Uganda is one of a land locked countries in Africa and was named the pearl for its unique diverse authentic culture that comprises of many tribes with its own language, way of living and different cuisines, the different magnificent landscape with snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and the big Lake Victoria. Gifted with unique wildlife Uganda safaris and tours that includes chimpanzees, different rare bird species, the magical river Nile, the different national parks that habitats   to the famous mountain gorilla families.

You may not have reached Uganda but with assurance from recognized tourism bodies, Uganda the safest tourism destination with great sceneries and last but not the least Uganda is very hospitable. From us Amakula African safaris ltd, we send greetings to you and to welcome you to our motherland Uganda the pearl of Africa as you enjoy with us the safe travels.

What you need to know about Uganda safaris.

What is a Ugandan safari?

Once a visitor or tourist book with us Amakula African safaris, you will be shared to an itinerary that will include days of travel, the different times you will run the travel and how much since the pearl is more known for its national parks, game reserves with unique wildlife species. When you`re going for a safari, you will travel through the wilderness with splendid flora and fauna.

Is Uganda good for a safari?

Besides other instabilities in other parts of Africa, Uganda is the safest country from political instabilities and Covid-19.

What must one do to go for a Ugandan safari?

One must look at booking with Amakula African company for it’s a legit company, legally registered and licensed by the government of Uganda, with experienced tour operators and safe transport means. In this case Uganda would be a great choice for any tourist.

How much does a Ugandan safari cost?

In Uganda, different destinations have different rates. One may put in mind that in Uganda a tourist may not spend below about $180 to $200 per day and $ 500luxury safari to Uganda costs from $ 500 for a luxury safari per a day or more. per day or more and a budget trip may cost $ 100 per day.

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Tourists in Uganda

On average, many tourists come to Uganda to have a clear view of the wildlife. Based on the statistics, many are attracted to the mountain Gorillas. This has been a blessing in disguise for the tourists because, at the end of the day, many have discovered thousands of good things in Uganda.

With experience, Uganda is a tourism destination very rich in tourism activities that may not leave any client yearning or missing a thing due to the exhaustion from us the Amakula African Safaris the safari planners. Amakula African safaris are known for arranging Uganda Safaris with diversity from Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Baboon, monkey trekking, wild big game park safaris, birding, hiking, cultural tours and mountaineering around Uganda and lastly but not the least is the white-water rafting, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya and South Sudan.

The list of attractions is endless but you may find out that you may as well wish to tour Uganda or Kampala city. Feel free to check out our 1-day Kampala city tour package.

We bring you the details of the most popular activities done by travellers on a Ugandan safari;

Gorilla Trekking

Baby Gorilla

In Uganda, Gorilla trekking is the most booked tourism activity and it’s only done in two national parks Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park. We always advise our dear clients to buy the gorilla permits that are key for one to do the activity for at least 6 months due to its high demand.

This may seem expensive to new people who have not been to Uganda before but again it’s worth it since these creatures are unique and can only be encountered for a full hour to observe how they interact with the families. A single gorilla permit in Uganda costs US$700, US$1500 in Rwanda and Congo US$450, making gorilla safaris quite expensive for only those that can wish to have more hours with these families, they always book for gorilla habituation at USD 1500 an experience worth paying for in Rushaga and for only four hours.

For one to reach Bwindi impenetrable national park, he or she will have to be patient enough to brave an 8 hours journey by road and this is about 450Km from Kampala city. Truth is for nature lovers the journey will be so rewarding because of the different sceneries. With the mountains, water bodies valleys, forests, and landscapes that clients pass, one may think Uganda shifted some part of Switzerland. Are you still doubting? Please you may hire a chartered small aircraft from Kajjansi or Entebbe for your gorilla safari experience. 

Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzee seated in the Ugandan Forest

Kibale, Kyambura gorge and Budongo are densely designated areas in Uganda where the chimp tracking takes place. With these features, just like the mountain gorillas, visitors are required to book for this activity permits and visitors are only given an hour.

Tour Kampala City

Kampala is Uganda`s official capital city. Kampala is having a sum of 3.7million occupants. Kampala is the best place for anyone to know the good things and bad things in the country from the education system, health sector, entertainment the funny crooks that may go away with your phone if you are not so careful, the traffic jam but besides all this Kampala is more hospitable and calmer compared to surrounding Uganda. There are a lot of things a visitor may do in Kampala and if not properly guided, he or she may fail to identify one.

