When going to embark on a Safari, it is always good to know the safety precautions before travelling. This is so to enable a tourist

One of the most amazing creatures in the world are mountain gorillas. Because these giant apes resemble us humans in appearance and social structure, an

Latitude 0 Degrees Hotel Latitude 0 Degrees Hotel Kampala is located in Plot 64 & 66 Kyadondo Block 273, Mobutu Road, Makindye. It is one

Incorporera généralement des campagnes de déjudiciarisation naturelles avec des exercices de soutien et des bureaux d’établissement qui conviennent parfaitement aux enfants et à leurs tuteurs.

In the past, it was costly and difficult for tourists who wished to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda (all in one safari) to obtain an

All aspiring gorilla trekkers want to know when is the best time to trek with the primates in Uganda, and to be honest, this is

As appropriate, make sure you receive all recommended medical examinations and immunizations. This will guarantee that you are well enough to enjoy your travels and

Choosing to spend your honeymoon in Uganda at some of the most breathtaking sites the country has to offer is exceptional and unique. Uganda has

Choose a reputable travel agency: Although planning your own trip to Africa may save money, we strongly advise employing the services of a reputable tour

At Amakula African safaris ltd, our mission is to perform and deliver excellent quality service to our clients globally. Providing them with unforgettable travel, enjoyable,