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5 Days Rwanda gorilla journeying and Mount Nyiragongo Hiking bundle is intended for the people who are keen on climbing mount Nyiragongo however following the primates in Rwanda. During the visit, there will be visits to Lake Kivu and the Iby'iwacu social town. There will likewise be chances to recognize the lovely open country. Silverback gorilla visits are seriously intriguing when joined with other exciting exercises like mountain climbing, social visits and game drives. This 5 days Rwanda Congo safari includes visiting two of Africa's renowned national Parks - Virunga National Park and the Volcanoes National Park.


Virunga is the most seasoned park in Africa. It was laid out in 1925 and was all at once a lot greater untamed life protection region that remembered the Volcanoes National Park for Rwanda and portions of Mgahinga in Uganda. Virunga National Park is UNESCO World legacy site on account of its astonishing biodiversity. It is home to mountain gorillas, lions and the tricky okapi among numerous other untamed life species. The vital exercises in Virunga National Park are gorilla journeying and climbing the incomparable Nyiragongo Volcano. The Nyiragongo Volcano has the biggest magma lake on the planet that is available to the travel industry. The last election in 2002 constrained more than 350,000 individuals to escape the encompassing regions. Magma streamed at such high velocity that inside the space of minutes it had arrived at the showers of Lake Kivu leaving 170 dead. The fountain of liquid magma has been steady and safe for vacationers for more than twenty years at this point and thousands visit the recreation area to get a chance of noticing the magma lake.


The Volcanoes National Park then again is the most visited the travel industry objective in Rwanda. It sits on high height and is honored with 5 distinct volcanoes. It was the renowned primatologist known as Dian Fossey who put the recreation area on the map when she laid out a gorilla research Center there. The recreation area is home to 35 percent of the excess populace of mountain gorillas and is a more costly however helpful spot to follow the primates. Aside from gorillas, the recreation area is home to hyenas, woods elephants and brilliant monkeys. The primary exercises at the volcanoes public park are gorilla traveling, visiting the burial place of Dian Fossey, brilliant monkey following, climbing one of the mountains, visiting the Gorilla Guardians Village and investigating the Musanze caves.


Climbing Mount Nyiragongo and following gorillas will test your general endurance. You should be in great state of being and mental readiness. In the event that you are keen on just Nyiragongo, you ought to look at our 2 days Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Package. To do the two exercises in Congo, then, at that point, look at our 4 days Congo gorilla visit and Nyiragongo Hiking bundle. We can likewise put together a 15 days safari in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Kigali city visit (Genocide commemoration site, primary city market, craftsman shops and the official royal residence exhibition hall) 

Primary exercises.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Mount Nyiragongo Hike

Visiting the Gorilla Guardians Village

Practical Guide

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be made more agreeable assuming you have great climbing boots, thick cotton gloves, a parka, filtered water and stuffed snacks. The climbing boots ought to be unified with great footing. Recall that being looking good isn't a prerequisite assuming you have perused our article about gorilla traveling for more established individuals. Notwithstanding, being fit will make your encounters more agreeable. Giving tip to the Guides and Rangers as a good thought is extraordinary. They make a solid effort to guarantee that you live it up with the primates and during your safari. Some may not be getting great compensation for their administrations. The suggested tip is $10 or a comparable in the nearby cash.



  • You can't be permitted to follow gorillas except if you are 15 years of age.
  • The multi day program doesn't provide food for convenience or suppers daily previously or after the excursion. We can organize it in the event that you make a solicitation.
  • A yellow fever immunization card is in many cases a necessity while visiting most African nations. Rwanda and Uganda ought not be an exemption
  • The Rwanda visa can be obtained from the boundary intersections, air terminal or on the web. The Congo visa is harder to secure and we will help your cycle it.



