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6 days Uganda safari takes you to Queen Elizabeth, Kibale and Murchison Falls National Park for astounding natural life experiences and the chance to detect every one of the enormous five well evolved creatures of Africa. The Murchison Falls National Park is the greatest untamed life protection region in the country. It gets its name from the incomparable Murchison Falls which are shaped when the waterway Nile just barely gets its direction through a tight chasm prior to dropping down 43 meters in an extraordinary thunder. Sovereign Elizabeth National Park is the most visited in Uganda. It stands apart due to its exceptional landscape, actual elements and tree climbing lions. Guests don't just see untamed life yet are compensated with lovely sightings of astonishing chasms, woods, cavity lakes, valleys and perspectives on the Rwenzori mountains.


Kibale National Park on the other had is frequently alluded to as the "primate's capital of the world" since it has more than 12 types of primates. The main thing it needs are mountain gorillas. Assuming it had them, it would be one of the most visited public parks in Africa.


This bundle is fantastic for the people who have proactively done gorilla following and presently wish to investigate what Uganda brings to the table regarding game safaris and the other little primates. The 6 days Uganda untamed life safari takes you for rhino following at the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven, chimpanzee journeying in Kibale National Park, game drives in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will likewise have a boat journey along the waterway Nile and the Kazinga channel for astounding experiences with natural life. On the off chance that you are not keen on gorilla journeying, this will be a superb safari that will have you with an incredible effect of Uganda and its untamed life. For a more limited safari, you may be keen on our 5 days Uganda safari bundle. The 7 days Uganda safari bundle is much longer and includes gorillas. You should as well look at our 6 days Uganda visit

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Day 1

Transfer to Murchison falls National Park with a stop at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

In the wake of taking breakfast, our organization driver will come to pick you at your inn in Entebbe or Kampala. He will begin the long excursion to Murchison Falls National Park with stops at central issues of revenue including significant towns and side of the road markets. The excursion takes you through astonishing Ugandan open country and towns like Luwero. Luwero is where the ongoing NRM system sent off an insubordination which in the end carried them to control. Our Guide/Driver will share data about what occurred during the insubordination and any remaining focal points. Hope to see immense homesteads of long horned Ankole cows and laborers working in their nurseries.

The primary place to pause en route to the recreation area is the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to Uganda's final white Rhino and it's the main spot where travelers can recognize white Rhinos while 6 days Uganda natural life touring the country. Uganda once had both highly contrasting rhinos wandering her public parks in the large numbers. Uncontrolled poaching nearly cleared them out. The public authority and untamed life protection Agencies saved the remainder of them and moved them to this asylum. While at the safe-haven, an occupant Guide/Ranger will take you to see the Rhinos and find out about the reproducing program set up. There is trust that once their numbers increment enough, some will be once again introduced into nature. Lunch will be at served at an eatery in the safe-haven or in Masindi town. After lunch, the driver will proceed to the recreation area and take you straightforwardly to the highest point of the Murchison succumbs to lovely perspectives and photography. Supper and short-term at Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget), Murchison River Lodge (Mid-range) and Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 2

Morning Game drive - Afternoon Nile Boat journey

Get up ahead of schedule and accept breakfast as you sit tight for the organization Guide to come and pick you. The game drive will be done promptly toward the beginning of the day to detect birds and ambitious people at the northern segment of the recreation area. The morning hours are astounding for game drives in light of the fact that the sun isn't yet excessively sweltering and creatures are normally more dynamic close to this time. This is likewise an opportunity to recognize hunters returning into their caves. Hope to recognize water bucks, giraffes, warthogs, panthers, lions, hyenas, hartebeests, elephants and bison among others. You will then, at that point, return to the hotel for lunch and rest as you hang tight for the midday boat voyage at the Nile.

River Nile draws in a large portion of the recreation area creatures and is henceforth the best spot to see them. A boat journey along the Nile not just offers you an opportunity to wonder about the Nile River and Murchison falls but on the other hand is a 6 days Uganda natural life safari magnificent spot to take photos. The boat journey begins from downstream and goes upstream consummation at the foot of the Murchison falls. Now everybody lands and moves up to the highest point of the tumbles to tracking down holding up organization drivers/Driver.
Between the beginning stage of the journey and the Murchison falls, you will detect perhaps the biggest grouping of land and amphibian creatures in Africa. The birds to pay special attention to are kingfishers and shoe bill storks. Hope to see a great deal of elephants, hippos and crocodiles.
Supper and short-term at Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget), Murchison River Lodge (Mid-range) and Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 3

Transfer to Kibale National Park - Visit the Bigodi Wetlands safe-haven Bigodi wetlands safe-haven

Awaken at recreation and appreciate breakfast prior to leaving your room. The driver will track down you at the entryway to start the long excursion to Kibale National Park. The excursion to Kibale ought not be exhausting as you will go in a space with astounding and new territory. En route, you will detect remainders of the incomparable East African Rift Valley, laborers in their ranches, schools, exchanging focuses, towns, conventional business sectors, houses of worship, woodlands, enormous estates, waterways and substantially more. When you arrive at your hotel, you will check in and take lunch in the event that you don't have it en route. Later in the early evening, the driver will take you to visit the Bigodi wetlands safe-haven for bird-watching and a visit to the close by local area.
Supper and Overnight at Chimpanzee Forest Guest House (Budget), Primate Lodge (Mid-range) and Ndali Lodge (Luxury).

