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10 Days Rwanda, Uganda and Congo safari bundle offers explorers chances to take park in a few energizing exercises in the three nations. It includes gorilla journeying in Rwanda, brilliant monkey traveling in Rwanda and climbing Mount Nyiragongo spring of gushing lava in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The visit bundle likewise remembers exercises for Uganda like game drives, a boat journey along the Kazinga channel, bird watching and chimpanzees following in Kibale National Park. In the middle between these exercises, guests will get an opportunity of visiting Lake Kivu in Rwanda, the Iby'iwacu Cultural town in Rwanda, Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, Lake Burera and Ruhondo in Rwanda.


Climbing mountain Nyiragongo is perhaps everything thing one can manage while on safari in Africa. The mountain has a bubbling magma lake at the highest point which is the only one open to travelers in Africa. Mount Nyiragongo is found in Virunga National Park - the most established public park in Africa and UNESCO World legacy site. Virunga is home to mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, the intriguing okapi thus significantly more. Gorilla and brilliant monkey traveling will be done at the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The recreation area is supposed to be awesome for gorilla journeying since it is all the more effectively available. Aside from mountain gorillas and brilliant monkeys, the recreation area is home to a few volcanoes that are independent attractions all alone.


What might be said about Uganda? The main stop in Uganda is Kibale National Park. Kibale woods have around 13 types of primates. It is seemingly the best spot to follow chimpanzees on the planet. The possibilities seeing chimps in the woodland is exceptionally high making it a most loved objective for primate darlings. From Kibale, the journey keeps on to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park stands apart for its novel and excellent landscape. It remains generally green for a significant part of the year and is home to chimpanzees, tree climbing lions, elephants, bison, panthers and large numbers of Africa's popular untamed life. The most ideal ways to see the well evolved creatures are during standard game drives, nature strolls and keeping in mind that on a boat journey along the Kazinga Channel. Subsequent to partaking in your time at Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will continue to Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most profound in Africa. It is ostensibly the most delightful and heartfelt lake in Uganda. Travelers love to unwind by the lake later or during a long safari to recuperate from weariness yet in addition to appreciate visiting the 29 islands and the landscape.

With Amakula African safaris, this 10 days Uganda Congo and Rwanda Safari will leave you extremely intrigued and with excellent recollections of Africa. To visit Rwanda and Uganda explicitly, you can look at the astounding 10 days Rwanda Uganda safari bundle.


Main Activities.

  • Chimpanzee following in Kibale woods public park
  • Kigali city visit - visiting the massacre dedication site, previous official castle, craftsman shops and the primary city market
  • Gorilla traveling in the Volcanoes public park
  • Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Send off voyage along the Kazinga channel
  • Visiting Lake Bunyonyi
  • Brilliant Monkey Tracking
  • Visiting the twin pools of Burera and Ruhondo
  • Visiting the Iby'iwacu social town
  • Visiting Lake Kivu
  • Climbing Mount Nyiragongo

Necessities for gorilla trekking:


  • Great climbing boots
  • Thick cotton gloves
  • A light overcoat
  • Light tidbits and water
  • A watchman for enlist
  • For the best gorilla following experience
  • Be in great wellness
  • Wear legitimate footwear
  • Have an arrangement for downpour
  • Convey sufficient water and light tidbit
  • It’s generally incredible to tip the aides and officers for the great work they do.



  • Supper and convenience on appearance is excluded however can be set up
  • Insignificant Age for gorilla journeying is 15 years
  • No markdown on youngsters aside from if offering space to their folks
  • Voyagers ought to guarantee that they have really looked at the visa and vaccination necessities. (Kindly guarantee you check all travel focuses visa data).
  • It is a prerequisite to have a yellow fever inoculation card to enter Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo
  • Online Visa Application is vital before movement. (This relies upon the identity in regard with the nation being visited. Confirm the data in like manner)


Hotels And Lodges

Kyaninga Lodge: This is one of the most outstanding extravagance lodges found in Kibale National Park. It is found in the wonderful town of Fort Portal disregarding the Rwenzori mountains, the Great Rift Valley and Lake Kyaninga. Lake Kyaninga is one of the most profound cavity lakes on the planet. The hotel has lodges/cabins made of hand-created lumber and with covered rooftops. The log lodges are extensive, independent and dispersed separated to consider security. Different conveniences incorporate a grass tennis court, badminton, a tremendous pool, an eatery, free web, a huge nursery, a spa, a bar, a parlor region and a focal chimney. Staff are very agreeable and proficient guaranteeing that you have the best time while at the lodging.