Hotel Muhabura: Hotel Muhabura is one of the most amazing spending plans holds up near the Volcanoes National Park. The inn has 30 independent rooms that are estimated sensibly and constructed an incredible climate where you can unwind in the wake of following the gorillas or finishing the other park exercises. Inn Muhabura was Dian Fossey's base at whatever point she had a gathering or was from her examination station. There are three classes of rooms - twin, twofold and single. Each rooms have hot showers, working table, huge beds, present day washrooms and a private gallery disregarding the delightful Virunga volcanoes. Different conveniences incorporate a front work area, an eatery with incredible food, a bar with a wide range of beverages, a wonderful nursery, a children's jungle gym, meeting offices, a gift shop and enough parking spot.


Mikeno Lodge: Mikeno is the best luxurious hotel in Virunga National Park and the only one viewed as close to the recreation area workplaces. The rooms are based on a vigorously timberland slope neglecting the recreation area. Worked with volcanic shakes and covered, Mikeno is an extraordinary showing of what an extravagance cabin ought to be without fundamentally utilizing costly material. The rooms are exceptionally extensive and independent with all that one would require for an extravagance experience. Every bungalow has a private overhang where clients can wonder about the delightful Virunga volcanoes or watch monkeys and birds. One of the incredible benefits of booking with Mikeno is the chance to meet the vast majority of the senior park authorities and natural life traditionalists visiting the recreation area. The subsequent advantage is the chance to visit the Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Center and furthermore find out about projects like the Congo dogs.


Nyiragongo Cabins: The Nyiragongo Cabins are straightforward designs that were based on the highest point to be utilized by sightseers subsequent to review the astonishing magma lake. The potential chance to rest at the actual edge of the fountain of liquid magma and look down at the bubbling liquid magma is something that everybody ought to encounter in the course of their life. The lodges offer essential offices. As a matter of fact, you want to accompany your own hiking bed or utilize the one presented by the recreation area specialists. Each lodge has two exceptionally straightforward beds with a structure sleeping cushion. The common toilet must be arrived at utilizing a wellbeing rope and is in itself truly an encounter. Remember to go with comfortable garments and recall that there is no power or running water. Suppers are ready by a gourmet specialist which is to be delighted in with others at the open-air fire.


Day 1

City visit through Kigali - Transfer to Congo

The organization Guide/Driver will be at your inn promptly toward the beginning of the day to begin the visit. On the off chance that you are not currently in an inn, then, at that point, you will be gotten from the air terminal. You will begin with a visit through Kigali city where you will be taken to visit the Gisozi slaughter remembrance site to find out about what unfolded during the 1994 annihilation in Rwanda. You will likewise visit other significant milestones, the focal market, craftsman shops and the previous official castle. Subsequently, you will begin the excursion to the Congo line through Lake Kivu and astounding open country. You ought to show up in Gisenyi before 2:00pm and take lunch prior to going to the migration office for leeway. Guarantee that you have your yellow fever immunization card and identification prepared so you can be permitted to cross to Congo. The Visa would be in the framework when you address relocation office. Subsequent to clearing with movement, you will cross and observe the group from Virunga hanging tight for you from the Congo side.
Supper and short-term at Mikeno Lodge (Luxury) and Kibumba Tented Camp (Mid-range).

Day 2

Mount Nyiragongo Hiking - Viewing the Lava Lake

On day 2, you will have early breakfast and trust that park specialists will get you from your inn. You will be driven towards Goma and branch off to Kibati town which is the beginning stage for Mount Nyiragongo climbing. The recreation area authorities will brief you about the climb and acquaint you with the watchmen who will convey supplies up the mountain. One of the doormen will be your culinary specialist. Everything is kept essential while climbing mount Nyiragongo. Try not to expect the extravagances that you had at the cabin. Moving to the highest point of the spring of gushing lava takes between 4 to 6 hours relying upon the degree of wellness of the gathering. Nobody is abandoned until you get to the fourth segment. There are 5 segments to be finished prior to arriving at the top. When you get to the highest point, you will observe your lodges hanging tight for you. The best time for review the bubbling magma is in the evening.
Supper and short-term in lodges as you partake in the wonderful perspectives on the magma over the course of the evening.

