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8 days Uganda Safari and gorilla journeying bundle is great for the people who are keen on mountain gorilla following, chimpanzee traveling and an overall untamed life safari. The bundle additionally incorporates visiting the Batwa dwarfs, unwinding by the lovely Lake Bunyonyi, visiting the Bigodi Wetlands safe-haven and boat travels. Before the finish of the excursion, you would have visited the best natural life saves in Western Uganda including Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kibale Forest.


Bwindi Impenetrable backwoods is home to close to half of the total populace of mountain gorillas. Aside from gorillas, it likewise has 119 different types of vertebrates, more than 350 plant species, 202 butterfly species and 346 types of birds. Bwindi stands apart for gorilla traveling since it has north of 14 adjusted gorilla gatherings. It is the main park where travelers can enlist to take park in the gorilla adjustment experience. Kibale woodland then again is home to 13 types of primates including chimpanzees, Colobus monkeys, olive monkeys, red-followed monkeys and vervet monkey among others. Kibale is the best spot to follow chimpanzees on the planet. Tragically, the recreation area has no gorillas. Had it been the situation, it would have been the most visited public park in Uganda.


Sovereign Elizabeth National Park is more known for standard game drives, tree climbing lions, lion following, boat travels along the Kazinga Channel and chimpanzee journeying in Kyambura gorge. Sovereign Elizabeth National Park stands apart due to the striking landscape - an aftereffect of volcanic action and earth developments that happened north of one great many a long time back. It has delightful pit lakes, savannah fields, underground woods like the Kyambura gorge and the Maramagambo backwoods. Hope to see water bucks, hippos, elephants, crocodiles, bison, elands and more than 600 types of birds while visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park.


This safari additionally incorporates a stop at the astounding Lake Bunyonyi for unwinding, island trusting and nature strolls. Lake Bunyonyi is perhaps the most profound lake in Africa. With everything taken into account, this Uganda natural life safari bundle offers probably the best natural life encounters in Uganda. The visit begins from Kampala or Entebbe in Uganda. You may be keen on the more limited 6 days Uganda safari or the 15 days Uganda visit bundle. There is likewise the astonishing 7 days Uganda untamed life safari bundle.

Gorilla Trekking Gear

You will require great climbing boots, thick cotton gloves, a light parka, tidbits and drinking water. Assuming you have additional gear or hardware, recruit a doorman to assist you with conveying them. A considerable lot of these doormen were once poachers and by employing them, you assist with supporting their families thus holding them back from hunting park creatures. Employing a porter cost between 10 to 15 US Dollars.


  • For the most ideal tomfoolery following the gorillas: -
  • Be looking great
  • Secure great shoes that will assist you with climbing steep and sloppy landscape
  • Plan for the downpour
  • Pack sufficient drinking water and light nibble to try not to get parched or hungry
  • Tip the aides, officers and doormen. We suggest a tip of 10 USD that can likewise be paid in nearby notes.

Noticing that: - is additionally significant:

  • This schedule incorporates Accommodation and Dinner
  • The base age for gorilla traveling is 15 years while chimpanzee following is 14 years
  • All voyagers ought to really take a look at visa and immunization necessities.
  • You are expected to have a yellow fever vaccination card to enter Uganda
  • The Uganda visa can be got at the air terminal of line crossing focuses


Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge: This mid-range hold up is found in Queen Elizabeth National Park - on the shores of Lake George and near the fishing town in Kahendero. Ihamba is a brilliant hotel 8 days safari in Uganda for the people who need to unwind in a peaceful climate in a wild setting. The cabin has 10 private houses sitting above Lake George and the extraordinary savannah meadows of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The room have either twin or twofold beds. Every bungalow is independent and will be your usual hangout spot. You will observe a private deck, indoor showers, washrooms, working tables, Wi-Fi, shoes, drinking water, Television sets and significantly more. Different administrations and conveniences including a focal parlor region, parking spot, clothing administrations, a pool and housekeeping.


Chameleon Hill Lodge: Chameleon Hill is one of the most mind-blowing extravagance lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable 8 days visit in Uganda timberland. It is based on a slope with astonishing perspectives on the Bwindi Forest, Lake Mutanda and the Virunga Volcanoes. Every chalet is totally unique with its own improvements and wrapping up. The rooms are designed with both nearby and contemporary decorations. Food is incredible. By incredible, we mean they plan scrumptious worldwide dishes, heated bread, new vegetables and organic products got from their own nursery. The cabin offers magnificent spots for unwinding after gorilla traveling. A decent spot to go to tis the wooden deck neglecting the lake Mutanda or one of the private nurseries.