Palm Garden Lodge: Palm Garden Lodge is many times delegated a financial plan hold up yet this is simply because they charge lower costs and have all classifications of rooms. That side, the rooms are of awesome quality and contrast well and the best mid-range lodges nearby. The hotel is assembled near Lake Kivu and a region with supernatural landscape. They have independent lofts, standard twin rooms, standard twofold rooms and extremely decent dorm. The loft rooms are astounding for honeymooners, gatherings and families as a result of the individual help, space and protection. Palm Garden Lodge is ideal for the people who need a reasonable however quality hotel while on safari in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge: Le Bambou is constructed near the Volcanoes National Park and is one of the most amazing two mid-range lodges nearby. The hotel has 23 independent bungalows which were assembled utilizing harmless to the ecosystem material like bamboo. Each room has free web, toiletries, a private restroom, a parlor, couches, tables and a gallery. Different administrations and conveniences incorporate a business community, housekeeping, an eatery, a parlor region, air terminal exchanges, an external patio, a front work area, clothing administrations, parking spot and free breakfast.


Day 1

Kigali City Tour - Transfer from Kigali to Kibale Forest public park

Wake up right on time and take your morning meal assuming that you are as of now in Kigali. The organization driver will seem to brief you about the visit and what's in store. You will begin with an early morning visit through Kigali. The visit will include visiting the fundamental city market, the annihilation commemoration, the previous official royal residence and craftsman shops. After the city visit, you will start the excursion to Kibale National Park in Uganda. This excursion to Kibale will be long however the view is astounding. In the event that the wonderful volcanoes and slopes of Rwanda don't keep your eyes connected with, then the western piece of Uganda will. You will show up at the hotel so as to rest and get ready for chimpanzee journeying the following day.
Supper and short-term visit in Kyaninga Lodge (Luxury) and Chimpanzee Guest House (Mid-reach and spending plan rooms).

Day 2

Chimpanzee following - Transfer to Queen Elizabeth public park

Subsequent to taking your morning meal, you will embark for the recreation area central command to go to a preparation by the head park guide. The instructions are about what's in store and how to act while with the chimps. Kibale National Park has north of 1500 chimpanzees. Its possibilities are more than 90% to see them. Chimpanzee journeying in Kibale National Park takes between 3 to 5 hours. Chimpanzee journeying is unique in relation to gorilla following in numerous ways. The chimps love investing more energy in top of trees than gorillas. They are likewise more versatile and you should continue following them even subsequent to tracking down them. Chimpanzees are undeniably more vocal and there is in many cases a ton of pressure in the gathering. The prevailing male needs to hold his gathering under wraps constantly while gorillas adhere to all guidelines from their chief. In the wake of seeing the chimpanzees, you will be moved to Queen Elizabeth public park in the evening. The excursion to Queen Elizabeth public park requires just 2 hours.
Supper and Overnight stay at Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxurious), Park View Safari hold up (mid-range) and Simba safari camp (Budget plan).

Day 3

Morning game drive - After boat trip at the Kazinga Channel

On this third day of the visit, you will leave the hotel right on time with stuffed breakfast and go for an early morning game drive at the Kasenyi fields. The motivation behind the game drive is to get the early rising warm-blooded creatures/birds, hunters returning from late evening hunting and other nighttime creatures before they retreat to their hideaways. Hope to detect bison, panther, lions and different types of impalas. The early morning game drive likewise offers you an opportunity to recognize an assortment of both endemic and transient birds. After the game drive, you will get back to the cabin for lunch and rest.

At 2.00 pm, you will move to the Kazinga Channel for a boat journey. The Channel interfaces lake George at Edward and resembles a magnet for all untamed life in the recreation area. It has one of the biggest assortments of birds in Africa. Get ready to see crocodiles, hippos, elephants, pronghorns and a portion of the hunters like hyenas.
Supper and Overnight stay at Mweya Safari Lodge (extravagance), Park View Safari stop (mid-range) and Simba safari camp (financial plan).

