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This 15 Days Uganda untamed life safari was planned by Amakula African Safaris to permit vacationers partake in the best that Uganda brings to the table. Before the finish of this Uganda visit, you would have visited a large portion of the public parks in Uganda. The genuine excursion begins from Kampala where you will make a beeline for Murchison Falls National Park for a game drive and sendoff journey (There is a visit at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary). You will then, at that point, be taken to Semuliki National Park for one more game drive, locating of the Sempaya natural aquifers and a visit to the Batwa Pygmies. After Semuliki, the aide will drive you to follow chimpanzee at Kibale National Park while additionally visiting the Bigodi swamp. As you leave for Queen Elizabeth Park, you will have a visit to detect the unbelievable Mabera ga Nyina Mwiru caves.


At the point when you arrive at Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will be engaged with a dusk Launch journey and two Game Drives at Kasenyi and Ishasha areas of the recreation area.  You will then, at that point, make a beeline for track mountain gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. After gorilla journeying, you will be taken to Lake Bunyonyi for bird watching/kayaking and afterward Lake Mburo National Park for a game drive. After Lake Mburo, you will go to Jinja through Kampala city for wilderness boating and visiting the wellspring of the Great River Nile. From Jinja you will be headed to the Entebbe Airport for flight.


A little data about the National Parks. Murchison Falls National Park is the biggest natural life preservation region in Uganda. The main park offers a genuine possibility seeing every one of the huge five warm blooded creatures in Uganda. Semuliki National Park is one of the top birding spots in Uganda. Different attractions are the astounding underground aquifers and an opportunity to investigate the huge backwoods in the recreation area during a nature walk.    The woods in Semuliki are one of a kind in Uganda since it is an augmentation of the tremendous backwoods of west Africa. It is in this way conceivable to recognize animals that are just found in Congo and different nations of West/Central Africa. Kibale National Park is probably the best spot for following little primates on the planet. More than 12 species can be located including the normal chimpanzee.


15 Days Uganda Safari Queen Elizabeth then again is seemingly the most visited public park in Uganda. What makes it one of a kind is the scene and delightful landscape. The lovely landscape is a consequence of antiquated earth developments which made cavity lakes, chasms, valleys and different manifestations. The recreation area remains generally green over time. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to about portion of the general populace of Mountain gorillas. Bwindi is an UNESCO World legacy site due to its amazing biodiversity.   Lake Mburo is Uganda's littlest savanna National Park. The recreation area is a superb eland and zebra territory. It is additionally apparently the best spot to detect panthers.


It is essential to take note of that this 15 Days Uganda safari bundle can be customized as you would prefer. We can eliminate or add specific exercises. In the event that you are searching for a more limited agenda, you ought to consider our 12 days Uganda untamed life visit bundle. We additionally have an astounding 10 days Uganda safari bundle that you may be intriguing in finding out about.


Jinja Nile Resort: This is seemingly the most famous lavish lodging in Jinja. It situated on the banks of the waterway Nile and ashore estimating 30 sections of land. The Resort offers independent rooms. Each room has 15 days Uganda tour free Wi-Fi, a sitting region, a Television screen, en-suite washrooms, cooling and overhangs ignoring the Nile. Different conveniences incorporate a flawlessly arranged garden, a huge pool, youngsters' jungle gym, a few eateries, 5 bars, a wellness place, BBQ offices, free stopping, a wellness community, a tennis court, a smaller than usual fairway and parlor regions with TV. Jinja Nile Resort is fabricated near the beginning stage of a considerable lot of Jinja's popular exercises like Bungee bouncing, whitewater boating, horseback riding and quad trekking.


Ishasha Jungle Lodge: Ishasha Jungle Lodge is and Eco-accommodating convenience office constructed 2 kilometers from the Katokye Gate of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The hotel neglects River Ntungwe but on the other hand is encircled by savannah field and backwoods. The hotel is assembled utilizing neighborhood 15 days Uganda untamed life safari material and outfitted with nearby workmanship to provide visitors with that sensation of being out in nature. The independent cabins are based on raised stages to guarantee the visitor have supported perspectives on the savanna from their galleries. Every house has a huge bed, comfortable showers, an ice chest, couches, working tables, clean towels and hair dryers. Different conveniences offered incorporate an eatery and power generators. The hotel arranges extraordinary exercises for its visitors including visiting the stream Ntungwe and going for a directed stroll to the Kameme town.


