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Our 12 days Uganda safari starts and finishes in Entebbe or Kampala. The safari takes you to the best vacationer locations in Uganda where you will experience amazing view, plentiful natural life and social encounters. It includes visiting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park and Lake Mburo National Park. While at Bwindi you will follow the mountain gorillas and visit the Batwa dwarfs for a social visit. Uganda has half of the excess populace of mountain gorillas. Most are found in Bwindi. You will likewise visit Murchison Falls National Park to see the cascades, go for a boat voyage and game drives.


While at Queen Elizabeth National Park, you ought to go for another boat journey at the well-known Kazinga Channel, see tree climbing lions thus significantly more. Kibale National Park is the best spot to detect wild 12 Days Best of Uganda Wildlife Safari chimpanzees on the planet. You will likewise detect colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, mandrills and a lot more primates. Lake Mburo National Park might be the littlest savanna park in Uganda however it is viewed as the best spot to recognize Leopards and Zebras (In Uganda).


All things considered, we anticipate that you should detect mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, rhinos, hippos, bison, panthers, elephants, giraffes, Kobs, shrub bucks. Uganda is perhaps the best country for birding on the planet. You will see cascades, astonishing actual elements, mountains, cavity lakes, monster gluts thus significantly more. In the event that you are searching for a more drawn-out safari, you could observe our 15 days Uganda safari bundle seriously intriguing. For a more limited safari, you could look at 10 days Uganda untamed life safari offering.


You will need the following for a comfortable time during your safari in Uganda.


  • Climbing Boots: It is critical to obtain great it is waterproof and agreeable to climb boots which. It might rain during your safari and these can assist you with exploring through tricky landscape.
  • Long shirts and Trousers: Some of the public parks are covered with thick timberland which have thistles, sharp tree limbs and gnawing bugs. A long pant and shirt will be your security. Wrap up your pants from to your point of view while out in the backwoods.
  • Hand Gloves: Hand gloves might be similarly pretty much as significant as lengthy pants and shorts for gorilla and chimpanzee following. They will assist you with getting tree limbs, prickly vegetation and sharp shakes.
  • A Rain Jacket: Do not neglect to pack a downpour coat particularly assuming you are going during the blustery season. The downpours actually drop in any event, during the dry season while visiting parks like Bwindi.
  • Drinking Water: Chimpanzee and Gorilla journeying might take long relying upon the gathering you are appointed. It is in this way essential to begin the journey with sufficient water on the off chance that you get dried out. Water filtration tablets ought to be stuffed in advance.
  • Pressed Snack: If you are going out for a long movement like gorilla or chimpanzee journeying, it is critical to request that your lodging plan for you stuffed nibble. Tidbits will give you additional energy assuming that you get drained while searching for the gorillas.
  • A Camera and binocular: Any safari would be fragmented without proof of your undertakings. A decent camera is essential to catch every one of the extraordinary recollections you will have with the goal that you can show your companions when you get back home. It is critical to likewise have a binocular close by in light of the fact that not all the untamed life will be near you. You really want the binocular to detect birds, little primates and far off actual elements. A lion could be making a kill however is excessively far away to be seen with the unaided eye.  With a binocular, you can see what creatures are managing without getting excessively near them.


  • Chargers: Do not neglect to move with chargers and connectors for every one of your devices.
  • Shades, a cap and sunscreen: All three things fill one need - to shield you from the sun's solid beams particularly during the dry season.



Paraa Safari Lodge: Paraa Safari Lodge was worked in 1954 and is worked by Marasa Africa (Part of the Madhivani gathering of organizations). It is seemingly the best Luxury hold up inside the Murchison Falls National Park. The hotel has 54 rooms which disregard the river Nile. Each room is independent and implicit an alternate style. Each room has a gallery, a private restroom, warm showers and a functioning work area among different offices. The lodging has an enormous pool, an eatery, a business community, a gift shop, a bar and gathering offices which are frequently involved by associations for gatherings and staff withdraws.


Mweya Safari Lodge: Mweya Safari Lodge is Located at the core of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is likewise run by Marasa Africa. The hotel is encircled by amazing perspectives on the Rwenzori Mountains, the African savanna, Rift Valleys and the Kazinga Channel. Mweya Safari Lodge is seemingly the most famous Luxury Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Among the offices at the lodging incorporate an enormous pool which faces the incomparable Kazinga Channel and a huge lounge area that serves mainland dishes. The Lodge likewise has a bar, a business place, a gift shop, meeting offices, a business community and a data place. Unique grills are ready in the nights as conventional dance entertainers engage visitors.

