Why you should visit Uganda

  1. Encounter the Gentle Giants – The Mountain Gorillas of Uganda.

Trekking the Mountain Gorillas is a captivating and memorable experience. Book your Gorilla Safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The gorilla safaris can either be gorilla trekking or gorilla habituation experience. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has 19 habituated gorilla groups split into 4 regions. The regions are Buhoma, Nkuringo, Rushaga and Ruhija. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has 1 habituated group. There are 8 persons allocated to each gorilla group on a daily basis and the permit is valid for 24 hours. Uganda has an estimate of about 500 mountain gorillas, half of the world’s gorilla population.

  1. Uganda offers the best Chimpanzee Trekking & Habituation Experiences.

The largest number of chimpanzees in East Africa is in Kibale Forest National Park. It is home to around 5000 individuals. This makes the park a premier chimpanzee destination. Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest, Semiliki Forest, and Kyambura Gorge are other places offering chimpanzee trekking.

Golden Monkey Experience. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a place where Gold (golden monkeys) meets Silver (mountain gorillas). There are about 2000-5000 golden monkeys left worldwide. Take part in golden monkey trekking and habituation experiences.

Gorilla Tracking Experience in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park

  1. Uganda is a Birdwatchers Haven.

Uganda is one of the top birding destinations in Africa. It is the richest African Bird Watching Destination with about 1090 bird species. 50% of all Africa’s bird species are in Uganda, that’s 11% of the World’s Bird Species. Uganda is a “Hidden Eden and a wonderland for birds” as described by Sir Fredrick Jackson. Read more on Birdwatching in Uganda 2022.

Birding Safaris in Uganda

  1. Why visit Uganda 2023 -Get off the beaten track – Discover Karamoja Region.

Tucked up in Northeastern Uganda in the Karamoja region. Are you looking for a wild, rugged, remote place, and off-the-beaten-track experience? The Karamoja region is great for authentic cultural tours. The mountains and rugged wilderness are great for hiking, game drives, and guided walks. Discover Kidepo Valley National Park, and look out for the big cat sightings (cheetah, lion, and leopard) and massive buffalo herds. For the twitchers, the park alone is home to over 475 bird species. Check out our Adventure the Eastern part of Uganda tour package.

  1. The Majestic Rwenzori Mountains: ‘The Mountains of the Moon

The Rwenzori Mountains, ‘the mountains of the moon’ are Africa’s third tallest mountain range. They form the jagged western border of the country with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Climb the third highest peak in Africa – Mount Margherita at 5109 meters. The glaciers, waterfalls, and lakes make it one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine areas. The higher altitude zones have giant heathers, groundsels, and lobelias. The day hikes to the foothills of the Rwenzoris, multi-day, and multi-peak ascents are great for experienced mountaineers. Take in the amazing views and cultural interactions with the local community.


  1. Why Visit Uganda 2023 – Ugandans people are hospitable and welcoming.

Uganda has 56 Vibrant tribes and 15 languages spoken. The 8 indigenous communities are the Ik, Maragoli, Bamba, Banyabindi, Benet, Batwa, Karamojong, and Basongora.

Ugandans are welcoming and friendly people. This makes the country safe for travel and the culture is rooted in traditions, habits, and beliefs. Sustainable Community-Based Tour programs set up by the Uganda Community Tourism Association help improve the local community’s livelihood.  The Uganda Wildlife Authority also collaborates with local communities near the parks and wildlife reserves to improve visitor experiences.

The Batwa Development Program has developed sensitive and conscious tourism encounters. These allow the Batwa to introduce visitors to the forest as their guests. The Ik and Karamojong tribes also have developed community-based tour programs. The programs offer sustainable authentic cultural experiences to visitors.

  1. Uganda is endowed with Captivating, Stunning, and Dramatic Scenery

Uganda is gifted by nature. Uganda is the Source of the N The world’s longest River; the Nile offers thrilling adventures. Get wild and wet with White Water Rafting, Tubing, Kayaking, and Sundowner Cruises. Spend some time at the Lemala Wildwaters Lodge in Uganda, on the great River Nile. The lodge came in at number two on a list of the World’s most Instagrammable hotels for 2022.

In 2019, Mgahinga National Park came in 3rd as the must-photographed travel destination. In 2019, CNN voted Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park as the most beautiful place in the World. Bwindi has some of the best hiking trails in the world.

Stunning Scenery and Culture

What is the best time to visit Uganda?

  1. Uganda is one of the countries in Africa with the best climate.

The best time to visit Uganda is during the two dry seasons.

Are wondering about what could be the best time to visit Uganda? June, July, August, September, December, January, and February. These months are particularly the best time to visit Uganda for trekking to see mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. The months are good for wildlife spotting due to less vegetation. Bird watching is also recommended from late May to September. When planning a trip from June to September, you need to set your travel plans at least 3 months in advance. This is because the primate permits are competitive during these months.

March, April, May, October, and November.

These are the rainy seasons and low seasons for tourism activities. Most lodges offer discounted accommodation rates during these months. There are low-season promotions tour packages as well and the scenery is green! This is also a good time for bird watchers to spot migratory birds from November to April. The wettest months are March, April, and May the peak of the rainy season.

The best months to visit Uganda are June to August and December to February. Temperatures in Uganda vary throughout the seasons, from around 24°C to 30°C. Having one of the best climates is a reason why you should visit Uganda in 2023.

  1. Conservation and Responsible Tourism

When you visit Uganda’s parks, you are promoting conservation for future generations. Uganda Wildlife Authority gives back 30% of tourism revenue to the local economy. This helps to improve the standard of living for local people and set up sustainable projects. 80% of the money raised from gorilla permits funds conservation projects that support the survival of the primates in Uganda.

Responsible tourism is a key part of our core values. Travelers Link Africa aims to support local communities by contributing to conservation and sustainability. We have formed partnerships with Wild-run Uganda and Kichwamba Orphanage Foundation.

Join us as we strive to motivate the communities and be responsible by traveling the right way.  There is plenty to do from recycling, reducing, reusing, volunteering, and being aware of cultural sensitivities.

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Hello Alfredia, we thank you so much for the positive comment. have you been to Uganda for birding or wildlife before? If you never mind we arrange you something to enrich your desire for wildlife experiences. humbly use our emails bookingamakulaafricansafaris@gmail.com / info@amakulaafricansafaris.com/ +256777950699. We shall sort this out.
October 17, 2023
Hello Alfredia , we thank you so much for the positive comment. have you been to Uganda for birding or wildlife before? If you never mind we arrange you something to enrich your desire for wildlife experiences. humbly use our emails bookingamakulaafricansafaris@gmail.com / info@amakulaafricansafaris.com/ +256777950699. We shall sort this out.

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