Day 4

Chimpanzee traveling in Kibale - Transfer to Queen Elizabeth Park

Get up promptly in the first part of the day and continue for preparation at the recreation area central command. The recreation area Rangers will go through every one of the significant subjects connecting with chimpanzee following in Kibale woodland. You will find out about the timberland, the animals in that, chimpanzee networks in the recreation area, what's in store and the proper behavior around the primates. When the instructions are finished, you will go into the woods to search for the chimps. When you observe them, watch as they play, groom one another, mate, swing on top of trees and make clearly hoots. Chimpanzee journeying is not the same as gorilla traveling in numerous ways. It is more requesting on the grounds that chimps don't remain for long in one spot. Chimps love investing more energy in top of trees and are accordingly harder to photo than mountain gorillas. Chimpanzee bunches are likewise more powerful and brimming with dramatization.

The magnificence about chimpanzee following in Kibale is the chance to see north of 12 different primates. Hope to detect red-followed monkeys, L'Hoest's monkeys, Colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, pottos, bramble children, primates and dim cheeked Mangabey among others. Subsequent to following the chimps, you will get back to the recreation area workplaces and observe the driver who will return you to the hotel for lunch. After lunch, you will look at and begin the 3 hours' excursion to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The way to the pack will compensate you with astounding landscape including cavity lakes, slopes and perspectives on the Rwenzori mountains.
Supper and short-term at Simba Safari Camp (Budget), Kyambura Game Lodge (Mid-range) and Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 5

Morning game drive - Boat ride at the Kazinga Channel

Get up right on time for one of the most thrilling days of your 6 days' safari in Uganda. The driver will take you for an early morning game drive at the Kasenyi area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will be paying special attention to lions, hyenas, elephants, warthogs, bison and different sorts of impalas. After the multi day Uganda safarigame drive, you will return to the hotel for lunch and reward.

The driver will take you for the midday sendoff journey at the Kazinga channel after lunch. The Kazinga channel isolates lake George from Lake Edward but on the other hand is perhaps the best spot to detect natural life in Africa. A considerable lot of the recreation area creatures assemble to drink and shower at the channel. Birders will be dazzled with the various species at the site including pelicans, kingfishers and seat charged storks. The warm-blooded creatures to pay special attention to are hippos, elephants, bison, crocodiles and hunters like hyenas.

Supper and overnight at Simba Safari Camp (Budget), Kyambura Game Lodge (Mid-range) and Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 6

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha - Transfer Back to Entebbe or Kampala

Get up ahead of schedule and plan to leave for Kampala. The driver will pass through the Ishasha area of the recreation area so that an opportunity might see the tree climbing lions of Uganda. Sovereign Elizabeth is apparently the best National 6 days visit in Uganda Park to see tree climbing lions. The Ishasha area is less visited contrasted with Kasenyi and Mweya however the lions make it extremely alluring. On a run of the mill evening, the lions should be visible laying on enormous fig and acacia trees as they hang tight for the following round of hunting. Specialist have neglected to concoct a solitary explanation with respect to why lions in Queen Elizabeth climb attempts. One gathering recommend that they do as such to try not to chomp bugs on the ground however this is definitely not an unmistakable explanation since it doesn't make sense of why lions somewhere else stay on the ground regardless of managing similar bugs.
End of Tour

The 6 days Uganda safari includes:

  • Chimpanzee journeying licenses
  • Transport in a standard visit van with an initial rooftop for brilliant game survey
  • Fuel for 6 days
  • An accomplished and educated Guide/Driver
  • Convenience for 5 evenings
  • All suppers and water while on the excursion
  • Park extra charges
  • Game drives
  • Boat travels
  • Visiting the Bigodi wetlands safe-haven
  • Any remaining exercises remembered for the agenda

The 6 days Uganda untamed life visit excludes

  • The expense of boarding passes and visas
  • Watchmen during any of the exercises
  • Clinical and travel protection
  • Tips and tips to our Guide/Driver, park Rangers/Guides, watchmen or lodging staff.
  • Individual costs on cocktails, gifts and clothing

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