What to wear for chimpanzee tracking?

Wear for chimpanzee tracking

Wear for chimpanzee tracking: Dress appropriately and comfortably for the trek because the hike through the Cyamudongo woodland in Nyungwe Forest National Park might be challenging.

You should dress in long sleeves, slacks, and a good pair of lightweight hiking boots because of the rough nature of the terrain in order to avoid getting cuts. Although it’s not necessary, you might also want to use safety gloves.

Carrying a lightweight sweater and a poncho or rain jacket is also advisable because weather can vary drastically throughout the day. Additionally, you want to have a small bag with you to store your camera gear, extra clothing, a drink, and snacks. For your walk, dress comfortably in neutral-colored items.

Wear for chimpanzee tracking

Rules and Regulations of Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Despite the fact that they occasionally resemble and behave like people, chimpanzees are still wild animals. To ensure both their own safety and the protection of the chimpanzees, hikers must abide by the rules listed below.

You are required to follow your guide’s directions at all times. Your guide will give you instructions on where it is safe to stand because they are highly familiar with the gorillas.

It’s crucial to maintain an 8-meter minimum separation from the chimpanzees.

Eat away from the chimpanzees.

During chimpanzee hiking in Nyungwe Forest National Park, flash photography is not permitted.

A chimpanzee group can only be with you for an hour at a time.

Chimpanzees need a lot of space to move about. Never encircle them.

A chimpanzee trek is not available to anyone under the age of 15.

Overall, because these creatures are wild, we can’t guarantee that you’ll see them. Although the majority of visitors do see a family group, we are unable to give refunds if you do not. The funds raised are put toward the park’s ongoing conservation efforts.


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