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4 Days Murchison Falls safari takes you to Uganda's most seasoned public park for game drives, chimpanzee traveling, a visit to the highest point of the sublime cascades and the Ziwa Rhino asylum. The visit can be embraced by honeymooners, families, enormous and little gatherings. Youngsters are gladly received yet they don't meet all requirements for chimpanzee traveling. Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda' biggest untamed life protection region. It is the main park where one can detect every one of the large 5 warm blooded animals - the Rhinos should be visible at the Ziwa Rhino asylum. The recreation area is found 305 kilometers from Kampala city by street however can likewise be gotten to utilizing a babbled departure from Entebbe International air terminal or Kajjansi. The recreation area comprises of savanna meadows, forests and Riverine backwoods.


Murchison falls national park is home to 76 types of warm-blooded creatures 451 recorded species. Murchison falls national park is important for the more extensive Murchison Falls Conservation Area which likewise incorporates Karuma and Bugungu natural life holds. The waterway Nile goes through the recreation area abandoning the Murchison Falls (from which the recreation area infers its name). The Murchison falls is a critical fascination in the recreation area and is framed when the Nile goes through a thin chasm prior to shaping a few rapids prompting a last deafening fall. After this significant fall, the waterway keeps streaming serenely until it arrives at Lake Albert. The stretch between the falls driving towards Lake Albert is amazing for giving one of East Africa's most noteworthy natural life scenes. While on a boat voyage to this part of the Nile, guests can see hippos, crocodiles, elephants, bison and giraffes drinking by the stream banks.


Aside from the boat cruise, tourists can likewise detect the creatures while on a game drive ashore or utilizing tourist balloons. This 4 Days Murchison Falls safari will begin in Kampala or Entebbe and afterward proceed to the recreation area with a stop at the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven. Subsequent to following the Rhinos, you will proceed with directly to the highest point of the Murchison Falls. Before very long, you will go for game drives, boat rides and chimpanzee traveling. Before the finish of your 4 days' excursion, you would have spotted elephants, giraffes, oribis, hippos, the Uganda Kob, hartebeests, bison, lions, crocodiles, chimpanzees thus significantly more. For a more extended safari, you could observe our 5 days Murchison falls untamed life safari or 9 days Uganda natural life visit bundle seriously fascinating.


Visiting the Ziwa rhino safe-haven


  • This visit is available to all gatherings including youngsters and the old. Youngsters can't go for chimpanzee journeying. They can stay at the lodging or with our Guide/Driver. The driver will go for them for nature strolls and touring as the grown-ups go to look for the chimps.
  • This agenda can be changed to incorporate different exercises that could intrigue you. Go ahead and let us know as to whether you have anything you really want to incorporate. We can likewise remember exercises for other public parks like Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth or the Rwenzori mountains.
  • Murchison falls public park is opened lasting through the year however the best chance to visit is from June to September and January to March. This is the dry season and the recreation area streets are in great condition. Since it is a dry season creatures will more often than not accumulate in one spot to drink empowering sightseers to detect them at the same time.



  • For the best insight while on our 4 Days visit through Queen Elizabeth, we suggest that you convey the accompanying things along.
  • Light dress: To assist you with managing the hotness particularly during the dry season. Weighty garments will make you self-conscious during chimpanzee journeying.
  • Great climbing shoes: This visit bundle incorporates exercises that will require strolling like rhino following, climbing to the highest point of the Murchison falls and chimpanzee journeying. Attempt to obtain shoes that can be utilized on such events.
  • Shades and a wide cap: These will assist with safeguarding you against the sun's beams during game drives and chimpanzee following.
  • A decent camera and binocular: You can't bear the cost of not taking photographs of the astounding untamed life, nearby individuals and scene. Photographs guarantee that your recollections of Uganda stay in salvageable shape into the indefinite future. You can likewise share the photographs with companions, family and partners back home.
  • Personal Medication: If you have any medical issues, inform your doctor before traveling and ensure that you have all your special medications with you during your trip. Medical facilities in rural parts of Uganda are not always reliable.


Day 1

Pickup - Visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Continue to Murchison Falls National Park

Our Guide/Driver will get you from the air terminal or you’re lodging in Entebbe/Kampala and brief you prior to beginning the excursion to the Murchison Falls National Park. Partake in the drive as you notice the African open country and modest communities like Luwero and Nakasongola. Nakasongola is dairy cattle keeping hallway and you will be astounded by the immense groups of long horned steers eating near the side of the road. Luwero is the place where the National Resistance Army (current government) began an insubordination which overturned the public authority of Tito Okello. You might ask the Guide/Driver to stop momentarily at one of the business sectors so you can blend with local people and look at a portion of the scrumptious neighborhood natural products like mangoes, oranges, pineapples, bananas and maize.

