Visit Uganda for a Day Trip to Learn More about It

You may take some time off before or after your gorilla trekking tour to explore Kampala, the nation’s capital and largest city. Some of the most fascinating things to do for anyone interested in visiting urban tourist attractions in Uganda are our day excursions and Kampala city tours. Our Kampala city tour offers a number of possibilities, and the route you select will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. There is a cultural path, mostly for the Baganda, where you can see the Kasubi Tombs, the Lubiri Ceremonial Palace, the Mengo, which serves as the Parliament of the Buganda Kingdom, and the Nagalabi, which serves as the Buganda Kingdom’s coronation field.

Visit the Uganda Museum while touring Kampala.

The Uganda Museum, which is situated at Plot 54 Kiira Road, provides a thorough collection of Ugandan cultural artifacts. According to records, the Uganda Museum has Africa’s greatest collection of ethnographic artifacts. You can learn about additional departments including The Natural History of Uganda, Ethnography, Musicology, and Archeology and Stone Age Sites in Uganda by visiting the Uganda Museum as part of your Kampala city trip. To tour this location, at least three hours are required. It’s one of the locations that should be on a person’s wish list when organizing a tour of Kampala. There is a route leading from Old Kampala, where the first Museum was established before it was moved, for those interested in following its history.


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