Quad Biking In Uganda: Jinja is a wonderful destination to spend a few days following a safari in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, or Bwindi national parks. Quad riding is one of the most fun activities to try when visiting Jinja. Other places of Uganda have organized the activity, but it is not as popular as it is in Jinja. In Jinja town, you may go quad riding. What makes quad riding unique in Jinja is the ability to explore the African countryside and interact with locals as they go about their everyday lives.

The majority of African safaris take place in the African bush, inside a safari vehicle, with little opportunity to see African rural life. Quad riding in Jinja is mostly done in villages, forests, tea/sugar plantations, and along the Nile River. Not in busy and loud towns or trading centers along major roads, but in less traveled places.

The Actual Quad Biking Experience in Jinja

Individuals must be at least 12 years old to participate in quad biking. The number of participants is unlimited, and the activity can last up to four hours. Quad riding may be booked for one to four hours. Quad companies often supply all necessary equipment, such as guides, overalls, and goggles. The activity begins with a briefing and 30 minutes of free training classes at the practice circuit. It is not necessary to have prior riding experience to compete.

The subjects presented are mostly on how to ride a motorcycle on the road. Things include changing gears, maintaining stability, staying on course, and keeping an eye out for neighborhood kids crossing the road. Aside from standard safety precautions, players are cautioned against undue overtaking/competition (as enticing as it is) and harming local animals.

A trip is prepared based on the outcomes of the training, taking into account the rider’s abilities. To that aim, motorcycles are divided into three categories: experienced riders, novices, and children. Following that, participants are allocated either manual or automated motorcycles. Following the briefing and training, cyclists are outfitted with overalls, helmets, and other safety gear. The group then forms an orderly line behind the lead biker. All trails pass through the countryside, although various routes are followed when traveling and returning.

Expect to encounter and avoid “boda bodas” (motorcycles), waving children, people in their gardens, girls from the well, and mothers carrying their babies on their heads. Vehicles are quite infrequent because the routes traveled are off the main roads/highways. Observe folks washing clothes along the Nile’s banks or little children swimming over fierce currents and rapids with only a jerrycan. The guide will tell you about the river’s history, Jinja town, and the three power dams along the Nile’s Jinja section. What You Should Know Before Going Quad Biking in Jinja

Depending on the distance and number of hours, quad riding costs between $50 and $110.

Bikers require loose/light attire to be comfortable throughout the activity (preferably a tracksuit or legging). The Quad Biking Company can supply overalls and gumboots to protect you from dirt and wetness, but you are welcome to bring your own. Cameras should be stored in dust and water-resistant bags.

The greatest time to go quad riding in Jinja is during Uganda’s rainy season. The more muck there is on the ground, the more fun the action will be. Furthermore, the countryside is incredibly gorgeous during the rainy season, with a lot of activity and wonderful singing birds everywhere. During the dry season, the route becomes extremely dusty, creating a nightmare for riders at the rear of the pack who may find themselves buried in dust upon completion.

Although biking in mud is fun, it is important to be cautious. Quad Bikes feature huge tires that may spit dirt in the face of the following cyclist.

Aside from Jinja, quad riding is permitted at Lake Mburo National Park. Because there are no elephants and no lions, Lake Mburo is the only park that now offers this activity. The huge bikes are ideal for exploring the park on your own. The quad bikes employed at Lake Mburo National Park are easy to maneuver and equipped with silencers to keep the animals at bay. Bikers, like in Jinja, are briefed before venturing out to witness wild creatures grazing on the savanna plains, forest, and valleys. Bikers are strongly advised not to overspeed or deviate from designated routes. The park provides gumboots, helmets, overalls, and goggles.


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