15 days Uganda safari Fort Motel: Fort Motel is a mid-range hold up offering quality administrations for sightseers resting in Fort Portal town. Stronghold Motel is set on a slope with extraordinary perspectives on Fort Portal town and the Rwenzori mountains from a good way. An old pioneer house was transformed into a cabin yet present day expansions have been worked throughout the long term. Every one of the 17 rooms are independent with free Wi-Fi, a Television, a gear transporter, cooling, a phone, warm shows, flush latrines, working tables/work areas, couches and considerably more. Different conveniences incorporate room administration, a pool, spa, steam showers and an eatery. Staff are cordial and will make a special effort to ensure that you are pretty much as agreeable as could really be expected.


Day 1

Arrival and Airport Pickup

A guide from Amakula African Safaris will invite you at the Airport in Entebbe and drive you to your cabin in Kampala or Entebbe. Contingent upon your season of appearance, you could have a valuable chance to visit the town of Entebbe of the city of Kampala. You can learn about the vacation destinations in Kampala and what to do in Entebbe. After the city visit, you will be driven back to your inn. Supper and Overnight at Cassia Lodge or La Petite Village Hotel.

Day 2

Leave Kampala for Murchison Falls - Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Visit to of the falls

After your morning meal at the inn, the aide will get you and go to Murchison Falls public park in Uganda. On your excursion, you will go through a few areas including the Luwero triangle. Luwero 15 Days best of Uganda was a disaster area in the mid 1980's prompting triumph for the National Resistance Movement You will visit for a while at Masindi for lunch and furthermore at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to unwind and detect the jeopardized White Rhinos. Rhinos can never again be found in Uganda's down parks after broad poaching cleared them out. There is an arrangement to once again introduce them into the public parks after their numbers increment from the safe-haven. In the wake of visiting the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven, the driver will take you directly to the highest point of the Murchison succumbs to photography and wondering about the loud thunders of the waterway Nile. Your day closes with supper and short-term at Pakuba Lodge.

Day 3

Game Drive and Launch Cruise

After breakfast at the cabin, you will go for a morning game drive at the Northern part of the recreation area. Subsequent to spotting Rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino safe-haven, you will presently detect the huge 4 (Buffaloes, Elephants, 15 Days Uganda safari Leopards and Lions). Murchison Falls National Park has the biggest populace of Rothschild giraffe in East Africa. You will likewise recognize warthogs and a few types of pronghorns incorporate waterbucks and Bushbucks. After the game drive, you will set out back toward lunch as you get ready for the midday sendoff journey. The sendoff journey takes you along the waterway Nile straight up to the lower part of the falls. As the boat moves gradually along the stream, you will detect impala, crocodiles, elephants, hippos and numerous other park creatures drinking along the waterway bank. The waterway has north of 200 types of birds yet pay special attention to the interesting shoe bill stork. Your day closes with supper and short-term at Red Chili (spending plan), Pakuba Safari Lodge (Midrange) or Paraa safari stop (Luxury)

Day 4

Head to Semuliki National Park - Evening unwinding and visit through the town

Your day will start with early breakfast that ought to set you up for a long excursion south to the wonderful Town of Fort Portal. The excursion takes you past the towns of Hoima and Masindi. Keep an eye out for the wonderful view en route particularly while in Fort Portal. It is a little however extremely delightful town. The driver ought to take you for a visit through the town late in the early evening. Your supper will be at Fort Motel.

Day 5

The Sempaya Hot Springs, Nature strolls, visiting the Batwa Pygmies

You will have an early breakfast and go out to visit the Semuliki underground aquifers. Subsequent to visiting the underground aquifers, you will be gone for a nature stroll inside the backwoods and inside the savanna intends to detect a few birds and untamed life. The day closes with a visit to see the Batwa dwarfs living close to Semuliki National Park in Uganda. 15 Days Uganda visit The Batwa have a fascinating society and history. They were taken out from the gorilla parks in Uganda and resettled in different regions. Most have neglected to change in accordance with their new climate and lifestyle. They face outrageous destitution and are now and again abused by adjoining clans due to their short height. Some consider them to be encroachers on their property. Before, the backwoods assisted them with keeping away from clashes with adjoining clans. While visiting the Batwa, anticipate an exhibition of their past lifestyle through melody, dance and dramatization. The company Guide driver will take you to an appropriate spot for cookout lunch inside the recreation area. In the wake of finishing movements of every sort in the recreation area, the driver will head to the close by Kibale Forest National Park. Your supper will be at Chimpanzee Guest House.