Kampala Serena hotel: Kampala Serena inn is situated at the downtown area and is one of the most mind-blowing lavish lodgings in Kampala. The inn sits on a 17-section of land real estate parcel. After showing up at the lodging premises, one is quickly intrigued with the very much manicured gardens, green yards and amazing engineering.


The inn has 188 rooms that are completely worked to elevated requirements, with a characteristic of solace and. 14 of the rooms offer additional extravagance and space for inhabitants who want a definitive solace. A large portion of the captivating weddings, gatherings and studios in the are held at the Serena inn. It is probably the best spot to meet the legislators, exiles and finance managers. Different conveniences and offices in the lodging incorporate a gift shop, enormous pools, cascades, eateries, bars, spa, gyms, saunas, steam rooms and a wellness community.


Day 1

Pickup from Kampala/Entebbe - Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Transfer to Murchison falls National Park

Get up ahead of schedule and accept your morning meal as you get ready to meet our Guide/Driver interestingly. After the preparation, the Guide will begin the excursion to the Murchison Falls National Park. The principal significant stop will be at the Ziwa Rhino asylum. The asylum was laid out to shield the final Uganda Rhino's from poaching and eradication. It is the main spot where once can see Rhinos in Uganda. Uganda 12 Days Uganda tour once had more than 1000 Rhinos wandering the fields and a portion of the public parks. Tragically, they were pursued down for their significant horns. Rhino horn is utilized as medication in China or for blades and swords in nations like Yemen. The Ziwa Rhino safe-haven is significant for rearing youthful Rhinos which will then, at that point, be subsequently once again introduced into nature.

The sanctuary is safeguarded by an electrical fence and 24-hour security. When you show up, you will be taken for the preparation by the central Ranger. The Ranger will show you around the office which likewise has an extraordinary assortment of birds, Kobs, Waterbucks, Leopards and duikers. While at the safe-haven, it is vital to adhere to directions from the Rangers since Rhinos can become forceful when they feel compromised by any new developments or activities. You are just permitted one hour with the Rhinos subsequent to finding them. During that 60 minute, you will get to know a great deal of about them and how is being monitored them around the world.

Lunch will be subsequent to seeing the Rhinos. From the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the excursion proceeds to the recreation area. The Murchison falls National Park is Uganda's biggest and covers a region estimating 3840 square kilometers. It has mind blowing biodiversity and is only one of the many justifications for why Uganda is known as the "Pearl of Africa". It is a mix of savanna meadow, riparian backwoods, bogs and forests. The recreation area is home to lions, panthers, hyenas, bison, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, chimpanzees and other more modest primates. The Murchison Falls National Park is perhaps the best spot for birdwatching in Uganda. It is home to species like the blue throated roller, backwoods robin, Ituri Batis, the dark throated, the shoebill stork, Tit Hylia and Uganda forest lark to make reference to yet a couple.

When you arrive at the recreation area, you will go directly to the highest point of the cascades for delightful perspectives on the incredible waterway Nile - one of the two longest streams on the planet. The Murchison falls are shaped when the river Nile powers its direction through a limited crevasse.
Supper will be at Paraa Safari Lodge (Upmarket), Pakuba Safari Lodge (Moderate) and Red Chili Rest Camp (Basic).

Day 2

Game drive toward the beginning of the day - Boat voyage in the early evening

Wake early enough for breakfast and hang tight for the Guide/Driver to get you. The morning game drive permits you to detect the go-getters and hunters returning to their lairs following an evening of hunting. Hope to detect bison, giraffes, elephants, lions and incalculable elands. After the game drive, you will be returned to the hotel for lunch and rewards as you get ready for the midday boat journey. The boat journey takes you to the stream bile to see one of the biggest assortments of crocodiles and hippos in Africa. Birders will observe the excursion along the waterway exceptionally fulfilling. Among the bird species to pay special attention to are the shoebill stork, Kingfishers, honey bee eaters, yellow charged and dark throated birds.
Supper will be at Paraa Safari Lodge (Upmarket), Pakuba Safari Lodge (Moderate) and Red Chili Rest Camp (Basic).

Day 3

Transfer to Kibale National Park - Visit the Crater Lake

Get up ahead of schedule as you plan for a long excursion to Kibale National Park. The excursion will be long yet you will be compensated with uncommon view. The course goes through the western arm of the East African Rift Valley with astonishing ledges, banana manors, birds and nearby towns. Look out for the long horned Ankole steers and laborers watching out for their nurseries. This is an ideal opportunity to notice the sort of life lived by provincial laborers, kinds of yields developed and substantially more.

