In Uganda, next to Murchison Falls National Park, there is a sanctuary for the endangered rhinos called Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. In the Nakasongola district, Ziwa

As we already mentioned in our introduction, Tanzania has over 200 tribes. However, the most intriguing are the Masai tribesmen. The Masai have a reputation

The first person to identify the mountain gorilla was Captain Robert von Beringe while on an expedition to establish the boundaries of the then German

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One thing you can never go wrong about Nyungwe Forest National Park is its rich diversity and the best way to discover the hidden attractions

Nairobi: Nairobi is the largest city and capital of Kenya. It is a modern, multicultural and historic town with amazing attractions (wildlife, museums and historical

Wildlife If you’re considering an African Safari, you’re probably surfing the web aggressively, trying to find the grandest spot for wildlife sightings. You’ve got all

The Great Mammal Migration is undeniably one of the world’s most spectacular events and a once in a lifetime experience. Each year sees a great

After realizing the worth of tracking mountain gorillas in the wild, you might decide that you want to go for safari in one of the

Volcanoes National Park – Africa’s home of mountain gorillas in Rwanda if not in the whole world alongside Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo