6 Days South Sudan Tour – Toposa Tribe Tour and Jie/Jiye towns Tour, South Sudan Photo Tour To Jiye individuals and Toposa individuals, Safari Tour to Tribes of South Sudan, 6Days Toposa Culture photograph visit and Jiye individuals Culture photograph Tour.

In this South Sudan, Tribal visits are for audacious explorers looking for immaculate ancestral gatherings. Capturing Toposa clan and the astonishing jiye/Jie ancestral individuals for photographic artists from one side of the Planet to the other.

South Sudan Tribal visits will walk you in the existence of the conventional ancestral world among the ethnic gatherings that have occupied the locale’s wild regions for millennia.

This is a strongly South Sudan individual visit through one of the world’s less popular, yet most current, nations where old social ceremonies slam into biased explorer assumptions, to make an unquestionably interesting and frequently moving experience.

on 6 Days South Sudan Tour-Toposa Tribe Tour and Jie towns Tour, Toposa Tours|Jie/Jiye Tour, South Sudan Tour, This 6 Days South Sudan Tour – Toposa and Jie towns visit are intended to suit those that are keen on experiencing south Sudan’s Tribal towns in a short visit near Juba.

The Toposa and Jye have a place with what has been known as the “Karamojong group”, which likewise incorporates the Karamojong nation of Uganda, the Nyangatom nation in southwestern Ethiopia, and the Turkana nation of Kenya.

The Toposa economy and public activity spin around grouping animals, including steers, camels, jackasses, goats, and sheep. Young men are first given care of goats and sheep, then, at that point, graduate to taking care of dairy cattle when they grow up. Ownership of steers, alongside ownership of a stacked firearm, are the fundamental proportions of status and riches. Steers are key to Toposa culture. The Toposa have consistently gone after water and pasturage with their neighbors, and have consistently participated in cows stirring. The Toposa likewise prospect and other valuable minerals in the stream beds.

Both Toposa and Jiye clans keep on dressing in their customary garments (cowhide beaded skirts) and penetrate their lips and scarify their arms, chests, and countenances. Every scarification is a thing of beauty.

DAY 1 Arrival In Juba
DAY 2 Homegrown Flight from Juba city to Kapoeta The Town of Toposa
DAY 3 Move To Jie/Jiye Villages
DAY 4 Early Jie/Jiye Tour And Transfer Back To Kapoeta to Explore Toposa
DAY 5 Investigate The Toposa Villages
DAY 6 Domestic Flight back to Juba city lastly global trip back home

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