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Amakula African safaris takes you to an astounding 10 days Uganda wild Safari in the Pearl of Africa. The peak of this astounding 10 days Uganda visit is an experience with Mountain gorillas. In any case, you will likewise get to visit Uganda's best public stops and see Africa's huge 5 well evolved creatures as a whole. The safari begins in Murchison Falls National Park, then to Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park lastly Lake Mburo National Park.


Murchison Falls National Park is most popular for standard game drives, lovely cascades and the astonishing sendoff journey along the Nile. It is Uganda's biggest public park and the best to notice game. Kibale National Park then again is apparently the best spot to detect primates in Africa. Known as the primate capital of the world, Kibale has north of 1500 chimpanzees in addition to 12 different types of primates. There are additionally birds, other backwoods animals, astounding cavity lakes and excellent landscape to pay special attention to while in Kibale.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda's two most visited untamed life protection regions. It's lion region yet additionally home to bison, elephants and panthers among a significant number of Africa's well-known animals. Other key attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park incorporate the astonishing boat voyage at the Kazinga Channel, Mongoose following, tree climbing lions, monster cavity lakes and chimpanzee following at the Kyambura Gorge. From Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will be moved to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Bwindi is an UNESCO World legacy site due to her noteworthy biodiversity and the 500 mountain gorillas calling it home. Aside from mountain gorillas, Bwindi is likewise home to chimpanzees, backwoods elephants, other woodland vertebrates, birds, butterflies, moths, reptiles thus considerably more. The safari closes in Lake Mburo National Park which is Uganda's littlest savannah park. Despite her small size, Lake Mburo National Park is an excellent place to spot game, birds and marvel at the beautiful African savannah. It is also the best place to observe leopards and zebra in Uganda.


By the end of the 10 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari, you would have had a great impression of Uganda, her natural beauty, people and wildlife. If you wish to go for a longer safari, you might find our 11 days Uganda safari package and the 12 days Uganda tour more interesting. We even have the 15 days Uganda tour package that covers pretty match everything you would want to do in Uganda.


A game drive in Murchison Falls National Park



  • For the best natural life encounters, June to August and Late November to February are superb for visiting in Uganda. June to September are viewed as pinnacle seasons for safaris and you should be book your visit and gorilla grants ahead of time.


  • The low season is in March to May and furthermore October to November. They are blustery seasons and thus not superb for game review and gorilla journeying. The recreation area streets get dangerous, woodland ways become thick and the downpours might diminish the nature of game drives. The gathering of creatures in waterholes is additionally less on the grounds that there is a lot of food/water. Be that as it may, the stormy season has less guests and the lavish lodgings will quite often decrease their costs. On the off chance that you wish to have a more private safari, you ought to visit during the low season.


  • Note: Uganda can be visited over time and nothing remains to be halted you coming whenever an open door emerges. With the ebb and flow an unnatural weather change, the downpours can show up whenever of the month and the dry season once in a while shows up in months where everybody is anticipating precipitation. Gorilla journeying is done over time and nothing (counting precipitation) stops the movement.


  • Camera and a couple of optics: Your family, partners and companions won't ever be aware of your astounding involvement with Uganda assuming you don't have anything to show for it. Make sure to go with a decent camera and a couple of optics. Streak cameras are not taken into consideration gorilla journeying.
  • Water: This is vital at whatever point you go out for game drives, gorilla/chimpanzee traveling and some other day exercises. Uganda can be hot during the day particularly assuming you are going during the dry season. Your body will require a ton of water. Guarantee that you travel with water filtration tablets or acknowledge the mineral water accessible in our visit vans.
  • Long Shirts and Trousers: The backwoods in Bwindi, Maramagambo and Kibale comprise of thick undergrowth. You will require long-sleeved shirts and pants to safeguard you against sharp tree limbs and bugs.
  • Socks and Gloves: These will assist you with wrapping up the pants and shirts to try not to slither bugs. Planting gloves are ideally suited for snatching leaves and tree limbs as you track down your direction through the thick woodlands. They will likewise shield your feet and hands from thistles found in the savannah.
  • Climbing Boots: Sturdy climbing boots are significant for backwoods journeying and nature strolls. Guarantee that they are waterproof and agreeable. The woodland trails and park streets are many times mud-filled during the blustery season.
  • Downpour Jacket: Do not neglect to convey a downpour coat paying little heed to which month you intend to travel. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest gets some downpour consistently. An unnatural weather change likewise implies that the downpours can show up whenever of the year.
  • Light Snack: Light tidbits are significant while following gorillas and chimpanzees. You can request that the inn get ready something for you when you are going out for morning exercises.



