Gorilla journeying is one of the most incredible travel encounters on the planet since you get to invest energy seeing gorillas in their normal world and investigating their miserable kind and quieting red eyes. One more piece of the allure is the reality the mountain gorillas must be found in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

Due to preservation reasons, gorilla traveling is extremely confined and keeping in mind that everybody is welcomed, there are some qualification necessities to be met. Peruse on to realize whether you could really come and see gorillas right at home.

Gorilla journeying qualification in Uganda and Rwanda

1. Age Restrictions

The greatest limitation for gorilla journeying is the age limitations. All people should be 15 years and more seasoned to be permitted into the rainforests for mountain gorilla traveling.

This age is set for protection and wellbeing purposes behind both the kids and the gorillas. The rules saw to ensure that gorilla traveling stays a non-troublesome movement for the gorillas and their common habitat would be difficult to chase after with more youthful individuals.

Gorilla with child gorilla

Moreover, gorillas and people are connected and can communicate illnesses that should be stayed away from particularly with kids who are as yet creating.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the age limitation is totally noticed, and guests are expected to introduce a legitimate visa or ID prior to being permitted to begin their gorilla journey.

Assuming that you expect to go as a family and a few kids are under 15 years of age, different exercises can be set up upon the arrival of gorilla journeying. Converse with our group and we can exhort as indicated by what might turn out best for your particular case.

2. Gorilla following license.

To ensure that the gorilla’s lives and environment stay continuous from a lot of the travel industry and human movement, each individual who goes to see gorillas need to have a completely paid gorilla journeying grant for a particular day.

The gorilla license is given for a particular date and gorilla following area in the given public park. Gorillas live in gatherings or families and every family is visited by a limit of 8 individuals on some random day. This why booking your grants is vital, to ensure that you don’t get a handle on them when they have run.

Gorilla grants are generally popular and they can get sold out any season whether or not it is high traveler season or not. As your visit administrator, we ensure that your license is gotten and paid for your sake so when you show up in Uganda, we have done all that you need.

This provides you with the inner harmony to truly absorb every one of the encounters you have been anticipating – for this situation, an individual experience with jeopardized mountain gorillas.

3. Communicable ailment

We share around 98% of our DNA with gorillas and the gamble with that will be that we can communicate illnesses to them, as well as the other way around. Gorillas can contract communicable illnesses like hack, influenza, colds, covid19, yellow fever, loose bowels from people.

This implies you ought to ensure that you are liberated from these before your gorilla journey. These sicknesses are not difficult to catch and spread, which might actually prompt a flare-up among the gorillas. Sicknesses are more earnestly to track and treat among the gorillas since they move consistently and continue to communicate among themselves.

4. Actual Fitness

Gorillas live in high-height hilly regions with steep inclines and extremely thick rainforests and under growths. Gorilla journey are difficult and can take any measure of time between 1 hour and 6 hours before you track down the gorillas.

Therefore, a lot of actual wellness is significant in light of the fact that truly you will walk and feel your legs. It’s anything but a stroll in the park.

Considering this, there are some it is somewhat simpler to follow zones where the territory. By telling us of this early, we can plan to such an extent that your gorilla journey is in a somewhat more straightforward region.

For individuals with inabilities who couldn’t want anything more than to see gorillas, we can coordinate and get a few neighborhood doormen from the close by networks to convey you for the gorilla journey. This is at an additional an expense however many individuals who have handicaps or are further developed in age have had their experience with gorillas.


While the limitations have certainly postponed certain individuals’ gorilla experience, or even made it inconceivable, the expectations behind them are great and we completely maintain these.

We would say, the majority of the above qualification focuses are totally OK and not an issue when correspondence is done well and early. The strictest guideline is about age, however as referenced, there is generally a way for us to arrange your excursion and notice the principles.

We couldn’t imagine anything better than to hear from you about any inquiries you have in regards to gorilla traveling in Uganda and Rwanda, or some other thing wherein we can help. Assuming that you are pondering arranging an excursion, investigate the schedules we have on this site, we are sure they will rouse your next incredible experience.


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