Lunch will be in one of the inns in Hoima. After lunch, you will proceed with the excursion to Fort Portal. Fortification Portal is viewed as one of the most excellent towns in Uganda. It is found exceptionally near the 12 Days Gorilla and Chimpanzee Safari slopes of the incomparable Rwenzori Mountains. From Fort Portal town, the distance to Kibale National Park isn't simply far. The Park is named after Kibale woods which is known as the primate's capital of Africa. It is home to 13 types of primates including mandrills, vervet monkeys, highly contrasting colobus monkeys and some that must be seen around evening time. When you show up at the recreation area, you will check in at the hotel, revive and go for a visit through the cavity locale. The region has normally excellent view that couldn't measure up to elsewhere on the planet. You will see tea manors, Lake Nyinambuga and other more modest lakes.
Supper and short-term at Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse (Moderate and Basic) and Turaco Tree Tops (Luxury).

Day 4

Chimpanzee following - Visit the Bigodi wetlands safe-haven

You ought to get up right on time, take breakfast and be headed to the park office for preparation. Chimpanzee following in Kibale National Park begins at 8:00am. Kibale woods was once an augmentation of the immense rainforests of focal Africa. It has a populace of north of 1500 chimpanzees. Three of the families are adjusted. Every chimpanzee troop can contain up to 100 people. Chimps are our nearest family members and we share around 98% of our DNA with them. They are exceptionally canny primates contrasted with even mountain gorillas. Tragically, they are more portable and furthermore not generally so coordinated as gorillas. Gorillas are savvier and have more steady gatherings. Chimpanzee tribes are driven by a prevailing male who is liable for safeguarding the gathering.

While following the chimps, hope to likewise see red followed Monkeys, L'Hoests Monkeys, colobus monkeys, dim cheeked Mangabey, hedge children and pottos. Kibale timberland is superb for birding and the top species are the yellow spotted nictor, minimal green bul, dark honey bee spotted eater, the crowed hawk, green breasted pitta and the rumped tinker bird. A significant number of the vertebrates from Queen Elizabeth National Park in some cases come to Kibale to track down food. Chimps are extremely vocal and a can be got by carefully heeding their noisy shouts, barks and hoots even prior to locating a person. When you find them, you can watch them feed, play, mingle and bounce from one tree to another.

In the wake of being with the chimps for some time, you ought to then return to your lodging for lunch and reward. The driver will then take you to visit the Bigodi Wetlands safe-haven in the early evening. At the safe-haven, you will detect more primates and creatures including mandrills, blue monkeys, mandrills, hedge bucks, otters, shrubbery pigs and mongooses among numerous others. The Bigodi Wetlands safe-haven is perhaps the best spot to detect birds in Uganda. It is home to the green breasted pitta and incredible blue turaco.
Supper and short-term at Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse (Moderate and Basic) and Turaco Tree Tops (Luxury)

Day 5

Visit the foot of Mount Rwenzori - Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park - Afternoon Game drive

Get up promptly in the Morning and take your morning meal. The driver will drive you up to the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains for a stroll along the inclines as you look at the far-off tops. In the wake of climbing at the inclines of one of the most renowned mountains on the planet, you will keep on queening Elizabeth National Park. Sovereign Elizabeth is the most visited public park in Uganda. It is renowned for tree climbing lions, chimpanzees, impalas, timberland hoards, the Uganda Kob, elephants and cape bison. It is encircled by Lake Gorge and Lake Edwards as well as other more modest hole lakes.

As I would like to think, Queen Elizabeth stands apart 12 Days Uganda natural life, gorilla and chimpanzee journeying safari basically in view of its novel landscape. The consequence of Volcanic developments significantly affected the territory, making shocking scene and elements like the Kyambura Gorge and volcanic calderas. When you show up at the recreation area, you will be taken for the day/evening game drive to see some of what the recreation area brings to the table. Hope to have experiences with Kobs, lions, elephants and bison. You will be taken to the mandrill precipice for astonishing landscape and dazzling perspectives on the incomparable Rwenzori Mountains.
Dinner and overnight at Mweya safari lodge (Up market), Park View Safari Lodge (Moderate) and Bush Lodge (Basic).