The city being a business town, it comprises both international workers working with both international and local organizations and non-governmental organizations. If one is taking off time for a simple tour, Kampala has shopping malls, restaurants that prepare both local and international cuisines, bars that support the great nightlife with DJs that play the music that crosses the world, authentic cultural sites that we may discuss further later, the ageing Uganda National Museum, the different art galleries, Kampala`s traditional local market places where different artistes display their works, and if you are on an assigned mission trip, you may wish to visit both The Historical Martyrs shrines in Namugongo ( for Catholics and Anglicansthat mark where many Christians were executed for their faith on orders of that time`s King (Kabaka) Mwanga of Buganda in the year 1886. The Rubaga cathedral where the archbishop and most prominent catholic priests sit is where Uganda’s catholic head offices are. This Cathedral was built in the year of 1914 at Rubaga, one of Kampala’s hills.

As Amakula African Safaris, we can arrange a guided tour for you to see the beauty in the architecture that was used to build the church. Before leaving the church, you may as well visit the different catholic bishops’ tombs including the latest one for the late archbishop Kizito Lwanga. The Namirembe cathedral. This is the oldest cathedral in Uganda and was named after Paul and Anglican saint. This serves as the provincial cathedral to the church of Uganda and also the diocesan cathedral for Namirembe as a diocese on its own later in the year 1960`s the headquarters of the church of Uganda moved to the all-saints church in Nakasero and after some time moved back to Namirembe. And since then, all the top offices are situated on this hill. The Ghaddafi Mosque is Uganda`s biggest mosque, The Bahai temple (the only place of worship that comprises every kind of religion)

Game Drives

Lake Mburo Game Drive Sunset

With experience, our travellers do game driving in the savanna grass landed national parks to view the big fives ta the hours of in the morning, evening and night game drives. In the wild, Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Leopards, Uganda Kobs, Zebras, and Buffaloes are commonly seen. If any clients book for an exclusive game drive, on our lists Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, and Lake Mburo national park would be our priority.

Bird watching / Birding

Birding in Uganda Crested Cranes

Uganda is gifted with 1090 bird species and is confirmed as the best birding destination in keeping Africa and housing 10%of the world`s species. In Uganda, birding activity is not done in every place but rather in identified places like Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Lake Mburo, Murchison falls national park, Mgahinga gorilla, Semliki national park, Rwenzori national park among others.

Boat Cruising

Murchison Falls Boat Cruise

In Uganda, different water bodies support boat cruising and it`s normally done on the Murchison falls river Nile delta, In Queen Elizabeth, it`s normally done on the Kazinga channel. In the wild, this activity helps to view the aquatic lives of some animals for example the Hippos, Crocodiles, some bird species etc. that surround the river banks. 

White Water Rafting

White water rafting River Nile

Among the many adventurous tourism activities in the client’s book with us is White water rafting. This activity is done on the mighty river Nile depending on the time you may have booked with us. It`s more fun when done in the morning hours. Usually, we leave Kampala city to Jinja where we get breakfastand a general briefing, we get a group photo the go down the river to navigate through the rapids. After the half-day, we may have lunch on the river or get off for lunch, refreshments we may as well have a barbeque and return to where we came from.

Visiting The Equator in Uganda

Equator in Uganda

With the help of our company guide, you will drive along Masaka road to a place called Kayabwe, where you will find the equator crossing through the Masaka road and the most used by the visiting tourists who continue to Lake Mburo, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga national park and Queen Elizabeth national park. Mount Rwenzori and Kibale national park. 

You may ask yourself what the equator is? As a geographical guide, I would tell you that this is the point where the Northern and southern hemispheres are separated and to a layman`s language this is the line that divides the world into two. The guide will provide evidence on how this point works. One may tell you that this is the most visited part of Uganda because of the souvenir shops around, restaurants and in this place, you will join the rest of the world who have taken pictures in this place standing on one leg, upside down and among the many styles.

Visiting Ndere Cultural Centre.

The word Ndere means a flute a known musical instrument in Uganda and this sense, I introduce to you the most visited cultural place in Kampala. The Centre emphasizes promoting Uganda`s diverse cultures through different performing arts and it`s more for those interested in learning about Uganda`s culture. In this place, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday very many people including tourists and expatriates flood the cultural centre to only enjoy dances, songs, and dinner of different cuisines. It’s the variety of performances that brings people every week.

Visiting The Source of The Nile in Jinja

Amakula Team

As Uganda was named the pearl of Africa, it was blessed with the source of the Nile wand which is more known as one of the longest rivers. This long river is also talked about in the holy books, it’s a source of life to many that benefit from it, especially in Egypt. This river Nile gets its water from Lake Victoria as it gets its way to the big Mediterranean Sea. From Kampala, it`s only two and a half hours drive when you start from Kampala Road if you use the government’s well-constructed roads. 

When you reach the source of the Nile, you will be welcomed by the beautiful green garden that the government designed where one can easily seat relax, watch birds, monkeys, the famous Gandhi Monument that is located in the gardens where many tourists pose and take pictures from. When you reach Jinja besides keeping the all the day, you may mix visiting the source with a variety of activities in Jinja for example Bungee jumping, quad biking, horseback riding, boat cruising and the adventurous white water rafting and after this, you may wish to sleep in Jinja. 

