Mountain Rwenzori national Park
Mountain Rwenzori national Park is the perfect location for a Uganda Walking Safari located in southwestern Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori national Park: Located in the East African Rift Valley in the Kabarole, Kasese and Bundibudio districts of southwestern Uganda, Rwenzori National Park is the perfect location for a Uganda Walking Safari / Uganda Walking Tour. The national park borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo at /mountain-elgon-national-park-in-uganda

 Park. Mount Rwenzori is his third highest mountain in Africa, rising over 16,700 feet above sea level, with the highest peak always snow-capped. Journey time from Kampala to Kasese he is 6 hours and stops at Fort Portal Town. Rwenzori National Park is home to 70 mammal and 217 bird species, 17 of which are endemic to the Albertine Trench, and is known for its beautiful waterfalls, glaciers, flora and unique mountains. . Activities in Rwenzori National Park

Mountain climbing in Mountain Rwenzori national Park

This is one of the Rwenzori National Park activities that gives you the opportunity to explore and contemplate the beautiful scenery of vegetation, lakes and rivers. It takes 9-10 days to reach the 3 peaks. Climbing in Rwenzori National Park can be done at the foot of the mountain where you can see plants such as farmland where crops such as coffee, one of Uganda’s cash crops, are grown. Rwenzori National Park has two hiking trails, including the central loop trail, which takes about seven days to reach the summit. The Killembe Trail starts at Killembe and takes about 5 days to reach the summit and Margarita summit. See snow-capped mountains, alpine plants, farmlands, the Virunga Mountains and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Nature walks in mountain Rwenzori

This is an activity that even inexperienced hikers can do. For example, hike the slopes of the mountains, the foothills of the Rwenzori forest, using circular routes. For nature walks, follow trails to Lake Mahoma and the Bulalo Chimpanzee Forest, walk through the community of Kihumba Calangula, and  trek through Bwamba, Luboni and Turako to Bundibudyo. The community conducts guided forest walks outside the park, where visitors can follow the Mubuku River during Nature walks in mountain Rwenzori to see snow-capped Margherita Peak, forest-horned chameleons, red squirrels, vervet monkeys, Rwenzori Turaco, and more. birds, cinnamon bee-eaters and more. , the little sun bird, and fishing along the stream.

Bird watching:

Rwenzori National Park is home to 217 bird species. Seventeen of his birds are found only in Rwenzori National Park, making it a prime destination for birdwatchers. Birdwatching activities begin in the morning and take place in forested areas and near water bodies. Bird species that can be sighted include western green tinkers, long-eared owls, bee-eaters, golden-winged sunbirds, flycatchers, rwenzori bats, blue-headed sunbirds, barbets, cercopithecus, purplewings, and montane birds. Includes sooty boo-boo. Munesanbird, long-tailed tit, etc.

 Cultural Encounters:

Cultural Encounters in Rwenzori National Park give visitors the opportunity to see local communities at the foot of the mountain performing various cultural activities such as dancing and many others. There are many villages that you can visit including the Rwenzori Turaco view camp which is located in Muhunga near the Rwenzori snow-capped peaks, people who live in the Rwenzori Turaco view camp are the Bakonzo and they have lived there for many years. They offer different demonstrations by the traditional healers whose herbs are considered to cure many diseases, traditional dances by the schools, Bakonzo pilgrimage to remember their great king because he offered protection from oppression by the Batooro which is done in September.

Ruboni village home visit: here the visitors walk with the villagers who live on the foothills of the mountain as they show them their daily activities like farming, local dishes, traditional crafts, dance performances, storytellers among others. Visit to Bulimba-Ihandiro cultural trail which takes about 6-7 hours and visitors go through Kamusonge river whose waterbus is believed to be sweet and quenches thirst. You will go to the museum which is traditionally built-in Kanzo style and visitors will see traditional dresses, historical objects, equipment that were used during the Rwenzururu struggle among others

The Rwenzori national park offers different accommodation facilities to visitors on a safari which includes Hotel Margherita, Rwenzori International Hotel, Kataraa lodge, among others. They provide high quality services to make the safari comfortable and memorable for the visitors. Rwenzori National Park can be visited all year round and has a short dry season between June to August and he December to he February. This time of year is the best time to visit as the roads are passable and it is the best time for trekking.


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