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9 Days Rwenzori mountains climbing and getting over bundle in Uganda is all that we can offer prepared hikers. The snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains are situated along the western crack valley at the line between DR Congo and Uganda. Recently known as the "Ruwenzori Mountains" despite everything alluded to as "piles of the moon", the mountains arrive at a level of 5,109metres. The Rwenzori Mountains are one of the wellsprings of water for the incredible stream Nile. The Queen Elizabeth and Virunga public parks are situated inside these mountains. In light of their vicinity to the Rwenzori Mountains, explorers ought to hope to detect thick woodlands, lakes, streams, birds, primates and warm-blooded animals. The vertebrates might incorporate bison, hippos, elephants and lions among numerous others.


Getting over the Rwenzori Mountains Rwenzori Hiking happens consistently yet expects earlier reserving assuming you are going the entire way to the pinnacles. The months between April - May and October - November are blustery and can bring a few climbing difficulties yet the movement go on by and by. The beginning stage is in Ibanda which is at the foot of the mountains. Explorers ought to convey climbing shoes, camping beds and comfortable garments. Getting over the higher pinnacle segments requires mountain boots, crampons, ropes and ice hatchet.

NOTE:You will require an additional a two days to climb the Speke/Margarita/Stanley and Alexandra tops.

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Day 1

Kampala - Kasese (Rwenzori National Park)

Climbing Mount Rwenzori. When you show up, you will be picked by our guide/driver from Amakula African Safaris and moved to Kasese town and afterward to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The excursion is 6 hours, yet you will not get exhausted on account of the beautiful magnificence en route. You will be astounded by the scene, tea estates and the neglecting perspectives on the Rwenzori Mountains as you draw nearer to Kasese. You will visit at the equator crossing to take some photographs and later in Mbarara town to eat. You should shop sufficient food that is required while up the mountain. When you arrive at Kasese, register with the Rwenzori Mountaineering Service (RMS) workplaces. Supper and expedite will be at either the Hotel Margherita (Midrange) or Rwenzori Base Mountain Camp (Budget).

Day 2

Nyakalengija (1646) - The Nyabitaba Hut (2652)

You will awaken to weighty breakfast and be taken to the Rwenzori Mountaineering Service (RMS) workplaces at Nyakalengija. You will be given the essential devices for climbing, alloted guides and doormen. You will then embark for a five-to-seven-hour climb to Nyabitaba Hut. The path to Nyabitaba Hut includes going through the Mubuku River. Following 2 hours, you will arrive at the Makoma River then, at that point, proceed to exceptionally steep and messy regions close to a forest. You will eat and expedite at the Nyabitaba Hut.

Day 3

The Nyabitaba Hut - The John Matte Hut (3414m)

Wake up, take breakfast and afterward climb for 7 hours to the John Matte cabin. You will go through the stream Bujuku and Mubuku which are situated close to steep and dangerous focuses. Now, the people who are not capable ahead ought to think about returning. Short-term will be at the John Matte cabin.

Day 4

The John Matte Hut - The Bujuku Hut (3972m)

Awaken, take breakfast and afterward head for the Bujuku Hut which takes between 3 to 5 hours. As you leave the John Matte cabin, cross the river Bujuku until you arrive at Lake Bujuku. You will keep following the preliminary until you arrive at the Bujuku Hut. Your short-term with be at the Bujuku cottage.

Day 5

The Bujuku Hut - The Elena Hut (4430m)

You will leave the Bujuku Hut, rise and travel through thick vegetation around Mount Baker and Stanley. At last redirect to the Elena Hut. Short-term will be at the Elena Hut.

Day 6

Climb to Mt. Stanley

On day 6, you will climb up to the Elena glacier and then to the Stanley Plateau. You will need crampons from this point onward to make climbing easier. From the Stanley Plateau, you will ascend the Margherita glacier up to the Summit. After reaching this summit, slope down to the Elena Hut, pass the Kitandara Lake and then to the Kitandara Hut. Proceed to climb Mount Baker or Mount Luigi di Savoia and then descent to Kitandara Hut. You will have an Overnight at the Kitandara hut.

Day 7

The Kitandara Hut – The Guy Yeoman Hut (3261m)

Climbing mount Rwenzori. This day’s hike will take 6 hours to complete. You will leave Lake Kitandara and reach the Mount Stanley and Baker glaciers. You will follow some muddy trails that take you to some rock shelters where the Kabamba valley starts. You will then slope down to the Guy Yeoman Hut. This region is encircled by excellent view, incredible scene that incorporates mountains, streams and thick vegetation.

Day 8

The Guy Yeoman Hut - The Nyabitaba Hut

Awaken to breakfast and start climbing the slants around the river Mobuku. Take the path going through the Kichuchu rocks and reemerge the first course by the Bujuku River.

Day 9

The Nyabitaba Hut - Nyakalengija for Departure

Mount Rwenzori Hike. Wake up to take breakfast and plan for your last 2-hour drop. As you approach Nyakalengija, you will actually want to detect a few primates, bird species and a couple of vertebrates. When you reach down and take a rest, the aide from Mission Africa Safaris will return you to Kampala. You will stop-by for lunch en route in Mbarara town. You will doubtlessly arrive at Kampala in the evening for the time being or alternately be moved to the air terminal in Entebbe

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