Day 4

Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi - unwinding, bird watching and a boat ride

Awaken to an excellent breakfast and be prepared to move to Lake Bunyonyi. This is one of the most delightful and quiet places in Uganda. "Bunyonyi" signifies place with many birds. Lake Bunyonyi and its 10 Days best of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda safari29 islands are favorable places for a few bird animal categories. Assuming you are a birder, you will be extremely intrigued with what is accessible while visiting the lake. When you show up, register to your inn, shower and take a stroll along the lake and hold back to be taken for the boat ride and visiting a portion of the islands in the lake. Try not to pass up visiting the discipline island. This is where little kids who got pregnant before marriage were deserted. Most were covertly saved by men who couldn't manage the cost of lady of the hour cost or the guilty party. The workplace Guide/Driver will set up for the boat ride and different exercises when you show up.
Supper and short-term at Bunyonyi overland Resort (spending plan), Bunyonyi safari camp (Mid-range) and Bunyonyi resort (extravagance).

Day 5

Complete exercises in Lake Bunyonyi - Transfer to the Volcanoes public park

Awaken to a wonderful breakfast and complete any exercises in Lake Bunyonyi. The driver will begin the excursion to the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda toward the middle of the afternoon or 1PM. Partake in the delightful field of Rwanda and Uganda as you drive to volcanoes public park. Assuming that you show up sooner than sufficiently expected, you can go for a stroll around your hotel or visit the town of Musanze. Guarantee that you rest early so you are prepared for gorilla traveling the following day.
Supper and short-term at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge (Luxury), Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge (Mid-range) and The Garden Place Hotel (Basic).

Day 6

Gorilla following in Rwanda - Visit the Iby'iwacu social town

Get up right on time to go for the preparation about gorilla journeying which happens at 7:00 am. All travelers need to go to the instructions to get an outline of what's in store during the following. There are 10 Days Congo, Uganda and Rwanda tour10 acclimated gorilla families in Rwanda to look over while on a gorilla safari in Rwanda. You will be allocated one in view of your general wellness. Gorilla following can be a test yet when you spot the gorilla family, you will understand that it was an advantageous endeavor. It is invigorating to notice a gorilla gathering and you could go through hours watching the little ones roll around and play. Mountain Gorillas are known to be extremely inquisitive and energetic. Continuously adhere to directions from your Guide and remain composed. In the wake of expenditure an hour with the gorillas, get once again to the beginning stage and to the inn for lunch and rest. In the evening, our Driver will take you out to visit the Gorilla Guardian Village close to the Volcanoes National Park.
Supper and short-term at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge (Luxury), Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge (Mid-range) and The Garden Place Hotel (Budget).

Day 9

Transfer to Goma Congo - Mount Nyiragongo Hiking

On this day, you will be taken ahead of schedule to the Congo line for leeway by movement. Subsequent to checking your yellow fever cards and stepping your visa, you will go to the Congo side of the line where you will meet the group from Virunga. The Virunga group will drive you to Goma in Congo and afterward to Kibati town. Kibati is the beginning stage for the Nyiragongo spring of gushing lava climb. Climbing will take between 4 to 6 hours prior to arriving at the highest point of the spring of gushing lava. You will be moving with watchmen who will assist you with getting ready supper and set up the dozing lodges. Supper and overnight will be in lodges worked at the highest point in the wake of partaking in the delightful perspectives on the magma lake.

Day 10

Descend the Volcano - move to Kigali for flight.

In the wake of having one of the most astounding encounters of your excursion, you will slip the well of lava by 8:00am. While plummeting, find opportunity to respect the astounding Virunga volcanoes and the Virunga National Park. As a matter of fact, Mount Nyiragongo likewise offers extraordinary perspectives on the Rwenzori mountains, Lake Kivu and Kahuzi Biega National Park. The best opportunity to see this is while plunging the spring of gushing lava. Subsequent to arriving at the beginning stage, you will be moved to the boundary post. Get another Rwanda Visa and cross to track down our Guide/Driver sitting tight for you. The driver will return you through one more lengthy excursion to Kigali. Assuming you arrive at right on time and your flight is later in the evening, our Guide will take you for the Kigali city visit.
End of Safari

The safari statement will incorporate: -

  • Full time private visit van
  • A Full-time English-speaking Driver/Guide
  • Fuel for the safari
  • Gorilla Permits for Rwanda
  • Brilliant monkey grants
  • Chimpanzee Permits
  • Full-board Accommodation for 9 evenings
  • Air terminal pickup and drop-off
  • Social and local area visit
  • Kigali city Tour
  • The safari statement will exclude air tickets, visas, tips, wines and individual protection.


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