Lemala Wild waters Lodge
Lemala Wild Waters Lodge sits in a big rainforest on its own island, looking out over the strong Nile River in Jinja in eastern Uganda

Lemala Wild Waters Lodge sits in a big rainforest on its own island, looking out over the strong Nile River. It is about 25km away from Jinja in eastern Uganda. You can only get there by boat, which makes it an exciting place to stay. It is based on big rocks and you can hear the powerful rapids all around.

Because of the tricky river crossing, visitors need to get to the island before 4pm to be safe. Kids older than 12 are welcome, but parents need to know that Lemala Wild Waters Lodge is on an island surrounded by rough rapids. Therefore, these kids have to stay with a grown-up all the time and cannot wander around alone on the island.

When to Visit Lemala Wild Waters Lodge

Wild waters Lodge is open year round offering guests an opportunity to enjoy this piece of paradise during all seasons.

Amenities provided by Lemala Wild waters Lodge

The lodge has ten big and fancy suites made of wood, sitting up high in the rainforest with great views of the river. Each suite is connected by wooden walkways to the restaurant, bar, and library. They have furniture made locally, big windows, nice bathrooms with rain showers, and private decks with beds and open-air bathtubs. The lodge also serves tasty breakfast menus, delicious meals, and has a cool swimming pool hanging over the river in the main lodge area.

Why you should choose Lemala Wild waters Lodge

Lemala Wild waters Lodge has 7 standard suites, 2 private plunge pool suites and 1 two bedded suite to make up the total compliment of accommodation on this island.

All suites are private and exclusive and can be made into a double, triple, or twin configuration and they all have a day bed.

The suites enjoy private balconies with freestanding baths and mosquito nets.

All rooms are safe with en-suite private bathrooms with great rain showers and complimentary toiletries.

All meals are included in your stay. Meals are taken in the main area by the poolside with magnificent views of the Nile River. Private dinners can be catered for in your room or at the poolside on request.

Dishes are made from the freshest ingredients and we are able to accommodate most dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free amongst others. All dietary preferences must be advised at the time of booking.

The lodge power is supplied 24hrs by the national grid with a generator back up. Power is 220v and the plugs are 3-pin square UK standard. Adapters are available from the reception on request.

Some of the activities at Wild waters Lodge

White Water Rafting

At Lemala Wild Waters Lodge, visitors can try exciting white water rafting on the powerful Nile River. Skilled guides lead thrilling trips through rough grade 5 rapids, giving an adrenaline rush amidst the beautiful rainforest scenery. The lodge gives all the gear and safety instructions needed for a memorable rafting trip, suitable for both newbies and experienced rafters. After the adventure, guests can chill out and share their exciting stories while enjoying the lodge’s cozy facilities and amazing views.

 Bungee Jumping

At Lemala Wild Waters Lodge, people can try exciting bungee jumping over the beautiful Nile River. Skilled guides watch over the jumps from safe spots, making sure everyone stays safe and has fun. With amazing views of the jungle all around, a thrilling experience will be remembered. They give you all the gear and make sure everything is safe, so even if you are new to it, you can still join in. After the jump, you can chill out and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, remembering the excitement of the jump.

Bungee jumping at Lemala Wild waters lodge.

Water Kayaking

At Lemala Wild Waters Lodge, visitors can have fun kayaking on the beautiful Nile River. Trained guides lead tours to keep everyone safe and happy, no matter their skill level. Kayakers can paddle through the river’s bends, enjoying the green rainforest and looking out for animals. They give you all the stuff you need, so it is simple to start this exciting activity.


At Lemala Wild Waters Lodge by the Nile River in Uganda, you can go fishing in a peaceful setting. You can catch Nile Perch and Tilapia while surrounded by beautiful nature. The lodge has skilled guides, good fishing gear, and cozy rooms for a great fishing trip. With its calm atmosphere and many fish, Lemala Wild Waters Lodge offers an amazing fishing experience in Africa.

Horse Riding

At Lemala Wild Waters Lodge in Uganda, visitors can have fun riding horses through beautiful natural scenery. Guides who know the area well lead riders on trails by the Nile River, showing them the wild surroundings. Whether someone is new to riding or knows how, they can see the beauty of the area while riding gentle horses. Riding horses at Lemala Wild Waters Lodge is an exciting way to enjoy Africa’s beautiful landscape.

Additionally, Wild Waters provides an excellent opportunity to observe Uganda’s diverse birdlife, which includes over 1000 species such as turacos, cuckoos, hawks, and eagles. Visitors might also catch glimpses of giant otters and monitor lizards in the water.

Following an adventurous day, Wild Waters Lodge offers a serene setting perfect for honeymooners and couples seeking tranquility, especially those indulging in the spa located above the historic river. The soothing sounds of the mighty Nile add to the relaxing atmosphere, making Wild Waters an immersive experience that delights all the senses with its stunning vistas.


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