Uganda, one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, receives over
1 million visitors each year for tourism-related purposes. Business travelers,
students, researchers, entertainers, soccer fans, pilgrims, and conference
attendees all visit Uganda. All of these groups of travelers require
transportation to get to their destinations and anywhere else they want to go
during their stay in Uganda. Are you one of the visitors who intends to rent a
car in Uganda? Do you need a car rental in Kampala or Entebbe? We are now
hiring out our vehicles for a fee after receiving numerous requests from
tourists and other groups of travelers to Uganda.

Car Rental in Uganda

Why should you rent a car from us? We built our tourism business on
providing high-quality services to our customers. The desire to provide
excellent and personalized services is one of the reasons we have been able to
easily distinguish ourselves from other tour Car Hire for Self Drive Safaris in
Uganda companies. We maintain the same level of detail and quality when renting
and hiring out our vehicles. We offer cars in excellent condition and make
every effort to deliver on time. At the moment, we only rent vehicles to
international visitors who are already in Uganda or are planning to visit for
tourism, business, research, study, or conference purposes. We
also rent vehicles to those interested in taking a Kampala city tour, visiting
religious sites, or donating to charity foundations. So, if you want to visit
the main attractions in Kampala or the major tourism sites in Entebbe, this is
the page for you.

Car types available for hire

Our cars are typically hired for self-drive, but we can also provide a
driver for an additional fee if requested. We have a variety of vehicle types
and models. Each is appropriate for a specific purpose, and we will advise you
based on your requirements and available options.  Except for those intended for visits to the
capital Kampala and smaller towns with good road networks, the majority of them
are four-wheel drive vehicles. We have the following vehicle types:

Toyota Super Customs:
The Toyota Super Custom is a popular vehicle because it has been designed to
provide comfort for safari tourists. It can accommodate up to 5 passengers and
has plenty of space and legroom, making it ideal for long journeys.

Standard Safari Hiace Vans:
This is a mid-sized vehicle that resembles the Toyota Super Custom but has a
more powerful engine and can transport up to 9 passengers. It is a great option
for larger groups of travelers.

Toyota Rav4:
The Toyota Rav4 has become very popular for self-drives due to its low fuel
consumption. It is a 4X4 vehicle, so it can navigate Uganda’s difficult roads.

Renting a car in Kampala, Uganda Toyota Kruger Utility Vehicle: This is
a personal favorite for visitors who want to tour the capital or go on long
upcountry tours. We are renting this for city tours and visits to Uganda’s
smaller towns. The Toyota Kruger is not designed for muddy roads or safaris.

Land Cruiser Prado TX and TZ:
The Land Cruiser Prado, in all of its variants, is a more powerful and capable
vehicle than the Rav4. It is more dependable for safaris and has more legroom
than the Rav4.

Land Cruiser V8:
The V8 takes the comfort of the Land Cruiser TX/GX and makes it more suitable
for the more affluent traveler. It has a leather interior and higher-quality
finishing. It is highly recommended for business travelers and tourists
visiting Uganda’s major cities. The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 uses more fuel than
the majority of the vehicles in our fleet.


Where can I rent a car in Kampala? Uganda

Safari Land Cruisers:
The most popular vehicle for African safaris. They are tough machines that can
navigate even the most difficult terrain. They are also very spacious and
typically include a pop-up roof. Safari Land Cruisers have seating for 5 to 8

Toyota Coaster Buses: A
Toyota Coaster bus may be more suitable for very large groups of 20 to 40
people. The coaster bus is ideal for students, airport transfers, city tours,
and national park visits.

We will share photos of the car before you make any payments or sign the
contract, regardless of which model you end up choosing. As a company, we do
not provide luxury vehicles such as Range Rovers, Mercedes Benzes, and Cost of
Rental Cars for Self-Drive Safaris in Uganda Limousines, but we can recommend
companies that do. We do not provide bus or Extended Safari Cruiser rentals
without a driver. It is critical that you specify why you are hiring the
vehicle so that we can recommend the best vehicle for the activity. Vehicles
used for tourism purposes have a pop-up roof to allow for better wildlife
viewing. They may not be appropriate for a conference or business meeting.

Please keep in mind that we will provide you with a car as well as a
road map and GPS. Baby seats and camping equipment are only available upon

The cost of renting a car in Uganda

The cost of renting a car is determined by;

The car: A Toyota Land Cruiser costs more to rent
than a Toyota Rav4. This is due to the fact that they can transport more
passengers and are generally more comfortable for long-distance driving. The
number of days hired: You are eligible for a discount if you hire the car for a
longer period of time. Our discounts are only available if you rent a vehicle
for five days or more.

The number of passengers: A solitary traveler may pay less than a group
of people renting the same car.

Whether you are driving yourself or hiring one of our drivers: If you
intend to drive the car yourself, the cost will be less than if you hire one of
our local drivers.

We typically charge between $70 and $170 per day for our vehicles that
do not include a driver or fuel. Drivers and guides who speak German, English,
and Italian.

When renting a car in Uganda, consider
safety, quality, and insurance.

All of our vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance, which covers
damage while on the road. The car you rent will come with a spare tire and a
first-aid kit. We will assign you a contact person and phone number when we
hand over the vehicle. The contact person is your go-to person for assistance
and guidance at all times. The point of contact will be someone who is
well-versed in Uganda and the areas you will be visiting.