Day 6

Track Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park and Tour Bigodi swamp

You will get up right on time for breakfast after which the aide will drive you to Kibale Forest National Park for chimpanzee journeying instructions. There are a larger number of primates in Kibale than some other country in East 15 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari Africa. It not just has the largest number of chimpanzees in Uganda. Despite the fact that chimpanzee following is the most known movement here, you will get to see blue monkeys, red followed monkeys, dark cheeked mangabeys, primates, L'Hoest monkeys, high contrast Colobus among others. The recreation area has more than 100 butterfly species, monster woodland swines and impala. Subsequent to following the chimps, you will get back to the cabin for lunch then, at that point, go to Bigodi swamp. Bigodi swamp is a birders heaven as a result of the more than 290 species kept in its tremendous bogs. Supper and rest are at the Chimpanzee Guest House.

Day 7

Hike up the "Mabera ga Nyina Mwiru" caves - Head to Queen Elizabeth National Park for nightfall Launch Cruise

Our Guide will get you in the wake of taking breakfast for the excursion to Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will have extraordinary perspectives on the Rwenzori Mountains - otherwise called "Piles of the moon". En route, you will make a stop to visit the "Mabera ga Nyina Mwiru caves". There is a neighborhood legend encompassing 15 Days Uganda experience safari these limestone caverns and which is associated with the ancestral gatherings living nearby. A neighborhood guardian will clarify for you the historical backdrop of the caverns and that peopling living in the area is so significant. After the caverns, you will proceed with the excursion to the recreation area on schedule for the nightfall Launch voyage at the Kazinga Channel. During the boat journey at the Kazinga Channel, you will get to see hippos showering water only close to your boat. You will recognize a few types of pronghorns, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, bison. The Kazinga channel is an incredible birding objective and hope to see kingfishers, pelicans and different storks along the shores. You will eat and rest at Park View Safari Lodge.

Day 8

Game Drive at the Kasenyi Sector - Afternoon Game drive - Transfer to Ishasha Game Drive at Ishasha area Queen Elizabeth Park

The guide driver will pick you promptly in the first part of the day with your pressed breakfast to embark to the Kasenyi area of the recreation area. Toward the beginning of today game drive will give potential chances to recognize elephants, lions, hyena, different 15 Days visit through Uganda eland species, bison, primates, the slippery panther and goliath woods pigs. The Kasenyi area is honored with a rich assortment of holes, savannah, marshes, lakes and other volcanic highlights. After the morning drive you will be returned to the hotel for lunch. After lunch you will go for one more game drive in regions not canvassed in the first part of the day but rather still in the Kasenyi and Mweya region. After the second round of game review, the drier will take you to the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Sovereign Elizabeth has more than 450 bird species that incorporate flamingos, King Fisher, storks and hawks. After such a significant day, you will be driven back for supper and rest at the Ishasha wilderness hold up.

Day 9

Second game drive in Ishasha to see tree climbing lions - Transfer to Bwindi

You will be gotten from your lodging after breakfast to start the excursion to Bwindi however after one more game drive at the Ishasha area to detect tree climbing lions. Tree climbing lions are extremely uncommon and just found in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park, Tanzania's Lake Manyara and Kruger National Park in South Africa. As you head to Bwindi, you will go through the absolute most delightful view anyplace in East Africa. The region around the Kigezi high countries is known as "the Switzerland of Africa". The moving slopes, lakes, streams, woods and the perspectives on The Rwenzori Mountains will keep you alert and locked in. Supper and expedite will be at Bwindi Jungle Lodge.

Day 10

Mountain Gorilla Trekking - Canoe along Lake Mulehe

You will eat by 7:00am and afterward be taken for preparation at the recreation area station. Your inn will give you stopped nibble. During the preparation, the recreation area Rangers let you in on what's in store, acceptable behavior around the gorillas and what you really want to convey along. In the wake of being appointed a gorilla family, the officers and 15 Days best Uganda safari outfitted gatekeepers will then take you to the woodland for following. As you move looking for the gorillas, you will go through shrubberies, steep and sloppy inclines. Mountain gorilla following can take between 2 to 5 hours relying upon which gorilla family you were dispensed. When you get to the gorillas, you are supposed to accompany them for 60 minutes. While with the gorilla bunch, notice and take as numerous photographs/recordings as you can. After gorilla journeying, you will return to the cabin to spruce up and eat. Later in the day, you will be taken for paddling along Lake Mulehe. Aside from Gorillas, Bwindi is home to a few primates and birds. A portion of the bird species found inside the recreation area are African green broadbills, honey bee eaters, chapins flycatchers and the dark charged turaco. Supper and expedite will be at Bwindi Jungle Lodge.