Kyaninga Lodge: This is an extravagance stop found in Kibale National Park. It is fabricated sitting above Lake Kyaninga and the incomparable Rwenzori Mountains. The hotel offers a genuine encounter of being out in the African wild while holding the solace and extravagance administrations of its nine cabins. The private 8 days Uganda natural life visit cabins are based on raised stages to permit visitor get every one of the delightful perspectives on the wild and water bodies. Visitors can decide to book a twin or twofold bed bungalow. The bungalows are independent with extremely present-day showers, restrooms, a private deck, agreeable beds and plume pads. Dinners are incredible and there is a focal parlor where everything visitors can accumulate to blend and have some good times as they unwind by a chimney. Different conveniences incorporate a full supplied bar, a pool. Kyaninga hold up was on a few local area improvement projects and sorts out long-distance races to fund-raise for extraordinary causes. A portion of their undertakings incorporate the Kyaninga Child Development Center, Kyaninga Dairy and Kyaninga Forest Foundation (KFF).


Day 1

Transfer to Kibale National Park

An aide from Amakula African Safaris will get you from your lodging after breakfast and leave on the excursion to Kibale public park. As you start your Uganda safari plan to take photographs of Uganda's wonderful and green field en route.You will have lunch at Fort Portal town and then be taken for a tour of the town and the headquarters of the historical Tooro Kingdom. Fort Portal is small town but located in an area with perfect climate which has resulted in beautiful scenery. The town remains green all year round. Dinner and overnight at Kyaninga Lodge (Luxury), Primates lodge (Luxury and Midrange) and Chimpanzee Guest House (Budget).

Day 2

Chimpanzee tracking and nature walk along the Bigodi Swamp

After early breakfast, you will head for briefing from the Kibale National Park offices regarding the rules and requirements while tracking chimpanzee. After the briefing, you will be given walking sticks and led 8 Days Uganda Tourinto the forest to find the primates. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park takes between 3 to 5 hours. It is a different experience from gorilla trekking because chimps are more vocal and love to spend time on top of trees. They are also more mobile and might require that you follow them for a long time before they settle down to allow good photography. You will return a while later to your lodging for lunch and rest. Later in the evening, you will take a stroll around the Bigodi swamp stroll to detect different primates and a few types of birds. Supper and short-term at Primates hold up (Luxury), Chimp home (Midrange) and Chimpanzee Guest house (Budget).

Day 3

Head for Queen Elizabeth public park - game drive in Ishasha

After breakfast, you will go to sovereign Elizabeth public park on schedule to go for the primary game drive 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari which is at the Ishasha area. The Ishasha area is incredibly popular for tree climbing lions and off base other extraordinary well evolved creatures, primates and gazelles. The lions incline toward laying on top of trees since it assists them with getting away from bug nibbles and see expected prey. The tree it is uncommon to climb lions of Ishasha. Tanzania additionally has tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara yet sightseers can likewise see them in Kruger National Park. Notwithstanding, the best spot to see them is in Queen Elizabeth National Park. After this first game drive, you ought to now go to your hotel for rest.
Supper and Overnight stay at Mweya Safari Lodge (extravagance), Ihamba Lodge/Park view stop (mid-range), Simba safari camp (spending plan).

Day 4

Second game drive and boat journey

You will get up ahead of schedule to take breakfast prepared for a long astounding day. The aide will take you for an early morning game drive at the Kasenyi fields determined to find nighttime creatures 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Tour withdrawing to their caves following a bustling evening of hunting. The morning is additionally the best opportunity to recognize the ambitious people like birds and different vertebrates. You ought to have the option to see hippos, lions, panther, bison and impalas of different sorts. After the game drive, drive back for lunch, rest and afterward set off at 2.00 pm for a boat voyage along the Kazinga Channel. This is the gathering point for each of the creatures in the recreation area particularly during the dry season. Prepare to see an assortment of bird animal types that could match any you have seen somewhere else. You will likewise see water staying creatures like crocodiles and hippos in addition to all the others you spotted during your past drinking by the water banks. After this you, ought to be worn out and all set back for a rest or go for stroll around the hotel.
Supper and short-term visit in Mweya Safari Lodge (extravagance), Ihamba Lodge/Park view hold up (mid-range) and Simba safari camp (spending plan).