Rwonyo Rest Camp: This financial plan hold up is tracked down near one of the passageways to Lake Mburo National Park (Nshara entryway). The distance between the cabin and the recreation area workplaces is only 2 kilometers. Rwonyo is worked as a camping area (wooden caps and rose camps) and is possessed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The cabin is built utilizing neighborhood material (wood, covered grass and nearby Ugandan workmanship) and is extraordinary from all convenience offices nearby. The neighborhood material utilized draws in wild creatures to the camp thus offering guests an opportunity to see them very close. The wooden caps have shared showers yet the rose camps have their own showers (independent). The rose rooms are based on a raised stage and totally independent with extraordinary perspectives on the recreation area creatures (warthogs, impala and so forth.). Suppers are ready by proficient culinary specialists and take care of the requirements of the two vegans and the individuals who love meat. Book with Rwonyo Rest Camo assuming you need a reasonable convenience office that can bring you near nature.


Enganzi Lodge: Enganzi is a well-known spending plan hold up found in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is based on a slope lining the recreation area and thus offers astounding perspectives on the savannah meadows beneath it. The cabin offers 7 independent bungalows that give that sensation of being out in the African wild. One can pick a solitary, twofold, twin or triple room game plan. The hotel has clothing offices, an indoor chimney, a huge parking spot, grill, an eatery and all-around loaded bar. Enganzi is an astounding beginning stage for game survey, nature strolls and bird-watching. It gives quality offices that rival some mid-range lodges.


Buhoma Lodge: This is one of the most mind-blowing extravagance lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It was worked in 2005 to offer sightseers a definitive solace while on a gorilla journeying endeavor. Each room is fabricated diversely yet with a similar quality, open and extravagance. The structure materials were obtained locally and each work have been made to guarantee that it is a genuine Eco-accommodating hotel. Aside from the astonishing perspectives on the thick Bwindi Forest National Park, the cabin draws in some gorilla gatherings to its premises on specific days. Assuming you are fortunate, this could end up being an extraordinary treat and expansion to what you experience while out following them. Each room has a private verandah with huge windows to permit you notice birds, butterflies and other timberland animals. Beds are pretty much as agreeable as they can get yet the hotel likewise has en-suite restrooms with a hot shower and flushing latrine. There is a nearby bar serving neighborhood and worldwide beverages. Food is arranged new and to worldwide guidelines. Buhoma Lodge additionally increases in probably the most amicable and proficient staff in Bwindi.


Day 1

Head to Murchison Falls National Park - Stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Visit the most noteworthy place of the falls

Our Guide driver will get you instantly in the initial segment of the day to start the trip to Murchison Falls National Park. The Guide/Driver will brief you about the visit before starting the outing to Uganda's greatest recreational area. Murchison Falls National Park is home to 76 sorts of vertebrates and more than 450 of birds. Before showing up at this amazing park, you will have stops in a couple of humble networks and the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. The Ziwa Rhino place of refuge was spread out to shield the last rhinos of Uganda. Uganda was once Rhino country with in excess of 1,000 individuals wandering a part of the tremendous recreational areas. Uncontrolled poaching got them out and the a few remaining white rhinos were taken to the Ziwa Rhino place of refuge.

Day 2

Game drive and a Boat journey along the Nile

Get up ahead of schedule and plan for a memorable day inside the recreation area. The driver/Guide will appear after your morning meal and take you for an early morning game drive. Murchison Falls National Park is tremendous however there are explicit regions with a high convergence of natural life. Hope to recognize lions, giraffe, hyenas, elephants, 10-day visit through Uganda bison and innumerable elands. After the game drive, you will go to the hotel for lunch and rest.
In the early evening, the driver will take you for the midday boat journey along the waterway Nile. This is the place where you will meet different sightseers and get to encounter the extraordinary biodiversity encompassing this piece of the Nile River. Hope to notice hippos, crocodiles, elephants, water bucks, birds thus considerably more. The boat journey closes at the lower part of the falls henceforth offering you various perspectives and encounters.

Accomodation Options: Heritage Safari Lodge (Budget), Fort Murchison Lodge (Mid-range) and Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 3

Transfer to Kibale Forest - Visit the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary

Awaken at your own advantageous time, take breakfast and sit tight for the Tour Guide to get you for the long excursion to Fort Portal. As you drive to Fort Portal, find opportunity to partake in the lovely landscape and 10-day Uganda tour countryside. You will sidestep modest communities, areas, waterways, lakes, backwoods and nearby workers carrying on with work or watching out for their homesteads. Lunch will be in the town of for Portal prior to proceeding with your excursion to your lodging while at the same time wondering about the great perspectives on the Rwenzori scopes of mountains.