Day 6

Morning Game drive at Kasenyi Sector - Afternoon boat voyage at the Kazinga Channel

You ought to get up early indeed and take your morning meal. After breakfast, prepare to go for the morning game drive where you will experience a few creatures in the recreation area including lions, elands, elephants, hyenas and bison. You ought to see a few nighttime creatures returning to their lairs or tunnels. The game drive goes on for around 3 hours and from that point onward, you will get once again to the cabin for lunch and reward as you get ready for the midday boat journey at the popular Kazinga channel.

The boat cruise begins at 2 pm and will take you to probably the best spot for survey natural life in Africa. Assuming you are fortunate to go with perfect timing of the month or when there are no midday downpours, you will recognize a 12 days Uganda safari experience astounding assortment of creatures. Large numbers of the recreation area creatures assemble at the channel to drink, unwind and wash. You will see bison, hippos, crocodiles and incalculable gazelles. Birders ought to pay special attention to King fishers and storks. The Kazinga Channel has the most elevated convergence of hippos on the planet. At one time they were so many that the whole region encompassing the channel was overgrazed. The Uganda Wildlife Authority would diminish their numbers however that was presently excessive once Idi Amin became president. Poaching by welds became uncontrolled. At the point when Amin was being ousted, local people shot large numbers of the hippos and pack creatures for meat.
Supper and short-term at Mweya safari hold (Up market), Park View Safari Lodge (Moderate) and Bush cabin (Basic).

Day 7

Visit Maramagambo Forest for nature walk - Game drive through Ishasha

Wake up right on time, take breakfast and trust that the driver will take you to Maramagambo backwoods for a nature walk. Maramagambo backwoods is the second biggest woodland in the nation and is home to bats, chimpanzees, birds and different types of butterflies. You will draw near to an enormous volcanic cavern which is home to great many bats. Tremendous pythons visit the caverns to devour the bats. There is a mystery seeing stage where sightseers securely view the bats and pythons. The nature walk will likewise take you to lake Kimeranjo which as per legend once gulped an Elephant. You will likewise visit an enormous cavity lake inside the area. The following stop will be to drive by the Kyambura Gorge and wonder about an extraordinary actual element. The Gorge is underground backwoods facilitating a solitary chimpanzee local area. This 12 days Uganda gorilla, chimpanzee and natural life safari chimp local area has been left caught for a really long time after the forest hall associating them to Maramagambo and Kalinzu timberland were cut off by people. Another passageway is being made for the chimps to interface them up to networks in bigger forests somewhere else.

In the wake of looking at the Gorge, you will continue to the Ishasa Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park for a midday game drive. This game drive is intended to permit you see the uncommon tree climbing lions of Ishasha. You will likewise experience elephants, the Uganda Kob, bison, primates, birds and numerous different vertebrates.
Supper and short-term at Mweya safari hold (Up market), Park View Safari Lodge (Moderate) and Bush cabin (Basic).

Day 8

Morning Game Drive through Ishasha area - Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Take your morning meal and begin the excursion to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Prior to continuing to Bwindi, you will have a last game drive at the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Hope to experience a greater amount of the tree climbing lions as they unwind on top of enormous fig trees. Sovereign Elizabeth National Park has a fabulous view and scene. You will appreciate passing through the recreation area and seeing normal elements you presumably never find in your country. After Ishasha, you will proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Appearance is in the evening. In the event that time grants, you might take an evening stroll around the cabin or ask the Diver/Guide to take you around. The best thing is simply unwound at the hotel and partake in the excellent view as you sit tight for gorilla journeying the following day.
Supper and short-term at Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge (Up market), Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge (Moderate) and Rushaga Gorilla Camp (Moderate and Basic).

Day 9

Gorilla journeying in Bwindi - Visit the Batwa People

This is most likely the day you have been hanging tight for. Get up ahead of schedule and solicitation your lodge to pack for you tidbits or lunch. The Guide/Driver will get you and drive you to the recreation area workplaces. While at the recreation area workplaces, you will be advised by the Rangers and Park Warden about what's in store. The gorilla traveling rules are significant and will be one of the themes during the preparation. After the instructions, you will be relegated an adjusted gorilla bunch in view of your general wellness. The Rangers will likewise offer you strolling sticks to assist you with climbing through the troublesome areas of the forest.

