Volcano Hiking in Rwanda
Volcano Hiking in Rwanda popularly known as the land of a thousand hills, There are several mountains in the vicinity where you can go hiking

Volcano Hiking in Rwanda: The volcanoes are situated in Rwanda, which various travelers have dubbed the “land of a thousand hills,” in the Virunga region. There are several mountains in the vicinity where you can go hiking, but you can also go hiking in the national parks of the cakes and volcanoes. The majority of trekking is done during the dry season because it is nearly impossible to hike during the wet season due to the area’s unstable hiking pathways.

Volcano hiking in Rwanda

You should be prepared to hike in the volcanoes when you arrive in Rwanda because it is not a challenge for the weak of heart. In addition to the Twa people, who are supposed to be the area’s original settlers, you’ll see a variety of things on your Rwanda tour, including the breathtaking terrain in the volcanoes, a vast number of butterflies, different bird species, mountain gorillas, monkeys, and other primates.

You can go on a trek in a volcano in a number of mountains and areas with authorized hiking trails. Below are a few examples of these places.

Rwanda hiking

The hike Mount Karisimbi on Volcano Hiking in Rwanda

Karisimbi Mountain, also known as the White Shell Mountain, is the highest fifth Mountain in the volcanoes, rising to a height of over 4507 meters. Pack a few garments before beginning the walk up the Karisimbi because the nights can get chilly. You can rent some hiking equipment from them for a set fee, and you’ll set off on your journey with an experienced tour guide in the morning.

It may require two days to complete the climb, with the first day terminating at a campsite where you must spend the night before continuing on the second day to the peak. You don’t want to miss the summit experience because the mountain is covered with snow. The ascent of the mountain is challenging yet exhausting; thus, you should prepare yourself before beginning the ascent. It takes around six hours to descend the mountain.

Hike the Musanze caves on Rwanda hiking safaris

One of the most well-liked hiking trails is near the Volcanoes Mountain and is called the Musanze caves. They are thought to be more than a million years old, and the former Rwandan kings used them as safe havens and storage facilities for their main supplies including food and water, particularly during times of conflict.

Many bats can be found on the cave’s roof, however you can only see them if you shine a flash light on it because of how dark the cave is. The road leading to the caverns is clearly marked, and as you cross it to the other side of the journey, it feels like you are emerging from the shadows into the light. This is an experience you do not want to miss.

The hike Mount Bisoke Volcano Hiking in Rwanda

The Bisoke Mountain likewise climbs to a height of 3700 meters above sea level, and it is well-known for having a sizable Crater Lake at its peak. The mountain is covered with a variety of vegetation, including a bamboo tree forest and other local montane species. Although there are a few difficult pathways as you climb the Peak because of its peculiar elevation, it is rather straightforward compared to other walks.

The trek up the mountain, which will take you between three to five hours, will be accompanied by a tour guide.

The Hike up Mount Muhabura Volcano Hiking in Rwanda

Mountain Muhabura is located in the Virunga Mountains and may be reached from either Uganda or Rwanda. You will need approximately an hour to go to the Muhabura, and it will take you a day to trek up the Peak. You can take a swim in the Crater Lake at the mountain’s summit, which is the second-highest peak in the Virunga.

Hike to Russumo Falls on Rwanda hiking safaris

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, which are nestled in the volcanoes, are sandwiched by the Russumo Falls. Before reaching the stunning falls, the journey to them takes about three hours, and you pass through breathtaking valleys covered with alpine forests. It is better to go on the hike in the mornings when you may observe the many different bird species that inhabit the area, like the pink-backed pelican, the long-crested Eagle, the paradise flycatcher, and many others.

Hike the Dian Fossey’s camp on hiking safaris in Rwanda

Fossey is renowned for having devoted her entire life to protecting the mountain gorillas, who are almost completely extinct. She made her home on the Bisoke mountain’s slopes in 1967, where she remained for more than 18 years before being murdered by Twa poachers who targeted mountain gorillas for food. Her burial is situated in the Dian Fossey camp, where other individuals have given their lives in an effort to save mountain gorillas. She was buried there.

The climb to the camp, also known as Karisoke, rises to a height of 3000 meters, but it is not particularly strenuous. The hike typically takes three hours and begins at the Volcanoes Park administrative center. As you trek up to the camp, you will be able to observe the several gorillas that live there as well as other primates and birds, and you will be able to see what Fossey dedicated her life to.

The hike on Ngezi Lake

This climb, which starts at the base of Mountain Bisoke, is regarded as being the shortest among the volcanoes. When climbing the Ngezi route, which takes three to four hours, you’ll witness a variety of bird species, Crater Lake, monkeys, and other primates. A knowledgeable tour guide will typically accompany the hike and provide all the information you need to know about the area.

The Buhanga sacred forest hill hike

The Rwandan people place a great deal of importance on the sacred woodland known as Buhanga. Because they thought the area was inhabited by ghosts, the local residents refused to cut any trees down. According on the weather, light, and time of year, it is thought that the forest has varying dimensions and even changes color.

You can view several kinds of butterflies, tall, uncut trees, different bird species, and a few animals when hiking in Buhanga, which will make your journey more colorful and exciting. You may take as many pictures as you like, but keep in mind that flash-equipped cameras are not permitted.

The main reason that most visitors come to trek in the volcanoes is to observe the several Mountain Gorillas, which are exclusively found there. As the volcanoes national park is covered in hiking paths, this can all be done there.

When it comes to hiking volcanoes, you should be well-prepared, and some of the things you’ll need for this trek are as follows:

Water and snacks

As you plan for Hiking safaris in Rwanda, there is nowhere to buy them while hiking, snacks and water are crucial. And keep in mind that the hike is taxing, so you’ll need plenty of them to keep from starving while you climb the Peak.

Shirts With Long Sleeves

They will keep you warm and shield your body from mosquito and other pest attacks. Moreover, they assist minimize skin irritation from tree branch scrapes. Also, remember to wear muted colors because mountain gorillas are sensitive to vivid hues.

Binoculars and cameras

You need binoculars to help you spot them and a camera with additional batteries for shots because it can be very difficult to observe different monkeys and other creatures because they occasionally hide.

A Raincoat And Hiking Boots

while on Hiking safaris in Rwanda, You will need to buy hiking boots that will help you hike properly with little slipping since regular shoes cannot go up the hike. The unexpected weather change makes the rain jacket useful. It is therefore safe to bring it along in case it rains during your trip.

Garden gloves and hats

It is safe to bring a broad brimmed hat and sunglasses because it can get too hot and you will need sun protection. The garden gloves are useful when trekking and can be used to grab onto tree branches to prevent damage to your palms from some trees’ thorns.


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