Mountain Gorillas in D R. Congo
Mountain Gorillas in D R. Congo: One of the two subspecies of eastern gorillas is represented by the gorillas in Virunga in eastern Congo

Mountain Gorillas in D R. Congo: One of the two subspecies of eastern gorillas is represented by the mountain gorillas in D.R. Congo. One is located in the three national parks of the Virunga Volcanic Mountains in central Africa: Mgahinga in southwest Uganda, Volcanoes in northwest Rwanda, and Virunga in eastern Democratic republic of the Congo. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda is home to the remaining mountain gorillas. A few primatologists believe that the mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi region belong to a distinct species.

Because their fur is frequently longer and thicker than that of other gorilla species, mountain gorillas are able to survive in colder climates. Mountain gorillas have a distinct nose print that helps identify them. Males average 100 kg, which is equal to the weight of females, and weigh 195 kg while standing 150 cm tall. This subspecies is the second largest species of monkeys. The mountain gorilla is a four-legged terrestrial mammal. It can run up to 6 meters on two feet and will scale fruiting trees if the branches support its weight.

Mountain gorillas are diurnal creatures that are most active from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Its enormous girth necessitates the consumption of significant amounts of food, therefore much of these hours are spent eating. Additionally, it wakes up early to forage and sleeps in the late morning and early afternoon. It forages again in the early morning hours of the day before retiring for the night. Every gorilla creates a new nest every evening by constructing one from the nearby foliage. In the same nest as their moms, the babies sleep. They get up from their sleeping spots at six in the morning, unless it is cloudy and chilly. The Democratic Republic of Congo offers slightly less expensive gorilla trekking safaris than other nations, but the cost still includes transportation and a visa. The trip is fantastic and well worth the cost, though.

Since gorilla trekking safaris are conducted all year round in Virunga National Park, the Nyiragongo Volcano asserts that there is never a bad time to visit Virunga national Park or the Congo for the ultimate safari experience. When guided by a reputable tour operator situated in Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, gorilla trekking is an incredibly unforgettable experience. The treks start at Bukima Post and are all guided by park rangers. Depending on the difficulties of the terrain and the location where the mountain gorillas spent their last night, treks take one to two hours of hiking in each direction. There is a tight one-hour time limit on the amount of time spent with the gorillas. After being exposed to human respiratory infections and other common illnesses, the mountain gorillas passed away.


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