After registration and a shower, the driver will take you for a directed nature stroll along the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary. This safe-haven is home to more than 10 types of primates and an astounding assortment of birds. It is a magnificent chance to blend with the neighborhood individuals and find out about a nearby undertaking for ladies nearby.
Convenience Options: Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse (Budget and Mid-range) and Kyaninga Lodge (Luxury).

Day 4

Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale - Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Chimpanzee traveling begins promptly toward the beginning of the day with an obligatory preparation. In light of that information, guarantee that you get up early enough for breakfast and plan for the difficult assignment of following the chimps. Chimpanzees and bonobos are the nearest family members to people. They are more 10 days Uganda visit savvy than gorillas yet gorillas could be considered savvier. There are 4 adjusted chimpanzee bunches in Kibale. It is expressed that there could be no more excellent spot to notice wild chimpanzees on the planet than at Kibale National Park. Additionally, you likewise get to likewise notice an astonishing assortment of birds, 12 different types of primates (L'Hoest's monkey, red-followed monkeys, Uganda Mangabeys, coppery-followed monkeys, highly contrasting colobus monkeys among others), backwoods vertebrates, antiquated woods, bugs and then some. Chimps are exceptionally versatile and invest a ton of energy on top of trees. You might have to continue to follow them to get the best photographs. Whenever you have finished noticing the chimps, you will return to the lodging for lunch and afterward start the 2-hour drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Convenience choices: Bush Lodge (Budget), Park View Safari Lodge (Mid-range) and Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 5

Morning Game drive - Launch journey along the Kazinga Channel

Get up ahead of schedule for another exciting day and take breakfast. On the off chance that time doesn't permit, you can stop the morning meal and go with it for the morning game drive along the Kasenyi lot. The morning game drive in 10-day safari in Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park gives potential chances to recognize bison, lions, elephants, birds, elands, hyenas and a periodic panther. Sovereign Elizabeth stands apart from the Serengeti and Masai Mara as a result of the delightful scene. It remains generally green in any event, during the dry a very long time of the year. The Kasenyi area is found in open ground which help draw in major game and thus phenomenal for untamed life seeing. As we previously referenced before, the recreation area is honored with astounding regular highlights because of volcanic action a long period of time back. The arrangement of the incomparable East African Rift Valley and other earth developments left behind goliath pit lakes, timberlands, savannah fields, forests and underground chasms.

Subsequent to noticing the untamed life and exceptional landscape, you will make a beeline for the hotel for lunch. The midday boat journey at the Kazinga Channel begins at 2:00pm. This channel interfaces Lake Edward to Lake George and has one of the greatest grouping of hippos in Africa. A boat journey along the channel offers sightseers a chance to notice park creatures like hippos, crocodiles and an astounding assortment of birds (African fish hawks, Great White Pelicans, Great cormorants and African spoonbills). It can end up being the feature of your visit through the recreation area particularly assuming you visit during the dry season.
Convenience choices: Bush Lodge (Budget), Park View Safari Lodge (Mid-range) and Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 6

Nature Walk in Maramagambo woods and the Kyambura Gorge

Awaken for weighty breakfast and trust that the driver will come and take you to Maramagambo woods. The Guided stroll in Maramagambo is intended to permit members notice birds, primates, butterflies, moths, pythons and bats. The primate species to pay special attention to are mandrills, wild chimpanzees, Red-followed Monkeys, L'hoest's monkey, Black and white Colobus among others. The bats and pythons can be seen from a protected review point. The pythons regular the caverns to benefit from bats and should be visible hanging tight for their next supper. The driver will return you to the cabin for lunch and rest subsequent to visiting Maramagambo timberland.
Later in the early evening, you will visit the popular Kyambura Gorge. These underground backwoods were framed huge number of a long time back. After the arrangement of the incomparable East African Rift Valley, auxiliary blaming happened on its floor coming about into this canyon. The timberland inside the Kyambura gorge is home to an extraordinary assortment of birds and warm-blooded creatures. Chimpanzees are the critical attractions yet vacationers can likewise detect hippos, elephants, birds and more modest primates inside the chasm.
Convenience choices: Bush Lodge (Budget), Park View Safari Lodge (Mid-range) and Mweya Safari Lodge (Luxury).

Day 7

Game drive to see tree climbing lions - Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Awaken at 9am and take breakfast and you stand by to begin the excursion to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The driver will take you for one more game drive in the Ishasha area of the recreation area en route to Bwindi. The principle point of the game drive is to see the popular tree climbing lions in Ishasha. The region is 10-day visit in Uganda home to lions as well as the Uganda Kob, elephants, bison and numerous different types of elands. The best chance to detect the lions is at early afternoon. They love to invest their energy on top of trees close to this chance to escape from the midday heat.

