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This 2 days Nyiragongo Hike visit takes you Virunga National Park in the Congo for an astounding time frame seeing a bubbling magma lake. Mountains with magma lakes at the highest point are not very many on the planet. Most are not open to the travel industry aside from research purposes in exceptionally controlled conditions. The Nyiragongo well of lava is extremely exceptional on the grounds that it is the only one in Africa where vacationers can pay to notice bubbling magma very close. The mountain is found in the eastern piece of the Congo, 17 km away from Goma town and in Virunga National Park.


Virunga National Park is referred to around the world as one of the last fortifications for the imperiled mountain gorilla. It is a world legacy site with a significant number of Africa's well-known vertebrates including the intriguing okapi and bongo pronghorn. As the most seasoned public park in Congo and Africa, Virunga was once bigger than it is today. Around then, it was converged with the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and portions of Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. The recreation area is comprised of generally tropical jungle, lakes, streams, savanna prairies and 3 volcanoes. The vital attractions in the recreation area are climbing mountain Nyiragongo and gorilla journeying.


Mount Nyiragongo is 3,470m high and is one of the 8 making up the Virunga chain of volcanoes. Others incorporate Mikeno, Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhavura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo. Nyiragongo is one of the most dynamic volcanoes on the planet with a cavity that is around 2 km wide. The Volcano has emitted more than 30 times however the latest emissions where in 1882, 1977, 1994 and 2002. The emission in 2002 was quick to the point that it streamed up to Lake Kivu and Goma town shortly. The ejection dislodged huge number of individuals while likewise leaving numerous dead and properties annihilated. During this last ejection, the magma lake was depleted for a brief time however topped off following half a month. Mount Nyiragongo isn't going to emit soon and keeps quiet and safe for the travel industry.


Nyiragongo Volcano Hike begins from Goma or Kigali in Rwanda relying upon conditions. It is perhaps the best bundle we offer since it offers explorers an extremely novel encounter. Nyiragongo spring of gushing lava climbing can be joined with gorilla traveling in Virunga National Park for a genuinely remarkable encounter. You can look at our 5 days Mount Nyiragongo Hike and Gorilla Trekking Package. In the event that you observe these 2 days bundle too aggressive, read about our multi day Mount Nyiragongo Hike bundle for a more adaptable travel.

Climbing mount Nyiragongo is coordinated consistently and the recreation area is as of now extremely protected to visit.

This visit can likewise begin from Gisenyi or Kigali in Rwanda. Mission Africa Safaris will assist with handling the Visa through the Virunga National Park. The expense of the Visa handling is remembered for the cost of the general visit. It is essential to have a yellow fever inoculation card prior to showing up in Congo.


Moving up and down the fountain of liquid magma can be extremely exhausting albeit the paths are not so steep contrasted with different mountains nearby. In view of that, this visit isn't suggested for pregnant moms, those with back issues or genuine ailments.

Expect an individual cook among the doormen moving with you to the highest point. You will be furnished with a lunch bundle, a hiking bed and warm downy.

To have the most ideal climbing experience, it is vital to pack a downpour coat, a cap, night light, a camera, additional garments, optics, sun cream, toiletries, legitimate climbing boots and a mobile stick.



Mikeno Lodge: Mikeno is the main genuine extravagance stop worked inside the Virunga National Park. It is overseen by the recreation area and was worked to offer excellent administrations offered near the recreation area workplaces. Visitors who book with Mikeno Lodge have an amazing chance to visit the close by 2 Days Climbing Nyiragongo Volcano Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Center. This Center was laid out to deal with stranded mountain gorillas. It is the only one of its sorts in the word. Visits to the Center are typically organized late in the early evening after the culmination of gorilla journeying or Hiking Mount Nyiragongo.


How are the rooms? Mikeno has 12 huge houses made of magma stone and covered rooftops. The rooms are based on top of a slope sitting above a woods/valley with astounding perspectives on Mount Nyiragongo and Mikeno. Each room are independent (showers, stone showers, open flames for warmth, verandahs and quality furnishings) with present day and nearby Congolese enhancements. Colobus Monkeys, chimpanzees and other park creatures visit the cabin premises incidentally mentioning for exceptionally fascinating objective facts while unwinding at the verandah of your room. The cabin likewise has a different bar, café and relax region.