Day 3

Descend the Volcano - Transfer to the Volcanoes National Park

Awaken from your lodge at 7:00am and accept breakfast as you trust that everyone will begin plunging the spring of gushing lava at 8:00am. Climbing mount Nyiragongo isn't just about review the magma lake. It is a potential chance to likewise appreciate delightful perspectives on the other Virunga volcanoes, Lake Kivu, Virunga National Park, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the Rwenzori Mountains and public parks in Uganda. The best chance to get these perspectives is in the first part of the day and furthermore while diving the spring of gushing lava. On arriving at the beginning stage, the recreation area authorities will drive you to Goma and afterward to the line office where you will clear with the Rwanda migration. They will charge you another $30 for the Rwanda Visa. Our driver will be hanging tight for you at the Rwanda side of the line to take you to the Volcanoes public park. The excursion from the Congo/Rwanda boundary to the Volcanoes National Park takes between 2 to 3 hours.
Convenience and Dinner at 5 Volcanoes Lodge (Luxury), Davinci Lodge (Mid-reach) and Hotel Muhabura (Budget).

Day 4

Gorilla Tracking in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda - Gorilla Guardians town visit

Preparation for gorilla traveling happens before 8:00 am at the recreation area central command in Kinigi. All trackers should be at the recreation area office in time for the instructions which is driven by the recreation area Guide. Gorilla traveling in the Volcanoes National Park includes picking among 10 acclimated gorilla gatherings. You will be assigned one in light of your general wellness. Following can take between 2 to 6 hours relying upon which family you are doled out. The movement can be testing particularly in the event that you are not looking great or intellectually ready to finish it. Nonetheless, the one hour enjoyed with the gorilla family is a lifetime experience which you will always remember. Watching a gathering of gorillas in the wild is an awkward sign of exactly the amount of we possess in the same way as them. You could go through hours simply watching the little ones roll around and play. Mountain Gorillas can be exceptionally lively and inquisitive particularly assuming they see something new. While with the gorilla family, it's vital to pay attention to guidelines from your aide. Continuously stay cool and never make abrupt developments.

After your one hour with the gorilla bunch, get once again to the beginning stage where you will meet our manual for drive you back to your inn for lunch and rest. Late in the early evening, you will go out for a little while to the Iby'iwacu social town in Musanze. Presently known as the Gorilla Guardians Village, the Center began as where previous poachers would exhibit their items. The public authority of Rwanda patched up the spot and remade it to turn into an advanced social Center that rivals the best in East Africa. You will observe every one of the clans in Rwanda including the Batwa performing social moves and melodies. You can likewise take part by putting on neighborhood robes, entering a portion of the customary cabins and hitting the dance floor with the group.
Convenience and Dinner at 5 Volcanoes Lodge (Luxury), Davinci Lodge (Mid-reach) and Hotel Muhabura (Budget).

Day 5

Transfer back to Kigali - Departure

Wake at your own time and accept breakfast as you plan for the outing back to Kigali. The excursion from the Volcanoes National Park to Kigali requires around 3 hours. On the off chance that for reasons unknown you missed the Kigali city visit on day 1, you will have it on this prior day isolating with our Guide.

End of Tour

The Safari Includes: -

  • A standard safari vehicle
  • An English talking driver/Guide who will be with you for the majority of the 5 days
  • Fuel for the 5 days
  • Gorilla following Permits
  • Nyiragongo Hiking Permits
  • The Congo Visa
  • Lunch and packaged drinking water
  • Full Board convenience for 4 evenings
  • Air terminal Pickup and drop-off
  • Visiting the Gorilla Guardians Village
  • Kigali city Tour

The 5 days Congo and Rwanda safari cost will exclude worldwide/nearby flights, the Rwanda visa, individual costs and individual Insurance.

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