In the wake of noticing the lions, the excursion proceeds to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with lunch en route. Bwindi is home to 27 types of frogs, 400 of plants, 120 of warm-blooded animals and more than 350 of birds. The backwoods cover a region estimating 331 square kilometers. The excursion to your cabin in Bwindi will be extremely astounding particularly assuming that you love nature and wonderful landscape. Hope to drive past immense banana manors, tea estates, perpetual timberland and valleys.
Convenience Options: Rushaga Camp (Budget), Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge (Mid-range) and Buhoma hold up (Luxury).

Day 8

Gorilla Tracking - Visit the Batwa in Bwindi

This will be an astounding day and you really want to awaken at around 6am. As you take breakfast, demand the inn to get ready for you stopped lunch in the event the action happens past early afternoon. The driver will take you to the recreation area workplaces with the goal that you are on schedule for the preparation what begins at 7:30am. The instructions cover all that there is to be aware of gorilla journeying incorporating the gorilla bunches in the area, history of the backwoods and what's in store. After the instructions, you will be allotted a gorilla family alongside 7 different voyagers. The Park Guides will offer you a climbing stick and an opportunity to enlist doormen to assist you with any weighty baggage/cameras. After everybody is gathered, you will start following the primates.

Gorilla traveling can require anyplace between 30 minutes to 6 hours relying upon the gorilla family you are following and their area upon the arrival of the journey. When you get to them, you are permitted just a single hour of perception. Utilize this chance to concentrate on the gathering and individual individuals. Remember to take a few recordings and photographs or probably nobody will realize that you at any point partook in such an intriguing action.

In the wake of investing energy with the primates, you will be driven back to the beginning stage for your authentication of cooperation. You will observe our office Guide standing by to return you to the lodging for lunch and rest. Late in the early evening, you will be taken to visit the Batwa dwarfs of Bwindi. The Batwa where the first occupants of the woods in Bwindi, Mgahinga, the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga in Congo. Most were constrained out of the woodlands yet without pay or appropriate acclimation to the cutting-edge life. The nature walk will offer you a potential chance to find out about their old lifestyles and the battles to adjust to current life outside the timberland.
Convenience Options: Rushaga Camp (Budget), Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge (Mid-range) and Buhoma hold up (Luxury).

Day 9

Transfer to Lake Mburo National Park - Afternoon boat journey

Subsequent to taking breakfast, you will leave Bwindi for Lake Mburo National Park. The excursion to Lake Mburo National Park takes you through an area known as the "Switzerland of Africa". Hope to drive past the 10 days safari in Uganda lovely looking terraced slopes, valleys and tremendous banana ranches. Lunch will be in Mbarara town prior to proceeding to the park area. Lake Mburo National Park covers an area of around 371 square Kilometers. The recreation area is honored with more than 335 types of birds, Zebras, bison, impalas, reedbucks, warthogs, panthers, oribi, topis, eland and waterbucks among numerous different animals. You will show up on schedule to get the 2-hour evening boat journey in Lake Mburo to see water birds, hippos, zebras, crocodiles and the majority of the recreation area creatures drinking or washing by the shores.

Convenience Options: Mihingo hold up (Upper Market), Rwakobo Rock (Mid-range) and Rwonyo Rest Camp (Budget).

Day 10

Morning game drive – Return to Kampala or Entebbe

After yesterday’s boat cruise, the activity today will be a standard game drive to spot the park animals and marvel at the unique savannah vegetation. The morning game drive starts after breakfast and by the end of it all, you would have spotted zebras, warthogs, giraffes, impalas, hyenas, buffaloes and a leopard or two if you are lucky. Lake Mburo is one of the few parks in Uganda where you can go for walking safaris, horseback safaris or game viewing using Quad bikes. If you don’t want the game drive using a car, you can let us know so that you can go for the other game viewing options.

After the morning game drive, you will begin the excursion back to Kampala or Entebbe International Airport. The driver will stop at the equator crossing for lunch as you additionally get a chance to take photographs of yourself with your legs stepping on two of the world's halves of the globe. In the event that you don't have an evening flight, the driver can likewise stop at the Center for the Buganda Royal Drum Makers. The Center gathers the absolute best drum creators in Buganda. They make goliath formal drums for customary events and even holy places.
End of Tour

The 10 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari bundle incorporates: -

  • Transport in a standard Safari Vehicle
  • Fuel and a Driver
  • Lunch and Bottled drinking water while voyaging
  • Game drives including one to see tree climbing lions
  • Gorilla Permits
  • Chimpanzee Permits
  • Boat Cruises
  • A Cultural Encounter with the Batwa
  • Convenience for 9 evenings

What is excluded?

  • The 10 Days Uganda Tour does exclude Air tickets, Visas, Insurance and Personal Expenses (Expensive Wines, Laundry, Tips to staff or stogies).

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