Booking a car rental in Uganda

If you want to book or rent a car from Amakula African Safaris, please
send us an email at We will inform you of the
available cars and related Kampala Car Rentals costs/quotes for airport
transfers, self-drive, and car hire. If you choose one of the available vehicles,
we will walk you through the next steps. We will need a valid passport and a
valid driving license to hire a vehicle on self-drive. If you choose to use one
of our drivers, we will still require your passport and a 40% deposit on the
total cost. The remaining balance will be paid in cash on arrival or a month
before picking up the car. The deposit allows us to plan ahead and reserve the
specific car, which is especially useful during peak tourist seasonsIf you
intend to self-drive, you must read our terms and conditions before the car is
handed over to you. If you agree with the terms and conditions, you can sign a
contract before receiving the car.

How will I pay for the car rental?

We accept two types of payments. By credit card via our company Pesapal
account or bank wire transfer to our company bank account. There are Pesapal
and bank transfer fees to consider and include when making your payments.

How will I choose the car, and who will pay
for the gas?

The point of pickup is determined by your location. You
can come to our office or we can have our driver bring the car to your lodge,
the airport, or any other location. It is critical that you tell us where you
will be staying and when you will need the car so that we can deliver it on
time. If you require a car from the airport, our company Driver will meet you
there 30 minutes before your flight arrives. You must provide us with your
arrival time and other flight information. Please notify us of any changes to
your arrival time or hotel reservations.

What about the gasoline?
We will deliver the car with fuel already in it. There are no additional
charges for fueling the car within Kampala or Entebbe. We will charge a
delivery fee for districts and towns outside of Kampala and Entebbe. The fee will
be determined by the distance to be traveled.

Renting a vehicle for use outside of Uganda

Entebbe Self-Drive It is possible to rent a car in Rwanda and Kenya. You
might be interested to know that the majority of our customers use our vehicles
for safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. Driving to other countries outside of
Uganda, on the other hand, entails adhering to the country’s specific driving
laws. You may also be required to pay border crossing fees as well as insurance
for the duration of your stay in the other country. The minimum age for driving
a car varies from country to country. We do not typically rent cars to
teenagers. Only those over the age of 21 may rent a car from us.

Important considerations when renting a car
in Uganda

It is critical that you carefully read our terms and conditions as well
as the contract. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary fines. During
pickup, you will be given a copy of the terms and conditions, which you must
sign before the car is handed over to you. Driving on Ugandan roads should be
done with caution. Understanding road signs will be essential.

Speeding is prohibited on Ugandan roads. The roads are unpredictable,
with numerous bumps and humps designed to slow down reckless drivers,
particularly in town centers. Always be on the lookout for a hump and prepare
for it. Driving at night should be avoided. Overloading, driving while talking
on the phone, and failing to observe traffic lights can all land you in hot
water with the Uganda police. If you drive recklessly, you may end up being
detained at a police station or being fined. Apart from police fines, there are
also fines for failing to comply with car rental terms and conditions. Remember
to pay parking fees in towns and cities.

We recommend that you do not go on a self-drive if you have never been
to Uganda and have no experience driving through traffic in a developing
country. We can arrange for a driver to take you to your desired location. We
charge $60 per day for a driver. Local drivers understand how to maneuver
through traffic. They are familiar with the roads and how to get out of any situation.
Having your own driver allows you to sit back, relax, or conduct business. If
you choose to drive yourself, you should be aware of the realities of some
Ugandan roads. The majority of Uganda’s major roads are of good quality and
made of tarmac. However, once you leave the major roads, you may encounter
murram roads. These murram roads are frequently poorly maintained and
unpredictable. During the dry season, the roads can become very dusty,
necessitating the use of an air-conditioned vehicle. During the wet season,
heavy rains can make many of the park roads impassable. Some roads in Murchison
Falls National Park are impassable following the seasonal flooding.

Only if you are traveling in a very good 4X4 vehicle and are willing to
take risks can you pass through. After the wet season floods, the Rushaga
sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is also known for having impassable roads.
It can be difficult to find the correct route through Nkuringo if you do not
use a local driver who is familiar with the area. Self-drive tours are
recommended for tourists who have previously visited Uganda or for
international residents who have lived in the country for some time. If you’re
visiting a developing country for the first time and want to take on the
challenge of driving yourself, we recommend that you have all of the
information you need about the routes, weather patterns, and local driving

If you are renting a vehicle outside of Kampala or Entebbe, you will
need a good 4X4 vehicle to deal with the unpredictable rural roads. You don’t
want to get a saloon car stuck in the mud. Entebbe, Kampala, and townships are
better served by 22 cars. During the dry season in Uganda, only drive a 2X2
vehicle. Even so, with global warming, the dry season is becoming increasingly
difficult to predict. Rains come when you least expect them these days, and the
only way to be safe is to drive a 4X4 vehicle.

Hire a car ahead of time, especially if you intend to tour Uganda during
the peak season. The dry season, or peak season, is when the majority of
tourists visit Uganda for vacation. Cars are in high demand, and finding a
specific one may be difficult.


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