It is undeniable that a cruise at the source of the Nile in Jinja is magnificent with a whole different experience compared to other places. This is attributed to the amazing physical location of Jinja city, a city that is located on Lake Victoria the source of the Nile which is the second longest river in the world. At the shores of the source of the Nile are different tree species and different bird species one can enjoy watching while on a boat cruise or even take pictures of the beautiful scenery of the shores. Having a boat cruise in Jinja city gives one an opportunity to cruise near dams like Owens Falls dam and Bujagali dam, cruising near a dam it takes one to be very brave and bold since the water levels here are high and the waves are strong hence testing ones daring limits.

It is indeed an adventurous experience worth trying, though it can be dangerous, so individuals on the cruise are monitored by the guides to have their lifejackets on and maintain balancing of the boat for safety measures. A boat cruise at the source of the Nile can be enjoyed individually with just guides or in a group with friends and families taking pictures, sunbathing especially for boats with a decker, holding conversations, meditating, seeing the sunset and enjoying the breeze on the water. Since Jinja is a city, cities are usually noisy and so busy but an escape space for one to enjoy some quite time can be at the boat cruise at the source of the Nile, where some stress is relieved and one feels refreshed.

The distance of Jinja from Kampala the capital city of Uganda is 80.9km which is a 2hr 31min drive by vehicle. Within Jinja city are good facilitated accommodation where tourists in Jinja can spend nights as they explore more of other Jinja’s amazing activities like white water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, horse riding, and many more. Through Amakula African Safari, a well profound tour company, tourists can book boat cruise tours at the source of the Nile and other tours along with accommodation reservations in Jinja city with transport services of convenience to take them to their destinations. Book with Amakula African Safari and have a tremendous tour experience in Jinja.

Prices for Boat cruises vary depending where you have it from. For example;

Ø  With Nile Sunset Cruise, it is 45$ @ person, children under 12years pay 22.5$ and children under 4 years are not charged.

Ø  At Samuka Island    , it is UGX.250, 000pax (2-3people) and 80$ @ person for non-Ugandans, UGX.200, 000pax (4-5people) and 70$@ person for non-Ugandans.

Ø  Requirements one may need for on a boat cruise include;

Ø  Boat and a life jacket

Ø  Avery friendly and dedicated guide to oversee the trip.

Ø  Drinks

Ø  Toilets available on-site/ on the boat.

Looking for an escape place from all the noisy world and workloads? A Jinja boat cruise at the source of the Nile could be the perfect spot for you. 


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