South Sudan Cultural Tours

Amakula African Safaris provides South Sudan holiday safaris and tours that will open your head since they will be fantastic cultures and true traditional African tribe organizations that have existed for decades. South Sudan, like any newly independent country, is divided into regions, with the Mundari, Toposa, Boya, Jiye, Lutoko, and Dinka being among the traditional ethnic groups one should always visit in Africa. You will spend time seeing South Sudan villages and meeting ethnic leaders before traveling to the west of Sudan, where you will meet other ethnic groups such as the Boya and Lutuko and learn more about their issues and general well-being. Finally, we’ll go to the Mundari tribe, who are recognized for their distinctive tribal scarring and frequent village wrestling matches, which we should be able to observe or participate in. This South Sudan safari/tour or trip may not always be easy because infrastructure is sometimes poor and visitors may not receive the correct image, but keep in mind that this is one of the most fascinating trips that anyone should not miss.

3 Days South Sudan Tours

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4 Days Nimule National Park Wildlife Tour

4 Days Nimule National Park Wildlife Tour- South Sudan Safaris

5 Days Dinka Tribe Safari Tour

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8 Days Kidepo Valley National Park Tour-South Sudan Tour

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