Kibumba Tented Camp: This is an as of late assembled mid-range hold up inside the Virunga National Park. Like Mikeno, it additionally has phenomenal perspectives on the recreation area, Virunga volcanoes and different focal points. The cabin has 18 independent tents with the ability to take in 36 individuals. Each tent is independent with warm showers, washrooms, an enormous bed and furniture. Albeit the hotel isn't constructed near the recreation area workplaces or the Senkwekwe Center, the cabin is exceptionally near the Goma/Rwanda line crossing and the Nyiragongo climbing point. Kibumba offers all that one would require for agreeable time in Virunga National Park while staying reasonable. They additionally have incredible food, a bar and a focal parlor where visitors meet to share astonishing accounts of their time in Africa.


Tchegera Island Tented Camp: This is an astounding mid-range hold up based on the shores of Lake Kivu and is additionally overseen by the Virunga National Park. The hotel offers great quality independent tents and is fantastic for unwinding subsequent to finishing exercises in the recreation area. It additionally offers a degree of protection in view of its area in a segregated island.


Visitors can visit the island all the more intently utilizing a kayak or oar board subsequent to finishing exercises like gorilla journeying or Nyiragongo Hiking in the recreation area. Birders and the individuals who love wonderful nature won't be frustrated while at the island. They can go out for a basic walk and post for herons, African Eagles, gulls and cormorants. In the nights, all occupants assemble on the shores of the Lake to unwind by the Lake shores/ocean side while wondering about the red sky because of the magma lake regurgitating from mount Nyiragongo.


Day 1

Pickup from Goma, Kigali or Gisenyi - Briefing and rising to the culmination.

Our company driver guide with Amakula African safaris will get you at 7 am from Gisenyi in Rwanda or Goma town in Congo and take you to the social event point in Kibati by 8 am. The preparation points for climbing mount Nyiragongo is generally near the Congo Rwanda line crossing. On appearance, you will be enlisted and given the Nyiragongo license. This is an ideal opportunity to enlist an individual doorman. A watchman costs between 10 to 15 US Dollars in real money. After the preparation, you will go out to the mountain inclines alongside your own doorman and those conveying supplies (water, food and so forth.).

Climbing to the highest point of the fountain of liquid magma takes between 3 to 6 hours relying upon how fit and quick the group is. By 5 pm, you ought to have arrived at the culmination. The climb is isolated into 4 significant areas and gets harder as one draws near to the culmination. For the initial three segments, the whole gathering moves as one with nobody left behind. Should there be a sluggish climber, the gathering needs to hang tight for him/her. It is solely after the third area that quicker explorers might abandon the slower one. At this point the leftover distance is short and anybody left behind is supposed to get up to speed.

Once you arrive at the culmination, you will be shown your room from among the lodges. The lodges are based on an edge simply over the magma lake. The lodge has a bed, bedding and comfortable bed sheets yet we suggested that you bring your own hiking bed if conceivable. The Guides will take you to a protected spot to respect the bubbling magma however long you wish. The magma lake shines magnificently in the evening and seeing such a scene can very overpower. Albeit the smoke and astounding flames can likewise be seen during the day, the display around evening time is staggering.

Day 2

Descend the Nyiragongo Volcano - Depart

Subsequent to going through the entire evening and morning hours wondering about the magma lake, now is the ideal time to plunge the mountain. Get up at 5:30 am and accept breakfast from the highest point as you stand by to start the drop at 2 Days Nyiragongo spring of gushing lava climbing safari 6:30 am. Plummeting is a lot more straightforward and takes a more limited time (2 to 3 hours). As you move down the mountain, find opportunity to appreciate the vegetation, magma soils and astonishing Virunga volcanoes in the distance. Aside from mountains, you will have more supported perspectives on the immense Virunga public park, Kahuzi Biega National Park, the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Mgahinga National Park and off base the astonishing lake Kivu. On arriving at the beginning stage at Kibati Patrol post, you will observe the driver holding back to move you to Goma, Gisenyi or Kigali in Rwanda. Assuming that time allows, the drive can take you for a broad visit through the town of Goma.

  • The Nyiragongo climbing grant
  • The Congo Visa (Will rely upon whether you are showing up from Congo or Rwanda)
  • Transport to and from the Volcano
  • The Nyiragongo Package which incorporates watchmen to assist with conveying supplies and somebody to get ready food while at the highest point.
  • Watchmen to convey your own stuff
  • Tips/tips to watchmen, officers and park guides
  • Individual costs like cocktails and stogies


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