The individuals who wish to recruit porters can do as such now. Doormen assist with any weighty packs or hardware. As you enter the backwoods looking for the gorillas, hope to experience other timberland animals and more modest primates. Bwindi is additionally home to 12-day Uganda visit chimpanzees, elephants, bison and butterflies. Birders and the individuals who love butterflies will be exceptionally dazzled with the assortment in plain view. Gorilla traveling in Bwindi can be extremely lengthy and intense however when you experience the extraordinary silverback, all the weariness will be neglected. How long is gorilla traveling? Gorilla journeying can require between 30 minutes and 6 hours relying upon which gorilla bunch you are allotted. When you observe the gorillas, you will be permitted just a single hour with them. Utilize an opportunity to notice the primates and take as numerous photographs as you can.

Having seeing the gorillas, you will get once again to the beginning stage to accept your endorsement of cooperation. The driver will return you to your lodging for reward and lunch. Later in the evening, you will be taken to visit the Batwa Pygmies.
Supper and short-term at Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge (Up market), Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge (Moderate) and Rushaga Gorilla Camp (Moderate and Basic).

Day 10

Transfer to Lake Mburo National Park - Guided Nature Walk/Walking Safari - Night Game Drive.

Yet again get up right on time and accept breakfast as you trust that your Guide will get you from the lodging. The Driver will then begin the excursion to Lake Mburo National Park. The excursion will take you through surprising view. South Western Uganda is alluded to as "The Switzerland of Africa". You will figure out why during this Journey. The Driver/Guide will make stops at important tourist spots to permit you take photographs and wonder about the view. There will likewise be a stop at Igongo Cultural Center.

Lake Mburo is the littlest public park in Uganda and covers an area of around 371 square kilometers. It is home to north of 300 types of birds including Papyrus gonoleks, Brown-confronted lapwings and Carruther's cisticolas. The parks additionally have zebras, bison, warthogs, Oribis and Kobs. Lake Mburo National Park is the best spot for spotting Leopards and Zebra in Uganda. When you show up at the recreation area, you will be taken for a mobile safari to partake in the lovely nature and spot a portion of the recreation area creatures.

Later in the evening, you will be taken for a night game drive to see the night tenants. This is an ideal opportunity to pay special attention to night birds, Leopards and hyenas.
Supper and Overnight at Mantana Tented Camp (Up market), Rwaboko rock (Moderate) and Rwonyo Camp (Basic).

Day 11

Morning Game drive - Afternoon Boat Cruise

Get up early again and accept breakfast as you plan for another significant day. The Guide will get you from the cabin and take you to the recreation area workplaces for enlistment. From that point you will be taken for a game drive through the recreation area. Lake Mburo National Park has the most noteworthy centralization of elands in 12 days natural life visit in Uganda. The shortfall of enormous number of hunters has permitted them to flourish. During this game drive, you will see the vast majority of the recreation area creatures including Kobs, Zebra, warthog, eland, waterbucks, oribi, klipspringer, Impala and different sorts of impalas. Keep an eye out for the bird species.

When finished with the morning game drive, you will then be taken to the cabin for lunch and different rewards. The boat ride is organized at Lake Mburo. Here you will have close experiences with crocodiles, hippos and a few water birds. Pay special attention to the recreation area creatures drinking along the shores of the lake.
Supper and Overnight at Mantana Tented Camp (Up market), Rwaboko rock (Moderate) and Rwonyo Camp (Basic)

Day 12

Final Game Drive - Equator Crossing - Transfer back to Kampala.

Awaken and trust that the Driver will take you for a last game drive through the recreation area as you start your excursion to Kampala or Entebbe. After the game drive, you will begin the excursion to Kampala with a stop at the Equator crossing in Kayabwe along Masaka street. The Equator crossing is visited by countless both neighborhood and global travelers every year. It is the point what isolates the world's northern from southern Hemisphere. Take enough photographs while at the equator. Appearance in Kampala or Entebbe will be in the late evening. The Driver will drop you at any spot in Kampala or at the Airport in Entebbe assuming that is in the same place as you going to.
End of Safari

The Tour Includes;

  • Gorilla Permits
  • Chimpanzee Permits
  • Rhino following
  • Boat travels
  • Game drives
  • Full board convenience for 11 evenings
  • Transport in a standard Safari van with a spring up rooftop
  • Packaged drinking water and lunch while going out of the inn
  • An accomplished and proficient English-speaking Guide/Driver
  • Park extra charges
  • Batwa social experience

The visit excludes;

  • Visas and Flight
  • Tips
  • Convenience daily before the beginning of the visit and on the last day of the visit
  • Cocktails and clothing administrations
  • Exercises that poor person been referenced in the agenda.

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