Day 11

Head to Lake Bunyonyi - Relaxations, Canoeing, nature strolls and island jumping.

After breakfast, our Guide will drive you to Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda's most profound and most heartfelt lake. The lake has 29 islands and you will invest your energy kayaking, watching birds, taking nature strolls and visiting the various islands. Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda has numerous heartfelt spots for those on special first night. One can decide to visit the various towns, schools and settlements in the islands. You can likewise visit the popular discipline island where you will find out about its appalling past. Youngsters who got pregnant external marriage were passed on to bite the dust in this specific island. Most were saved by unfortunate men who had neglected to track down a lady. Supper and expedite will be at Acadia Cottages.

Day 12

Activities in Lake Bunyonyi - Head to Lake Mburo National Park

After breakfast promptly toward the beginning of the day, you will go out to finish exercises in Lake Bunyonyi prior to beginning the excursion to Lake Mburo National Park. You will go through Kabale, an area with incredible landscape, shocking slopes and good countries. On landing in the cabin, you will eat, rest for a brief time and afterward go for a boat ride in Lake Mburo. Lake Mburo is incredible for bird watching and spotting creatures as they drink along the lake shores. Pay special attention to creatures like crocodiles and hippos. You will eat and expedite at Acadia Cottages

Day 13

Game drive in Lake Mburo Park - Equator crossing - Head to Jinja through Kampala

After breakfast, you will be taken for a game drive at Lake Mburo National Park where you will recognize Zebras and a few different types of gazelles. In Uganda, Zebras are just found in Lake Mburo National Park. There are north of 300 bird types of birds found in the savannah prairies, forests, swamps 15 Days Wildlife in Uganda and Lake. Different creatures to pay special attention to are bison, panthers, jackals and hyenas. Subsequent to finishing the game drive, you will then go to Kampala with a stop at the Equator crossing in Kayabwe for your lunch. You will proceed to Jinja by means of Kampala with stops at the Sezibwa Falls and Mabira Forest. Subsequent to checking in with your lodging, the driver will take you to visit the wellspring of the Nile River. The wellspring of the stream Nile was found by John Speke and is the longest waterway in Africa. It streams from Uganda up to Egypt finishing off with the Mediterranean Sea. Supper and expedite will be at 2 companions lodging (Budget), Jinja Nile Porch (Mid-reach) and Jinja Nile resort (Luxury).

Day 14

Whole day White Water Rafting in Jinja

Get up right on time to take breakfast prior to going out to the Nile once gain for wilderness boating. Whitewater boating in Jinja is an entire day's occasion and will be one of the most paramount parts to your safari. You will get all the preparation you really want as well as the necessary hardware. You should be 16 years or more to meet all requirements for wilderness boating. The movement is exceptionally protected however can be scary for the individuals who have no involvement in it. In the wake of taking on the grade 4 and 5 rapids, you unwind, blend and party with sightseers from everywhere the world. Our driver will move you back to your hotel. Supper and expedite will be at 2 companions lodging (Budget), Jinja Nile Porch (Mid-reach) and Jinja Nile resort (Luxury)

Day 15

Head back to Kampala - Transfer to Entebbe to get your takeoff flight

You will have your morning meal toward the beginning of the day and trust that our driver will get you for the excursion back to Kampala. On the off chance that you have a late trip in the evening and for reasons unknown you didn't come by the wellspring of the Nile, mabira woods or Ssezibwa falls, this will be an ideal opportunity to do as such. You could likewise visit the city of Kampala as you go on towards the air terminal in Entebbe.

End of Uganda Safari

The Safari incorporates;

  • Ground transportation and fuel
  • Gorilla following grants
  • Filtered water
  • Chimpanzee following grants
  • Full time English-talking guide and related costs
  • Full board Accommodation including suppers
  • Boat travels
  • Game drives
  • Social visits
  • Water Rafting in Jinja
  • Any remaining exercises referenced in the agenda
  • Park guide/Ranger Fees
  • Transportation by a 4×4 safari vehicle

Safari Exclusions:


  • Airfares
  • Visa Fees
  • Individual Insurance
  • Individual costs like beverages, phone, clothing, stogies, tips, convenience and dinners excluded from the schedule.

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