Day 5

Visit Maramagambo woods - Transfer to Bwindi timberland public park

You will get up early morning as expected to a luxurious breakfast at your hotel. Our aide will take you to Maramagambo woods which is home to chimpanzees and cavern bats. While in the thick timberland, pay special attention to birds, woodland swines, bantam eland and a few other primate/monkey species. The bats draw in pythons to their caverns and assuming you are fortunate, you could detect a fight among hunter and prey. Chimpanzee journeying isn't open in Maramagambo on the grounds that they are not adjusted. Nonetheless, you might be fortunate to recognize some along the paths. In the wake of having enough of the Maramagambo woods, you will then, at that point, set out off toward Bwindi impervious timberland public park with lunch brought the way.
Supper and short-term at Chameleon Hill Lodge (extravagance), Bakiga Lodge (Midrange) and Tarvan Trekkers Bwindi (Budget).

Day 6

Mountain gorilla journeying in Bwindi - Visit to the Batwa Pygmies

You will get up right on time to take your morning meal prior to going out to the recreation area workplaces for preparation at 7:00 am. During the preparation, the recreation area Rangers/Guides will share data about the necessities and rules for gorilla traveling. The gathering is mandatory and it is likewise right now that you become relegated a gorilla family and watchmen. How are gorilla bunches allotted? Gorilla bunches are designated considering your general wellness. Doormen are there to assist you with conveying additional baggage or weighty hardware. Now that you are prepared, go to the timberland to follow your gorilla bunch alongside 7 different travelers. You will go through thick timberland, steep and sloppy regions before at long last gathering the family. Adhere to directions from the head guide and take as numerous photographs as you can in the one hour assigned. Keep cool-headed and don't make abrupt developments. The memory of the time enjoyed with the gorilla family will constantly stay with you since watching a family Visiting the Batwa dwarfs during a 8 Days Safariof mountain gorillas is altogether different from some other untamed life experience.

After your one hour with the gorilla family, you ought to get once again to the beginning stage where our aide will drive you back to your lodging for rest and lunch. After some rest, you will be taken to visit the Batwa dwarf local area who once lived one next to the other with the gorillas in the timberland. They have now been resettled somewhere else to take into consideration mountain gorilla preservation exercises in the recreation area. The Batwa will inform you as to whether their resettlement was fruitful or not while likewise engaging you with social stories and moves.
Supper and short-term at Chameleon Hill Lodge (extravagance), Bakiga Lodge (Midrange) and Tarvan Trekkers Bwindi (Budget).

Day 7

Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

Following some serious time resting, you ought to get up for delayed breakfast prior to beginning the excursion to Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi is seemingly Uganda's most delightful lake. It has a few lovely islands, heartfelt shores and is an asylum for incalculable bird. Lake Bunyonyi is an astounding objective for unwinding after a long safari. You will appreciate unwinding by the lake shores, go boat riding, island bouncing and visiting the neighborhood fishing towns.
Supper and short-term at Bunyonyi overland Resort (financial plan), Bunyonyi safari camp/Bunyonyi Birdnest (Midrange) and Bunyonyi resort (extravagance). You should look at our Lake Bunyonyi Uganda Safari

Day 8

Transfer back to Kampala for takeoff

Get up ahead of schedule, take breakfast and plan for the long excursion back to Kampala/Entebbe for your takeoff flight or a drop at your inn. The driver will guarantee that you stop at central issues of interest en route incorporating the Equator crossing in Kayabwe for lunch and photography
End of Tour

The itinerary and package include: –

  • A 4X4 safari vehicle
  • A Full-Time English-speaking Driver/Guide
  • Fuel
  • Game drives
  • Boat travels
  • Exercises in Lake Bunyonyi
  • Gorilla Permits
  • Chimpanzee Permits
  • Packaged drinking water
  • Park charges
  • Pickup and drop-off at in Kampala or Entebbe

Social visit to the Batwa dwarfs 

international/local flights, visas, personal expenses (tips, beverages, wines and Personal Insurance).

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