Your first fundamental stop is at the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven. This safe-haven was laid out to safeguard the couple of staying white rhinos in Uganda after close to 100% were killed by poachers. Rhinos once meandered the public parks in Uganda yet broad poaching cleared them out. It was simpler to kill them for their significant horns since they have no feeling of dread toward people like the other huge warm-blooded creatures. The Ziwa Rhino safe-haven has 4 Days Wildlife Tour of Murchison Falls likewise left on a rearing undertaking to build the quantity of Rhinos and later once again introduced to the public parks. The safe-haven is likewise extraordinary for birding, primates review and spotting elands. Subsequent to following the lions, you will continue to eat at the close by Masindi town.

After Masindi, you will continue to Murchison Falls public park and continue directly to the highest point of the falls. Invest some energy here as you wonder about the great cascade. The falls are shaped when the stream Nile just barely gets through a restricted chasm and drops with a deafening power. Take however many photographs as could reasonably be expected so you can impart them to you companions. The driver will then take you to your lodging for rest, reward and later evening walk assuming have opportunity and willpower.

Supper and expedite will be at Paraa Safari Lodge for Luxury voyagers, Pakuba Safari Lodge for mid-range convenience and Murchison River Lodge for spending plan explorers.

Day 2

Morning Game Drive and Launch Cruise on the Nile

Get up right on time, take breakfast and plan for an extremely significant day. The drive/Guide will get you and take you so that a game drive might see lions, panthers, giraffes, the Uganda Kob, bison, oribi, jackals, elephants, warthogs, Jackson hartebeests, hyenas and incalculable birds. Pay special attention to the early morning risers and hunters like panthers getting once again to their sanctums subsequent to hunting.

4 days untamed life safari in Murchison falls Uganda After the four-hour game drive, you will be returned to the cabin for lunch, rewards and unwinding as you for the Afternoon boat journey. While on the journey you will recognize crocodiles, hippos, and the majority of the creatures previously seen while on your prior game drive. They will drink water and washing by the shores of the waterway. This piece of the stream Nile offers the absolute best birding spots in Uganda. Keep an eye out for the Shoebill storks, Goliath heron, hornbills, the yellow charged stork, pelicans, honey bee eaters, kingfishers, Egyptian goose and African fish birds. The boat journey closes at the lower part of the Murchison falls and is an extraordinary chance to take some incredible photographs to show your companions back home.

Supper and expedite will be at Paraa Safari Lodge for Luxury explorers, Pakuba Safari Lodge for mid-range convenience and Murchison River Lodge for financial plan voyagers.

Day 3

Boat ride at the Nile delta and afternoon wild Game drive.

Wake up ahead of schedule and accept breakfast as you sit tight for the Guide/Driver to come and take you for an additional 4-hour boat ride to the Nile Delta region. This region is known for its astonishing assortment of natural life including lions, bushbucks, elephants and bison. This time the boat goes down stream where you will experience astounding natural life and birds. You will go through tremendous bogs and wetlands with incalculable water birds. After this boat journey, you will get back ashore, take lunch and be taken for another game drive yet in an alternate segment of the recreation area. This is an opportunity to see any natural life you could have passed up a great opportunity during the principal game drive and boat rides.
Supper and expedite will be at Paraa Safari Lodge for Luxury explorers, Pakuba Safari Lodge for mid-range convenience and Murchison River Lodge for spending plan voyagers

Day 4

Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest – drive back to Kampala

Get up right on time and go for the preparation at the backwoods workplaces. You will be designated a gathering and an officer to be your chief. Chimpanzee following in Budongo timberland can require as long as 5 hours and you are permitted just 4 days visit through Murchison Falls Uganda one hour with them. Chimpanzee journeying in Budongo is exceptional on the grounds that it has less groups and there are higher possibilities connecting with worldwide scientists for more data about the primates. Budongo woodland is likewise probably the best spot for birding in Uganda. While following the chimpanzees, look out just plain silly, other more modest primates and the old mahogany trees. The driver will begin the excursion back to Kampala in the wake of following the chimps. You will eat on your way (Masindi or Luwero town) back. Assuming you reach early, you can demand for a Kampala city visit.

The safari includes: –

  • Transportation in a visit van (4×4 land cruiser)
  • Full board convenience with breakfast and supper for 3 evenings
  • The administrations of an educated Driver/Guide with magnificent English talking abilities
  • Lunch and filtered water during the safari
  • Access to the Ziwa Rhino asylum
  • Chimpanzee licenses for every member
  • Park charges
  • Movements of every kind and any facilities demonstrated in the agenda.

The safari excludes: -

  • Air tickets when the excursion
  • Uganda Visa. These can be got on the web or at the air terminal at an expense of $50
  • Any expenses at the air terminal
  • Stuff, Medical and Travel protection
  • Cocktails or drinks during the safari
  • Dinners that are unique in relation to those showed in the agenda
  • Tips to our Guide, park officers or inn staff
  • All things of an individual sort like gifts and telephone bills


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