Lake Kivu is the greatest new water lake in Rwanda and Congo. Guests regular the lake in light of its normal magnificence. It's a lovely spot to be and the public authority of Rwanda has made great work of advancing as well as creating the travel industry foundation along the lake shores. When you show up at your inn, you will eat neglecting the lake. In the early evening, you will be taken for a boat ride on the lake as you visit the different islands. After the boat ride, you can return to the hotel for swimming and unwinding.
Supper and short-term at Palm Resort Gardens (Budget), Paradise marahide (Mid-reach) and Lake Kivu Serena inn (Luxury).

Day 14

Transfer to Goma in Congo - Mount Nyiragongo Hiking

You will wake right on time to take breakfast prior to being moved to the Congo line. Subsequent to being cleared by line authorities, you will cross to Congo and meet the Virunga National Park group. The group will head to Kibati town which is the beginning stage for climbing Mount Nyiragongo fountain of liquid magma. Climbing to the highest point of the culmination will take between 4 to 6 hours relying upon the general wellness of the gathering. Nobody is abandoned until the last segment of the climb. The Nyiragongo fountain of liquid magma is the main spot in the existence where vacationers can pay to see a magma lake very close. It's protected to notice the magma lake as the well of lava has given no indications of ejecting as of late. Supper and expedite will be in lodges at the culmination.

Day 15

Descend the Volcano and move to Kigali for takeoff

In the morning, you will start your plunge from the spring of gushing lava and be driven back to Goma town showing up by early afternoon. You will then, at that point, cross back to Rwanda and drive back to Kigali coming to by 3pm. On arriving at Kigali, you will have a visit through the city. The visit incorporates visiting the Gisozi slaughter war remembrance site, the city showcases, the official royal residence exhibition hall and craftsman looks for gift. After the city visit, our organization driver will move you to the air terminal for a flight or to your lodging assuming that you are still nearby.

End of Safari

The visit cost will include: -

  • Full time safari van with a spring up rooftop for the best game survey insight
  • An accomplished and English-speaking Guide
  • Fuel for the whole safari
  • Gorilla Permits for Rwanda and Uganda
  • Chimpanzee journeying grants
  • Brilliant Monkey grants
  • Exercises in Lake Bunyonyi

The safari cost will exclude international flights, visas, protection and individual costs (stogies, refreshments and wines).

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