As we already mentioned in our introduction, Tanzania has over 200 tribes. However, the most intriguing are the Masai tribesmen. The Masai have a reputation as great warriors. In fact, some people believe that the Masai were a lost legion or defectors of the vast army of the Roman empire. The Masai are very tall and spend most of their time tending to their domestic Top attractions in Tanzaniaanimals close to or within national parks in the northern part of the country. Their culture and traditions have remained unchanged despite exposure to modernization. They put on colorful clothing and striking beads. A Masai men can have as many wives as he wishes as long he can take care of them. A visit to Tanzania is therefore incomplete without encountering this fascinating tribe.

If you cannot meet them in the national parks, you will find the Masai selling souvenirs/curios in weekly markets all over the country. If you are lucky to meet those in villages close to the parks, then you will be taken for a truly amazing cultural experience. You will have opportunities to enter their traditional huts, listen to stories from their elders, watch cultural performances and participate in their jumping ceremonies. The one who jumps the highest wins an award.


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