Visiting Kasubi Royal Tombs

When you reach Uganda, you will learn of the Buganda kingdom. The ancient citizens got the name Uganda from Buganda and the guide will give you a story about Buganda and how they came to get Kasubi tombs to be their burial place. In Buganda the world heritage sites and more so the burial grounds for the Buganda kingdom, Kasubi tombs are the designated area for all the past kings and other royals from Buganda who have a belief that they don’t bury their beloved ones other than keeping them (Okubatereka). The Kasubi tombs site was built in the year 1882 by King (Kabaka) Muteesa 1 of Buganda and it was initially his palace. When you reach the Kasubi tombs, expect to see men dressed in white long clothes (Ekanzu)with spears, grass-thatched houses, and different drums among the other regalia.

Visiting The Bahai Temple Kampala.

Bahai Temple Uganda

Uganda is a blessed country in terms of tourism, here it has the only Bahai temple in Africa. The Bahai temple is a place of worship where different religious dominions come to pray and it`s not specifically for Catholics, Anglicans or Moslems but rather many. This belief or faith was brought up and it`s said to be led by Bahaullah who believes in teaching the true values of humanity focusing on human rights. In this place, tourists do picnics, photoshoots and research in the well-maintained evergreen gardens.

Visiting The Royal Palaces.

Uganda is rich almost in everything, and just like the introduction, Uganda has 64 tribes and with them, some have kings and others chiefs as heads. Any tourist is free to pay a visit to any given palace if he or she wishes to learn more about how it became about, how its people live etc. When in Buganda, you can visit the palace (Lubiri) which was built during the colonial days with the same architecture. It was this place that was the Centre of administration between the kings’ guards (Abambowa) and the government and from the masters to the servants in the 1960s. And when you reach Fort Portal a perfect stopover for lunch, you will see another beautiful palace with new modern architectural designs to the king of Tooro which is also popular with tourists. It`s located near the main roads that lead everyone to the major known national parks in the west.

Sipi Falls Uganda.

Sipi Falls Uganda

These falls are located in the Eastern, in a place called Kapchorwa and this is Uganda`s much attractive, beautiful and most visited waterfalls in Uganda. What makes them that unique is the three waterfalls at or at the foot of Mountain Elgon and from this region where they have wild Banana plants from which the name Sipi was derived. Once here, you may as well do abseiling, fishing, swimming and hiking to the top of the three major falls as the activities around the place. As you walk to the starting points of the falls, you will be changed to check on the coffee farms caves etc. You will have a view of the Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga and Mount Elgon. There are many hotels around for both budget and luxury so that you don’t get worried about the stay.

Visit To Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Uganda has Ngamba islands and it being part of the Ssese island, this, in particular, was a secured place that was turned into a sanctuary for the rescued Chimpanzees and this was done by the Goodall Foundation joined in by other partnersMany primate lovers go to this island to see the over 50 rehabilitated orphaned chimps. These Chimps are so cared for by trained caregivers who also take tourists around to learn more about conservation practices. When you reach this island, you will not only watch the chimps but also do other activities like swimming, kayaking, birdwatching and nature walks. After Ngamba, you may wish to visit other places like The Uganda reptile village near Entebbe for more fascinating reptiles like lizards, crocodiles, vipers, chameleons, cobras, mambas, puff adders among the many.

Hiking And Mountain Climbing.

Rwenzori Mountains Uganda

Hiking and mountain climbing – Experience multi-day hiking in the Ruwenzori Mountains and Mount Elgon. One day hikes can be done at Sipi falls, Mount Sabinyo, Mgahinga and Muhavura. Get ready for breathtaking sceneries and encountering different unique bird species on you your hiking adventures in Uganda.

For any tourist to have a great safari as planned, we normally advise to book early enough to have a clear collection and corrections through inquiries, we as-well recommend travelling in dry months i.e. June, August December and February. These are the best wildlife viewing periods and yet in other months of March, April and maybe October, rains that may easily disrupt the primate safaris ware are normally expected.

Uganda has a great climate that favours almost every tourist around the globe.

Uganda has unique wildlife species that every tourist would love to tick off their lists.

Uganda as a tourism destination is one if not the safest country that any visitor would feel safe travelling to.

Uganda has fair tourism rates compared to many tourism destinations around Africa.

Uganda has a wide coverage of cultural diversity that any tourist would wish to visit for research and others.

White Water Rafting the River Nile in Uganda

River Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world at 650 Km

The most generally perceived a perceptible part in the towns close to Uganda's tropical rainforests is the porches that envelops many green slants. From your appearance in the country's central air terminal Entebbe, numerous safari timetables will commonly go toward the west piece of Uganda where many parks public
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Flamingos in a lake along the Great rift valley in Uganda
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