Masese Landing Site

Masese Landing Site is located in Jinja, Uganda, along the shores of Lake Victoria. It is a bustling hub for fishing activities and serves as a vital economic center for the local communities in the region. Fishing is the primary livelihood for the community here, and Masese serves as a major fish market where fish caught from Lake Victoria are traded and sold. It is an essential site for the local economy, with fishing being the main source of income for many families.

 Access to the Site

From Kampala: You can reach Masese Landing Site by road from Kampala in approximately 2 hours’ drive. Buses, taxis, or private vehicles can take you to Jinja, and from there, it is a short distance to Masese.

By boat: Some tour companies in Jinja offer boat tours that include visits to Masese Landing Site, allowing tourists to experience the local fishing culture and observe the activities on the lake.

Activities done at the site

Fishing: At Masese Landing Site, fishing is a predominant activity that sustains the livelihoods of many local residents. Fishing activities at Masese often begin early in the morning before sunrise, as fishermen set out onto the lake to cast their nets or lines.  After a successful catch, fishermen return to the landing site to sell their fish in the market or to local traders. Fishing activities at Masese contribute significantly to the local economy, providing income for fishermen, traders, and supporting various related businesses in the area and some of the fish species caught at the site include Tilapia, Nile perch, Catfish.

Market exploration: The market at Masese is primarily focused on the sale and trade of freshly caught fish from Lake Victoria. It’s a bustling place filled with activity, especially in the early mornings when fishermen bring in their catches. The market is not just about commerce; it is a cultural hub where you can interact with locals, learn about their traditions, and witness their daily lives revolving around the fishing trade.

Boat tours: Boat tours at Masese Landing Site offer an immersive experience, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of Lake Victoria, learn about local fishing practices, and gain insights into the lives of the communities dependent on the lake for their livelihoods.

Photography: Photography at Masese Landing Site is a visual feast capturing vibrant scenes of traditional fishing, bustling markets, and the serene beauty of Lake Victoria. The colorful fish market provides captivating snapshots of trade and community interactions. Photographers can seize moments of local fishermen in action, displaying their traditional techniques on wooden boats against the stunning backdrop of the lake. The landscape offers picturesque views, ideal for capturing the tranquil waters and the daily bustle of fishing activities.

Cultural immersion: Cultural immersion at Masese Landing Site involves engaging with local communities to understand their daily lives, traditions, and customs deeply rooted in fishing culture. Visitors can participate in authentic experiences, such as observing traditional fishing methods, interacting with fishermen, and learning about their lifestyle. Engaging in conversations with locals offers insights into their beliefs, music, and storytelling, fostering a deeper appreciation for the community’s heritage. Exploring the market and observing trade practices allows visitors to grasp the economic and social importance of fishing in the region.


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